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NDC Internal Security Division

The New Dusk Conclave Internal Security Division is primarily a civilian security based government entity that handles all internal matters that pose risk to government stability in any way. Acts such as sabotage, assassination attempts, signs of political corruption and manipulation in government offices and positions. As mentioned, it is mostly a civilian organization of ex-law enforcement, investigative personnel, government supervisors, military security personnel, and other personnel who assist the Blades1) who guard the royals and nobles. They work to ensure the family, council, and other government offices are secure from outside influence, abuse, or subversion.

Internal Security Division
Official Abbreviation I.S.D.
Department Heads Sareash Cathetel-Casdan
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government and Blades2)

Role of The Internal Security Division

The Internal Security Division is responsible for oversight and protection of all government assets and personnel within NDC borders. This includes things such as, but not limited to:

  • Internal investigations
  • Oversight of the other departments' use of power
  • Elimination of threats to the council, or royal family
  • Following any signs of threats to the government inside and outside
  • Ensuring no data in the networks has been tampered with
  • Prevent government espionage

The Internal Security Division is also the governmental body that any department reports suspicions to, for example the sudden diversion of a department's allocated funds, threats to government personnel, or suspected abuse of power.

Power of the ISD

As a government body, the Internal Security Division has a considerable amount of power. The ISD has the power to investigate any government project, action, or internal management in the entirety of NDC's borders, though they must have a valid reason for an investigation. For example, if a department's funds are being leaked to an unknown source. If they investigate a potential lead and their search does not produce evidence, they will cease the investigation and place the entity on a watch list. If, however, they do produce evidence, the individuals in question will be put through a tribunal, or dealt with using potentially lethal force, if severe enough to pose a major threat to government security.

ISD Personnel

Personnel of the ISD are not just limited to security. The ISD also employs lawyers, investigators, economic specialists, political specialists, secretaries, and many other miscellaneous jobs needed to ensure that the division stays operating at optimal efficiency. However, the primary employee of the ISD are security personnel, tasked with providing to the council, royal family, military hierarchy, and government with essential security.

Equipment Access

Below are all the links to items these personnel are cleared to use when needed.


ISD personnel operate when embedded into military and fleet units differently, and hold a rank for each. Where as they will generally be given a rank about mid-level in scale, they still hold all the authority of their department. These ranks simply put them in the needed position of the chain of command in relation to participation of combat and other operations.

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A position entirely separate from the ISD, but acts as the ISD's superiors/employers. Essentiall knights in rank, and the immediate right hand to the royals.

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