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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




Dune Rider-class Rover:1) these rugged, agile, and fast land vehicles are the Mining Guild’s first land vehicle. It is designed to traverse the harsh desert terrain, equipped with advanced mining tools to extract valuable resources from the sands. They are equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems to gather data and relay information back to base2).

AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control

Tier 0
Will make a page for this later

Table of Contents

Reforged-Class Capital Ship “Durandium Phoenix”

The Durandium Phoenix is a ship that was a reconstruction of NDC-HCP-1A Omega Class Dreadnought, Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser and Izanagi-Class Dreadnought of ships taken from the wreckages from the battle of Glimmergold. 1). It was reconstructed in YE 44.7



In Ye 44.6, the Mining Guild was contacted by Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, the Mining Guild’s Point of Contact within Yugumo Corporation. She mentioned that Yugumo Corporation and the Motoyoshi Clan will be going on an adventure so to speak, outside of Kikyo Sector. They wanted to invite the Mining Guild to join them and the rest going on this adventure. So, the Kurosaki sisters decided to set up a branch of the Mining Guild, and began setting up a fleet escort and protect them.

Later a group affiliated had managed to get to the site of the battle of glimmergold and had acquired wreckages of certain ships to bring back and use their own shipyards to rebuild. It was eventually introduced to Kali Firewalker during a meeting with the higher ups. Eventually, 60 days later it was launched, and joined the newly formed Delta Fleet.


The Durandium Phoenix is the foremost capital ship in the Mining Guild’s Night Guard Fleet. It’s a new ship, but made from old ship hulls, and tech. Which is why some chose to call it a Reforged-class ship in addition to being a new ship for the Mining Guild’s Warship Fleet. It was created as a way to give the Mining Guild a Capital ship of their very own. In addition to being able to have a mobile weapons platform capable of engaging star fortresses and other similarly powerful space-borne fortifications with minimal risk to the rest of the fleet, whether that Fleet was the Delta or otherwise.

With the purchase of fighters, the Mining Guild needed a way to transport them, and due to its size, it could carry fighters and troop transport into any given warzone, to either aid their comrades or allies in battle. To offset cost of creating a new ship, its structure was taken from wreckages and remade into a new ship.

Mission Specialization

  • Flag Ship specification
  • Secondary Command post for the Delta Fleet.
  • Distraction.


The Durandium Phoenix is a ship that is reforged of another ship. One of which is a New Dusk Conclave ship, as such, it does resemble ships such as the Omega Dreadnaught.

On the Bow of the ship, the first thing people will see when facing this ship will be forward guns, The first main gun, a rather large Albatross Anti Starship Laser Array set dead center at the nose of the ship. Followed by two additional but smaller versions of the weapon. Following in the NDC’s way of ship building, the bridge of the ship was internal to the ship, so therefore there were no transparent durandium windows for the pilots to look out.

On the port and starboard side are the multiple hangars ready to receive its shuttles, fighters and anything else that may be allowed there. At the aft of the ship was the propulsion system, three large round with multiple smaller round system which was added to by the port and starboard arches near the back.

The arches had is a honeycomb type of design that’s barely visible unless someone looks close, while the rest was a technical pattern. The ship had a long length to it, almost like a submarine, but it also had curves wide curves with wings sticking out of it. Its shape was purposeful, as to install as much weapons as possible on it. 3)

Angry Mode

When the ship is on red alert, and is ready to attack, more of the weapons appear. All throughout the ship, various missile holes, and guns pop up and out. This destroys the illusion that the ship is large but weaponless. Even the rings had weapons, the same weapons as the front of the ship. On the on the port and starboard side, a nacelle-like appendage comes out, this is also armed with missiles. 4)

Statistics and Performance

General notes about ship stats and performance


General notes about armor stats and performance

General Statistics for the Durandium Phoenix
Year Introduced Originally was deployed in YE 41 but the hull was recovered and reforged in YE 44
Class Reforged-class (Capital Ship)
Nomenclature MGS-B2A
Designers Originally: New Dusk Conclave, Yamatai Star Empire designed parts of the ship
Manufacturer Dracrei shipyards, fixed the ship
Fielded By Mining Guild, Night Guard
Range Unlimited (provided near sources of fuel and other things
Maintenance Cycle the rest about standard
Groups Delta Escort Fleet, Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet
Lifespan unlimited if work is done


Core Required

Pilots Weapons Security
5 6 100
Cyber Security Communications Sensors
1(3000 backup) 5 3

