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Delta Escort Fleet

Delta Fleet, an Escort, Protection fleet used by a subsidiary of the Mining Guild formed in YE 44. 1)

About Delta Fleet

Delta Fleet is the primary, and combined fleet set up by the Mining Guild’s Night Guard to establish the protection and the escort of Station Decacron, and Mining Guild’s assets as they travel to meet up with the others as part of Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet. Once they have done so, the Fleet will join the Defense part of the Combined fleet. 2)


For the most part, most of the ships were purchased from the New Dusk Conclave, Galactic Horizon, Noval Heavy Industries, Black Wing Enterprises and in some cases chance ships from Second Chance Salvage. The Durandiam Phoenix, however, was a reforged ship created from certain Capital ships lost in the Battle of Glimmergold, as was the Carrier. Starbreakers were given as part of a set of construction plans sent by Nyx Pine


In Ye 44.6, the Mining Guild was contacted by Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, the Mining Guild’s Point of Contact within Yugumo Corporation. She mentioned that Yugumo Corporation and the Motoyoshi Clan will be going on an adventure so to speak, outside of Kikyo Sector. It was an opportunity for new sources of wealth for the mining guild, but not all wanted to go. So the Kurosaki sisters decided to set up a branch of the Mining Guild, instead. Kali Firewalker answered their call, and with her chosen by the sisters as the new head of the branch, a few of their employees, 3) decided to join the cyborg Deer.

Construction of a Omacron clone began and the Mining Guild’s diplomatic corps reached out to their Host as well as a few other corporations to request ships to purchase. Kali was a little saddened that they might not get a flagship until the meeting (here) revealed that they’d sent out feelers and recovered wreckages of Capital ships lost in the Battle of glimmergold. One was soon named by her as the Durandium Phoenix, while the carrier was left unnamed for the moment.

The Meeting further revealed that Nyx Pine had worked behind the scenes with specific requests for the Military to send the Mining Guild Contingent Starbreakers. With the ships now coming together, as well as the new Station Decacron, Kali took a tour of both the Flagship and Decacron. Decacron had been the exact copy of Omacron just with new technology added to it.

Once the Motoyoshis were ready to begin, the Delta Fleet will come in to join them.

Fleet Profile

This is the fleet profile for the Delta Fleet as of its formation in YE 44.

Delta Fleet
Fleet Profile
Current Commanding Officer Kali Firewalker
Oversight Mining Guild
Mission Profile Escort and Protection
Status Active
Current Focus Escorting Station Decacron, and the Mining Guild contingent to join up with the others in the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet
Base of Operations Station Decacron
Flagship The Durandium Phoenix
No. of ships Total:18024) 500 5), 1,302 6)
Manager Charaa

Fleet Ships and Base

This section shows the ships and the main base of the Delta Fleet.

Space Stations
1 Station Decacron Station Omacron
Dracrei Dracrei Shipyards

Large Ships

Large ships are Dreadnaught sized ships, or large ships capable of packing quite the punch.

Large Combat Ships
1 The Durandium Phoenix

Medium Ships

Medium ships are mid-sized starships, Frigates, Cruisers, Carriers and so on.

Small Ships

This section shows the smaller ships in the fleet, such as Fighters, Gunships, and Explorer ships and so on.


Logistics group is the in-fleet operation of Delta Fleet, It has everything from the fleet's freighters to the agricultural ships which support the food and water supply of the fleet. It also has the means to recover and take care of ships

Group Sorted Vessels

Main Battlegroup – The Knight’s Shield

The main Battle Fleet was named the knight’s shield, because of its main purpose, as the shield of the Mining Guild’s ships, Station Decacron, and the Logistics team. It was hoped that by distracting threats, and turning their focus elsewhere, the non-warships could go peacefully and unharmed to where ever they needed to go.

Fighter Wings

The Fighter wing group are various groups of fighters in the fleet. Some examples are below.

Alpha Wing

Alpha Wing was created and filled using BW-V-Starbreakers after Conclave Ship works sent Starbreakers, and their build plans to the Mining Guild specifically for the Contingent group’s use. The first ones were put on the Alpha Wing.

Wing Statistics

Beta Wing

While Alpha wing was made out of new Starbreakers, Beta Wing, was filled with the various other Fighter types. They were also split into smaller groups 8)

Wing Statistics

Scout Battalion

The Scout Battalion is a group of the fastest Fighter and Mid-level ships in the entire fleet. Their job is simply to scout ahead of the fleet to look out for any threat. They report back with an instant message of any kind of danger, whether Pirate, creature, or simply a star going supernova.

OOC Notes

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The page itself is replicated of the 5XF.

The first part of the name came from the game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.
art by charaa using copilot
Friends of Kali’s mainly but other adventurous members too
in all
logistical ships
once approved
An example of this is Roque Squadron from Star Wars

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