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NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion"

The Duskerian Legion is the main ground force of the New Dusk Conclave military. It is comprised of infantry1), armored units, light air support units, and support units. All of these groups that make up the Legion work in tandem whether for operations in the field or defensive operations. Security forces for base security and public protection are also another part of the main force. Soldiers carrying out this duty use light and non-lethal loadouts but carry lethal options in case of it absolutely being needed.

All units enlisted and serving in the main force are ranked by the military category of the NDC's ranking system for military personnel. Infantry troops are assigned a loadout based on their role, and other troops are issued either a standard pistol or, occasionally, carbine dependant upon role. All personnel carry a knife and Ordinance is issued as needed to infantry troops.

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both unarmored and utilizing power armor

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