Crew Numbers

Name quantity
Anthro 50,000
Operator 1000
Synthetic 90,000
Separa'Shan 2000
Human5) 4,000
Clone Compliment quantity
Original NDC 39
Taken from dead pirate slaves 30
Second chance salvages chance 2


  • Length: 2,000 Meters
  • Width: 5,000 meters
  • Height: 3,000 meters (XX feet)
  • Decks: 2,168

Propulsion and Range

  • Falcon Tunnel Drive: 0.2ly/m for a maximum of 15ly jumps.
    • Sublight Engines: 0.25c
  • Range: 12 months
  • Lifespan: 30 years with maintenance, 5 years without
  • Refit Cycle: Every 5 years

Damage Capacity

Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

  • Deck 1-4: Bridge, AI Core, Ships Avatar Chamber, cargo holds turret banks and ammo storage/processing,
  • Deck 4-8: Security offices, damage control center
  • Deck 8-12: Hangar bays, launch catapults, maintenance bays, workshops
  • Deck 12-16: Armor and bulkheads, workshops, Main gun, cargo holds
  • Deck 16-20: engineering, Hangar bays, launch catapults, refinery, and fabrication,
  • Deck 20-24: engineering, refinery, and fabrication, engineering, life support
  • Deck 24-28: crew habitation, life support, waste reclamation
  • Deck 28-32: crew habitation, crew recreation, cargo holds
  • Deck 32-36: Armor and bulkheads, cargo holds
  • Deck 36-2,168: Bottom turret banks and ammo storage/processing

Compartment Layouts

Below is a list of what is within the Capital ship and its compartment is organized from the top down.

Airlock Entrance

On entering the ship, guests, and personnel, enter a short hallway with pale beige, white coloring which contrasted the white marble inlaid with gold. Like most ships there were lights in the recesses and the ceiling of the hall, and the ceiling was a matte black color which added some color to the short hall. Near the airlock, are the stairs6) which took the guests, and personnel up a level which seem like they came up from the floors, and there were force field based railings done to prevent falls.

In the middle of this area, was a large sculpture. Which appeared to be a smaller-scale asteroid7) hovering in mid-air defying gravity. Water or at least a liquid-based substance appeared to be flowing over the asteroid, flowing over its crevices and holes. Periodically the asteroid would break apart, only to come back together again. Above it was a large screen made to look like windows showing the outside. There was seating along the walls, each with the same style of comfort as the rest. Plant cases in addition to the ones in the conference room are here too, and the stairs continued up to a gold archway which would lead to a hall that would take the guest to the other parts of the ship.

But in between the stairs under the arm were large paintings which showed individuals, and groups, that were in some way important to the Mining Guild, as a way to remember and honor them. There were direction screens carefully placed so that it didn’t take away from the art décor.


Due to previous purchase, most of the airlocks aboard the ship are based on Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors. Their force-fields have a semipermeable setting that allows massive objects such as ships and power armor through, but retain atmospheric pressure by preventing lighter gases from escaping.


There are multiple passageways throughout the Phoenix, in an almost maze-like fashion that has the potential to make someone lost, unless they had a GPS device with them. There’s a hatch to the maintenance tunnels at every T section that somewhat in some cases aligned with the maintenance tunnel’s T junction. They are well-lit and monitored by security cameras. They are around five meters tall and five meters wide and are lined with


The bridge of the reforged Class Capital Ship was located on deck three to four, and like the Scythe Cruiser, the bridge consists of a two-story half-circle room. The higher rear portion on deck three is the Captain’s chair which comes with a command station, XO, and CO chairs forward and to the left and right of the captain's station, which are in recesses in the floor that also come with their own stations. The front lower section is on deck four and has the science, engineering, damage control, comms, weapons, and navigation stations. These are arranged around the room's outer edge in recesses in the floor that sit in alcoves built into the walls. The Helm station sits forward most front on floor level and in a deep alcove. Each station is fitted with, holographic controls. The chairs equipped with safety restraint harnesses, and can be sealed by deployable armor shells in case of emergencies such as a deep hull breach. The captain’s station has the same holographic displays. With those suspended able to lower from the ceiling of the compartment which stays at deck, two heights for the entire room.

