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NDC Aristocracy

The New Dusk Conclave is led by an aristocracy consisting of the royal Pine and Oaklen families and the nobles who are sworn to them. The nobility is largely responsible for territory management within the faction and enjoy an elevated social status in exchange.

Fleet admirals and ship captains hold honorary noble titles while in command that ensures that they are able to operate effectively when interacting with members of the noble class.

While Lords, Princes, and Princesses existed previously, a full aristocratic system was not implemented until YE 43.


The faction's founders, Jack Pine and Mark Oaklen, took on the title of 'Lords' in the faction's first days. Under the initial government, they held all power and made the majority of significant decisions.

In the wake of Jack Pine's assassination, his successor Neera Pine, concerned by the rising influence of the rapidly growing Cadres and growing unrest in the wake of the Battle Of Glimmergold, conducted a significant overhaul of the NDC's government. She established formal rules for the royal family and consolidated her power by creating a new class of nobles who swore their loyalty to the faction's leaders.


In general, power flows downwards within the NDC. All authority is derived from the faction's rulers and those who hold it have limited ability to grant authority in turn. The amount of territory that a noble holds is directly related to their title.

Title (Male) Title (Female) Form(s) of Address Authority
Archduke Archduchess Your/his/her Majesty Rules the faction. Jointly holds absolute authority.
Minister Minister Minister A member of the Council of Six, which decides the government's direction on the Archduke/Archduchess' behalf.
Crown Prince Crown Princess Crown Prince/Princess The heir apparent to an Archduke/Archduchess.
Duke Duchess Duke/Duchess, High Lord/Lady Rules a system. Commands system defense fleets.
Marquis Marquess Marquis/Marquess, Lord/Lady Rules a planet or other large population center.
Count Countess Count/Countess, Lord/Lady Rules a large territory or large city.
Baron Baroness Baron/Baroness, Lord/Lady Rules a small territory or small city.
Baronet Baronetess Baron/Baronetess, Sir/Dame Honorary noble title given to those who have distinguished themselves above and beyond expectation.
Knight Knight Sir/Dame Elite frame pilots.


The royal family of the Pines and Oaklens are extensive, largely due to the genetic implications of cloning and wide-spread adoptions early in the faction's history. The surnames of 'Pine' and 'Oaklen' are restricted within the faction and have become akin to a royal honorific.

During the restructure, the faction's leaders took on the titles of Archduke and/or Archduchess, leaving the traditional title of 'King and/or Queen' intentionally empty as a show of respect for the deceased Jack Pine. All power in the faction is officially jointly held by the Archdukes/Archduchesses Pine and Oaklen. Other royals, nobles, military officers, and so on derive their power within the faction from these two sources. All major official decisions are made either with their direct involvement or on their behalf.

The immediate successors of the Pine and Oaklen families, as determined by merit or blood, holds the title of Crown Prince or Crown Princess and are groomed for future leadership of the faction.

Others in the Pine and Oaklen lineages who are not in line for the throne are called Prince or Princess. While they enjoy an elevated status from most civilians, and are shown respect by nobles and knights, they are able to pursue their own interests and are typically treated the same as any other well-respected member of society.

The Pine and Oaklen surnames can be granted or stripped as deemed appropriate by the acting Archduke and/or Archduchess.

The Council of Six

To help them rule the faction more effectively, the Archduke and Archduchess have empowered a small group of individuals, known as Ministers, who are typically the heads of the government's branches.

The Council makes many of the decisions the drive the faction, including military and budget allocations, changes to the law, and so forth. Any decisions they make can be halted or undone by the will of the faction's rulers, though this is rare.

Ministers are not necessarily nobles, but they sit above nobles in the overall hierarchy due to the power entrusted in them by the Archduke and/or Archduchess.


Nobility within the New Dusk Conclave is, first and foremost, about managing territory and protecting the health and welfare of that territory's people. They have a degree of autonomy and military control over their territories, setting local laws and managing fleets and/or garrisons.

A noble's title is directly related to the scope of their territory. All noble titles are hereditary, unless otherwise mentioned, but are held by merit.

Reliable players who are interested in developing the setting may be able to create a noble character within the NDC.

Conclave Knights

Conclave Knights are elite fighters, most typically distinguished frame pilots, who have been granted an honorary title for their deeds. While they are considered a form of lesser nobility, they are nonetheless well respected for their accomplishments by the rest of the nobility. All knights follow a shared code of conduct known as the Chivalric Code.

Knights may serve under any of the other nobles, except for Baronets/Baronetesses, or serve in the Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces without being a vassal to a Lord or Lady.

The process of granting a Knighthood is known as the 'Accolade'. The ceremony can be performed by a Duke/Duchess or higher nobility, as well as ship Captains who have obtained permission. Once knighted, the new Conclave Knight is allowed to carry an Arming Sword, which acts as proof of their status.

While it is typical for only elite frame pilots to be knighted, it is possible to be knighted earlier by performing various distinguishing acts, particularly those showing a high degree of valor.

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