The central ceiling of the compartment includes a holo-projector, that displays star maps brought up and analyzed by the navigation station. This also displays unit locations in combat situations. Each station in an alcove has the unique feature of the walls of the alcove, acting as displays. Giving an encircling 180-degree view of station related data. With the helmsman station, it has a 270 degree surrounding with its deeper alcove. There is a door to either side, on both levels for entry to the bridge, as well as conduit accesses in the corners. Finally, as a recently added feature, the captain’s chair has been outfitted to improve synchronization with a Geist implant.

Captain's Ready Room

An office that sits off to the side of the bridge, it is the private office of the ship's commanding officer. In addition to a desk with a computer terminal and guest chairs, there is a sitting area, kitchenette, mini-bar, and a private head and shower.


The Ship’s armory is an expansively huge complex, much more so than what has been seen in any other NDC , or Mining Guild manufactured starship. Throughout this area of the ship, are multiple weapons lockers which contain extra weapons, or weapons ready to be given out to new recruits that are assigned to the ship. Beyond a transparent wall, to the east from the doors, are rows of CSW-S1-C1 "Daedalus" Fabrication Modules which can churn out bullets as needed. That is, as long as it has the materials to do so. To the North of this, is a half circle desk, behind which are the quartermasters. One Synthetic, one, Organic specifically the organic was a Racoon Anthro. As an extra precaution, those desiring to get a weapon must complete a target practice, even if they had passed it during training.

Crew Deck

This area is where the Captain, the first officer, and the crew spend their time.

Captain's Suite

The captain’s suite is a two room area of the ship, and it follows Nyx Style of room with the office area being the first thing seen. The office area is smaller than most offices since this isn’t her main office which is located at the main headquarters. There were plants in the room, with the lighting on the walls, and one in the center of the room each with the color temperature of 3,350 K. This allows the room to be comfortable, especially for those with light sensitivity.

The floors were a lighter finish of red oak wood, and spotlessly cleaned. The desk was a finely crafted desk made of red oak, but with gold rings at the sides. The seats were soft memory foam plush seating giving emphasis in design and comfort. Behind the desk was the door, which had curtains on either side of it which were made with Iron Leather mixed with fabrics, which can cover the doors in case of invasion.

In the bedroom area, the floor is red oak wood, though bordered by while marble around the entrance and along a wall. At the middle from the right side of the door was a queen sized bed above the bed was a white screen which can be changed to show all manner of art, even a unique background, such as the outside of the ship.

There was a screen across the bed which can be made to show movies or shows the owner might want. The end table to the right has a communication device, which can double as an alarm clock, and with the press of a button, water can be brought up. Beside the end table was an automated walk in closet where the owner could request an outfit and it will be brought to the entrance. There was also a restroom on the opposite side of the bed.

Officer Quarters

Based on the MFY Type 30 Standard Officer's Cabin, officers and many mission specialists have their own cabins with ensuite toilet and shower/bath. Each cluster of officer quarters has its own laundry facilities.

Crew Cabins

Located on the lower decks 24-25-26 and the lower 28-29-30, this is where the crew sleep and consists of bunk style rooms that have shared lavatories and sitting areas with lockers and footlockers for personal storage. Finally, each room features a large shared glass pane wall mounted display.

Guest’s Suite

The Guest’s Suite Located just aft of the deck 24, it’s a spacious room that includes, a double bed, desk with terminal, personal bathroom. It also has a small sitting area with coffee table and seating(a couch and two lounging chairs), wardrobe compartment unit, trophy/model/picture display shelving, and a large glass pane wall mounted display for Comms, entertainment, and ship data/rosters.

Crew Recreation

Before the entrances to the doors to the Guest cabin area, and the crew cabin area was a large court area, where the Sport of basketball, and soccer could be played. The area can reconfigure itself to have tables for a card game , as well as the video game variety if the players desired. The lights followed the same design as the rest of the ship, which were in the recesses of the walls and this time the floors.

In addition, the ship also contains a theater sized room filled with past and current movies, and there was a massive library full of books. There are rooms for the personnel with various exercise equipment for a vast variety of races to choose from. There are also rings for the personnel to spar in. Contained within an entire deck was an expansive virtual reality chamber where not only can they participate in a vast variety of stories to choose from, but they can also use it for training because the chamber can simulate all kinds of environment and gravity for the participants to go through.

The Crimson Beak

The bar was a smaller room, off a corner of The Third Crew Cabin corridor, with the added recreation area. There was still enough room for multiple Separa'Shan, and other Species to walk in without bumping or stepping on anyone. The bar area was circular in the center with seating around that. There were Anthro and Robots servicing the guests and the owner. The light was at the comfortable setting, with the coloring being white, red and matte black. It also has its own Menu Food list.


The Spa area was a brown color, and was kept at a warm temperature comfortable for all Species there was a hot tub for people to relax in as well as a sauna. There were lights here, were indirect lights here, and kept at a color temperature of 3,350 K.


The Medical Center hosts a variety of the very best medical techniques and technology that money can buy. Much like in hospitals, each bed is separated into rooms where the doors can be opened and closed or remain in either state. This is for privacy requirements, Each bed is separated into compartments with doors, the beds themselves being made with the patient's physiology in mind as well as they are adaptive through the technology of Rebinder. However, these rooms are primarily for rest and recovery. There were multiple AutoDocks for the major life-saving surgery. The medical stores also have Sealant Gel, and a few NDC Survival Bug Out Bag and Cache should the need arises.

The rooms are clean and free of bacteria and germs constantly, and with light sources that were the color temperature of 3,350 K. This allows those to not be blinded when they first open their eye

Synth Medical Area

There’s even an area for the synthetics where they can be repaired. Both are brightly lit, clean and sterile, ready to serve. Whether the patient is organic or synthetic, Human, Separa’shan, Elysian, clone with animal physiology and androids it wouldn’t matter here, the medical staff will treat their patients with respect, and help them recover so that the patient whoever they may be can get back to their lives and their work.

Observation area

The observation area is a large room that allows those visiting to view the front of the ship, including the area where the ship is going. Off to the side was a small bar area with a fabrication device for drink order with seats.

Conference Room

The conference room is a large area of the ship in the middle was a long table made of wood to give a warm taste to the room, there were plants contained inside a case filled with water, and bubbles could be seen coming up from a crystal fixture. Light in the room came from the recesses in the walls and the flood, which was black marble inlaid with gold like cracks. The seats were memory foam plush cushioned seating. During a meeting, the seats can emit Holograms for those unable to make it to the ship, due to distance. The table is good enough to eat off of if so desired. The entrance to this area is an arch with no doors normally, but can be sealed in the event of an invasion.

Escape Pods

Many of the ship's escape pods (see below), are arranged in mass banks. They are along both sides of nearly every deck, all along the length of the ship, and contain more than enough to evacuate everyone accommodated aboard, with excess capacity to spare. Certain areas, such as residential sections and other heavily populated parts of the ship, have more dense banks than others, while some areas such as the docking ring, have them more sparsely. In general, everyone aboard is less than a minute's desperate dash from a bank of escape pods, assuming the way is clear.


Ship Travel

As the ship is rather large, the crew needs specialized technology in order to get to certain locations.

High-Speed Transit

The ship uses a light rail system for ease of transport for cargo, Drones, and crew for maintenance and duty. Given the enormous scale of the vessel, the need to move people and cargo around the ship quickly, safely, and efficiently was paramount. A Monorail Maglev system operates aboard the Durandium Phoenix. It is based mostly on the High-Speed Rail at Nemesis Bastion.

Each line features two sets of tracks, allowing one tram to move in each direction. While the ones in the main body of the ship travel back and forth, in the docking ring, one always goes clockwise and the other counterclockwise around. Each transit station features a maintenance area for extra cars to be stored and maintained and damaged cars to be repaired.

A car is generally 15 meters long, and four wide, and three high if enclosed. The largest cargo cars are 20m long and five wide, in order to accommodate an SSCC-Huge Passenger cars are comfortable and enclosed, while cargo cars are flatbed for carrying Standard Starship Cargo Containers or palleted skids. The system has a normal, safe operating speed of about 30km/h, but in an emergency can nearly triple that.

In general, the transit system takes up its entire deck, but there is plenty of room to either side for seating areas, standing room, and walking paths, as well as autowalks traveling in both directions.


In order toget from one deck to the other, the ship also uses lifts, that are similar to, and compatible with, the ones used by Star Army vessels. There are larger lifts for cargo, and even larger ones still for small craft in the hangar bays.

Additional Compartments

Dining Hall

Based on the MFY Type 30 Standard Enlisted Dining Hall, the dining hall is adjacent to the galley and wardroom. It is large enough for more than half of the crew to eat at once, comfortably. The entire crew complement can squeeze inside if necessary but it would be very cramped.

Galley and Scullery

The ship's galley offers a variety of cooking stations for various cuisines, such as stoves and ovens, microwaves, food preparation areas, and temperature-controlled refrigerator, freezer, and pantry storage. There are sinks and dishwashing machines in the attached scullery.

It also has its own Menu Food list.


Based on the MFY Type 30 Standard Laundry Facility, all features are washing and drying machines as well as tables for folding or stacking clothing and other linens.

Ship's Store (Phoenix Talons)

The Ship's Store is an integral part of any starship, serving as a central hub for all the essential supplies, equipment, and amenities required by the crew during their voyage in space. It acts as a one-stop shop where crew members can access a wide range of products and services conveniently. The Ship's Store is overseen by a dedicated team responsible for managing inventory, restocking supplies, and ensuring the smooth operation of the store.

Ship's Store Inventory

The Ship's Store offers a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs and preferences of the crew members. The inventory includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- Food and Beverages: A selection of fresh, packaged, and ready-to-eat food items, along with a variety of beverages, catering to different dietary requirements and preferences.

- Personal Care Products: Toiletries, personal hygiene items, and grooming essentials are available for the crew members to maintain cleanliness and personal well-being during their time on the starship.

- Clothing and Accessories: The store provides a range of uniforms, protective gear, clothing, and accessories designed to meet the requirements and standards of the starship crew.

- Electronics and Entertainment: A selection of electronic devices, accessories, and personal entertainment options such as books, music, and games.

- Miscellaneous Supplies: This includes various everyday items like stationery, cleaning supplies, batteries, and other miscellaneous items that are essential for the crew members.

Ship's Store Operations

The Ship's Store operates during designated hours convenient for the crew members. It adheres to the highest standards of customer service, maintaining a clean, organized, and easily accessible environment. The operations include:

- Regular Inventory Management: The Store Manager and Inventory Clerks ensure that the store is well-stocked with all necessary items. They conduct regular inventory checks, monitor consumption patterns, and update stock levels accordingly.

- Restocking and Reordering: The Store Manager works closely with suppliers and external vendors to ensure timely restocking of inventory. They assess demand, monitor changes in crew preferences, and order new supplies as needed.

- Customer Service: The Sales Associates and Cashiers provide a high level of customer service to the crew members. They assist in product selection, answer queries, process transactions, and handle any concerns or complaints.

- Store Maintenance: The Ship's Store is responsible for maintaining a clean and organized environment. This includes regular cleaning, shelf management, and display arrangement to ensure easy access to products.

- Financial Management: The Cashiers are responsible for managing cash registers, accounting for sales, and maintaining accurate financial records. They follow established procedures for cash handling and ensure transparency in all transactions.

With the Ship's Store's dedicated personnel and comprehensive inventory, the crew members can find all the essential supplies and services they need conveniently onboard the starship. The Ship's Store plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and comfort of the crew, contributing to the overall efficiency and functionality of the starship during voyages through space.


The Engineering section of the ship, is a massive part of the capital ship. Like most ships, it's positioned at the back of the ship. It was also beneath the deck containing the hangar and cargo bay. The Engineering section is divided into parts,

  • The Workshop
  • Maintenance Conduits
  • Engine Room


The workshop is a place for the tinkerer and inventor. It is an ideal space for performing repairs or crafting required tools or accessories. A wide array of powered equipment is available making for a serviceable machine shop, and there is ample and organized storage.

Maintenance Conduits

The Maintenance tunnels are cramped crawl spaces, though fortunately there were a few hatchways that allowed one to exit if the need came to it.

AI Core

The AI core houses the AI of the ship, from the main one in charge of the ship to the Cyber Security and Backup Cyber Security.

Avatar Chamber

Here is where the AI can go to leave the electronic systems of the ship and interact with people in person.

Engine Room

The Engine room houses the Power Core, which was smack dab in the middle, forcing the engineers to walk a path around it to get to the other parts of the engineering section. The room also had levels too it, to the right is the Life Support Systems, with panels for atmosphere in the ship, and the systems dealing with waste and water. Across from that level was was for miscellaneous tech like lights and the rail systems and the Cyberwarefare suite. On a third level beside the life support systems, houses electrical, and the AI core, and through the AI core was a path to the drive system is located, with the bulk of the thrusters seen behind it. There is a railing to prevent falls, with lifts, to go from one level to the next. In front of the Engineering section of the ship, were the hangar bays, which were normally visible outside the ship, on the port and starboard side of the ship. When in transit, however, the Hangar bay closes up so it was no longer visible. The expansive interior of the hangars holds stations for maintenance, repair, loading, and refueling.

Hangar Bay

Fighter Launch

Each Fighter craft is attached to a catapult system, once the pilots are inside and have activated the fighter, the catapult system shoots the fighters out at an accelerated pace than what would be normal.

Power Armor Bays

The Power Armor bay is a room located on a higher level within the Hangars. They contain the NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion" power armor, each with lined bays that hold the them. This has work areas to fix the armor and a seat for the workers to sit on. There are also room for the Mining Guild’s [corp:mining_guild:powerarmor:mining_power_armor|ANT Power Armor]]. Any other member of the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet who is, for whatever reason stationed on the ship, may also have their own power armor here.

Shuttle Bays

Locate on the opposite side of the level of the power Armor bay, was the shuttle bay, for Stork-class Personnel Transport, or any other transport shuttle. It also has Technicians on standby, ready to add fuel or make any needed repairs for the shuttles as needed.

Cargo Storage Areas

The Cargo hold was a huge mega warehouse-sized area with shelving lining the halls, and a map at every crossroads that tells precisely where the person was. lined with wall-to-wall SSCC reefer containers for foodstuffs produced aboard which need to be kept at certain temperatures. There were also additional tech parts for repair work if need be. Like the rest of the ship, the lights were in the recesses of the walls and the floors. Designated, secure storage space is set aside for the crew for their personal belongings.

DNA storage Area

When the ship attacked a pirate held system, DNA samples were taken from the pilots, and the dead, and placed in a special area allocated for its use. This would soon be transfered to Station Decacron for cloning later.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Phoenix uses a hull structure combination Durandium and ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods).

It also has a layer of a gel that is resistant to heat, energy, and kinetic-based damage. This gel is flexible, and because of that and its state of matter, it can also fill in space between the layers of graphene sandwiched Osmanium spread throughout.

The gel is also very resistant to kinetic forces -as the force of an impact is simply absorbed and spread outward by the jiggly substance. The gel is resistant to excess energy exposure (including magnetic) due to being composed of silicon-based materials and traces of rubber-like matter; it is not, however, immune to electromagnetic pulse weapons - it's simply more resistant than usual. Lastly, the gel is highly absorbent to heat - and will radiate it off over time - due to the properties of its state of matter and composition.

This is within a shell of Aegium, which also makes up the support structure deeper within.

Reforged-Class Hull and Frame Assembly
Primary SpaceFrameForcefield Reinforced Durandium Major Truss
Secondary SpaceFrameADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) Secondary Truss and Rod Assembly
Outer Platesgraphene coated Osmanium Plate
LiningGel Lining

Computers and Electronics

The Durandium Phoenix’s computers uses 120 electronic processor units, which provides for all computer power, and storage requirements. It also uses a EVE AI also is installed to aid in logistics, finer system management, and support in normal ship operation. With the required software, the Ship’s AI are capable of defending the ship’s systems, to perform Cyberwarfare duties. Which also extends to attacking the enemy ship either cause a distraction or to disrupt enemy ship operations.


The ship uses the standard ship sensor package, which is extended using similar technology as King type Sensors. In addition to those sensors, it also uses 900 optical sensors spaced around the outer hull for basic optical and thermal detection. 18 subspace radar systems are also positioned inside of the ship to provide 360 degrees of coverage. In addition to the Sensors was the Mineral Scanner that allows the Pilot to scan asteroids for specific minerals for metals and gems.

Besides the original ship sensor packages, the Gremlin can add to the detection systems. Primarily on the Threat Detection, and the Collision Warnings, it can also detect when a ship has exited out of FTL and Identification of the ship and allegiance.

Arrival Detection and Identification

When a ship has appeared out of FTL, the cosmic radiation can be affected by this, and the Gremlin can sense this via special sensors attached to the ship. The ship can get a reading of how large the arriving ship is, and then the sensors will detect the identity of the ship via its electromagnetic signature. The Gremlin also uses a database that contains previously detected signatures to identify ship and faction.

Threat Detection

The ship’s sensors, specifically ones controlled by the Gremlin, can detect the number of weapons an enemy ship has, and using this information, it can give the ship a threat rating using typical New Dusk Conclave numbers. It also will be able to tell the outcome of a fight between the ship and this threat, and give recommendations from retreating to how the ship might disable the Threat.

Collision Warning

The ships can sense when they are about to be hit by an asteroid, or weapon, or whether they were going to appear into a Star because of the collision warning systems that are presently installed on the ship. It will also give the ship a timeline for when this is to occur so that the ship’s personnel can enact measures.


The ship is installed with a Mineral Scanner which is installed in all Mining Guild, and non-Mining Guild ships. The ship also has access to a SachiTech Tech-Scanner available to the science, and engineering officers.


The ship uses Standard Starship communications used by the NDC, but with the ship joining Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet, It also has the uplink and PANTHEON/SYNC connect module. Though this is in so far limited to allow them to connect to the other ships if need be.

Misc Electronics

Should the ship need to, at the front of the ship, are probe launching technology, which allows it to launch such probes as Mining Probes. Other probes for surveillance could also be launched here.

Auxiliary antenna arrays may be extended from the wings, along with the radiators, solar panels and Solar Sails.

Emergency Systems

In the event of the power failure of the power cores, a large bank of 100 BW-PC-1B "PowerPak" act as emergency power source This will ensure that comms, life support, and sensors continue to receive power for three weeks. It also has a Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System and Geshrinari Blast Shutters

Emergency Lockers

There are more than enough Yugumo Standard Damage Control Alcoves, Yugumo Standard First Aid Lockers, Yugumo Standard Armory, and Yugumo Standard Survival Lockers and NDC Survival Bug Out Bag and Cache easily accessible at key points throughout the ship, all fully-stocked, for any emergency.

Escape Pods

In the event of a catastrophic failure or impending doom, the ship has 240 Ge-X3300 Escape Pods and 720 "Ikigai" Escape Pods.

Internal Security

Internally, there are enough pop-out automated weapons turrets positioned as to cover nearly the entire interior, or at least all common areas except the farming modules, with at least three of them able to aim at any one spot with no blind spots or effective cover. These weapons are equivalent to a Power Armor, weapons each, but draw power directly from the ship's power systems8). They are capable of firing in lethal and nonlethal modes, independently of each other. They are not capable of firing at targets outside of the ship.

Life Support Systems

All Mining Guild ships and the Space Station have a primary External Respiration Kit system and is also in place to aid in cleaning the air and water as needed by the station's organics. If appropriate, some features can be turned off. The station, the ships and the homes within use Space Heater to keep everyone nice and warm, more so for the Separa'shan and other cold blooded inhabitants. NH-O-1 "iBot" Maintenance Drone can be seen flying throughout DracoTown, as well as the rest of the Station, as they work to make repairs as needed. Apparitions are visible on the outside Observation areas of the Station itself.

Waste Disposal

Waste is transferred to a large tank where a huge magnet slides over the ceiling; metal items are picked up by this and are transported to a new tank. It is then where an advanced sorting system sorts the pieces into proper holes. The metal is smelted, and merges into what would normally be a giant ingot, had it all not been separated again before it entered the molds. The metal is sent to the various factories of the New Dusk Conclave to be made into new items.

As for Manure, it follows the standard for all Mining Guild property, that are transferred to farms or factories that can turn it into fertilizer. Broken electronics are taken apart, the metal joins the other metal, and the other materials follow suit in their respective compartments.

Other Life Support Systems

Besides the other Life support, some aqueducts transfer water, and flushing toilets, and working sinks. The water is quadruple filtered so that nothing, not even microbes, can contaminate water. The Salt in the water is sent to a different area where it is made for a new purpose. This allows the Settlers to drink water should they need to.

Cooling System

All major heat-generating pieces of equipment, as well as the ablative plates on the armor, are paired with appropriately-sized heat sinks, liquid cooling systems, and radiators, which rapidly and effectively absorb waste heat and convert it to usable energy. Much of this heat is fed back into the plasma system to decrease the energy requirements to maintain a plasma-supporting temperature in the system. Some is sent to heat the baths. Emergency radiators, as well as emergency solar panels, antennae, and solar sails, may be deployed from the tips of the “wings” if necessary.

Power Systems

The Phoenix uses BW-PC-1A Plasma Core for its power needs, with an integrated capacitor system to provide secondary power. Secondary Power can last 5-7 days (non-combat) or 18 hours (combat) in an emergency.

Auxiliary Power System

A Tsuyosa Series Matter-Antimatter Reactor has been added for an auxiliary power generator to keep the capacitors filled and power the ship for extended periods without using an easily-detected zero-point energy source, or for additional power if more is needed than the primary system has available. This system also includes a Matter Collection System to increase its useful range.

Solar Power Power System

The ship is able to absorb the solar energy from a star in the form of solar panels. Additionally, emergency solar panels may be deployed from the tips of the “wings,” along with the emergency radiators, antennae, and solar sails.

Yue-Type Redundant Power Systems

On the off chance for power failure, the ship is also fitted with a Yue-Type Redundant Power Systems in the form of a Hydro-electricity system that uses captured wastewater which is funneled into this system similar to those used on the Daikoku-class.


The Phoenix uses Helix Plasma Engines of large sizes arranged at the back of of the craft, as well as the thrusters. It was modified, to allow for a performance at 16,500c. The drive systems were powered by 10 BW-PC-1A Plasma Core, which were modified to provide as much flight time a possible.

Additional Propulsion systems

In addition to the Helix Plasma Engines, the ship also is equipped with four Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drives for sublight speed. They are located in the central region of the pylons. Sublight performance for this craft usually can withstand 0.275c. Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) and the Plasma Projection System are used primarily for attitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping. The pps renders the vessel to be extraordinarily (relative to its size) agile and nimble even without any inertial dampening or gravitational manipulating systems active.

Hyper Space

The Capital Class, like most ships used by the Mining Guild, and the New Dusk Conclave use Galactic Horizon’s Falcon Tunnel Drive. Which allows a unique way of traveling through hyperspace.

Emergency Propulsion systems

Emergency solar sails may be deployed from the tips of the wings, along with emergency solar panels, antennae, and radiators, for efficient, if not faster, Sublight travel if the engines are offline.

Shield Systems

The Phoenix uses a dual shield system as its primary shields which uses Paladin Barrier System and CSW-S1-S1 "Ancile" Multi-Layer Shield System. This shield system create a six-faced barrier. protecting the ship from all sides. In adition to the primary shields, it uses other shield types as well, such as Electromagnetic Shielding Gravitic Shielding Navigational Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding

The Electromagnetic shields are particularly good at deflecting the charged particles in many beam weapons. The shield created is a six-faced barrier.

Gravitic shielding

Gravitic shielding are effective against kinetic weaponry and collisions. This shield also serves the special purpose of counteracting graviton beams. The shield created is a six-faced barrier.

Not intended for, or effective at, defense against starship weaponry, navigational shielding protects the ship against navigational hazards, such as fast-moving small masses and slow collisions with large masses. The deflectors allow for safe maneuvering without raising the profile of its sensor signature as much as the defensive shielding.

Weapons Systems

As a capital ship, the Durandium Phoenix uses multiple weapons systems, some developed by Galactic Horizon others by The NDC’s Department of Engineering.

Main Weapons

Secondary Weapons

Tertiary Weapons

As part of the ship’s Tertiary starship weapons, the Durandium Phoenix uses four Cerberus Cannon which were strategically placed with one on each pop out nacelle like structures on the starboard and port side of the ship. The final two were strategically placed so that it didn’t get in the way of the secondary weapons. DRv3 Tier 10

Fourthary Weapons

Fourth Set of the ship's weapons was Shiva which had one on each of the four wings. with the potential to be DRv3 Tier 13

Fifth Weapons

The Fifth Weapon systems houses the ship's various missile/rocket systems which like the Point Defenses nearly cover the entire surface of the ship. Though these are hidden when not in use. The weapons used here are

Sixth Weapons

Also, as numerous as the missiles were the Calvary ship weapon, DRv3 Tier 7

Defense Weapons

Point Defense

Along the side of the ship were 3000 Origin Point Defense Weapons which is set at DRv3 Tier 9

Dual Defense and alternate Weapon

The Fart

The last Point Defense weapon was nicknamed, The Fart by the Engineering Core.

In addition to the systems that deal with the heat generation, there's an additional one, where the heat is transferred to vents via a electromagnetic field which contains the heat. Should a ship get passed the weapons and point defenses, these vents will vent the heat out, causing some damage, and allowing the cold of space to add to the damage output.

In addition, should ice drifts similar to Ice Drifts be blocking the way, the heat can also be used to melt the ice into a more controllable state.

Vehicle Complement

Here is the Vehicle compliment of the Reforged Class Starship Durandium Phoenix

Small Craft

Medium Craft

Ground Vehicles

Utility/Maintenance Craft

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With backup power equivalent to its typical battery.
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