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NDC Military Ranks (Fleet and Armed Forces)

Section 6 is the division of the New Dusk Conclave(NDC) which collectively represents all branches of the military. A ranking system is needed for use across all branches. The New Dusk Conclave's ranking system was originally unconventional but has since adopted more standard ranking systems in order to better facilitate international cooperation and officer exchange.

Payouts are calculated in Duskerian Script (DS). Payouts for enlisted soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Warrant Officers are all monthly. Payouts for officers and command staff are all yearly.


Below is the ranking and pay chart for the NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion".

Class Rank Pay Grade
Command Staff
C5 Grand Marshal 440,000
C4 Marshal 400,000
C3 Field Marshal 360,000
C2 Major General 330,000
C1 Brigadier General 300,000
Commissioned Officers
O6 Colonel 260,000
O5 Lieutenant Colonel 240,000
O4 Major 220,000
O3 Captain 195,000
O2 Lieutenant 1st Class 175,000
O1 Lieutenant 2nd Class 145,000
Warrant Officers
W3 Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class 22,000
W2 Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class 20,000
W1 Warrant Officer 18,000
Non-Commissioned Officers
N3 Sergeant 1st Class 22,000
N2 Sergeant 2nd Class 20,000
N1 Sergeant 3rd Class 18,000
E6 Corporal 16,000
E5 Lance Corporal 14,000
E4 Trooper 1st Class 12,000
E3 Trooper 2nd Class 10,000
E2 Trooper 3rd Class 8,000
E1 Recruit 6,000

The Navy consists of CAFF, DDN, and OSIRIS. They follow a different set of ranks due to their separation as their own branch; security, however, is listed using army ranks.


Here is the listing of all of the obtainable ranks in the New Dusk Conclave fleet and associated naval forces.

Rank Code Rank Pay Grade
Command Staff
C5 Fleet Admiral 440,000
C4 Admiral 400,000
C3 Vice Admiral 360,000
C2 Rear Admiral 330,000
C1 Commodore 300,000
O6 Captain 260,000
O5 Commander 240,000
O4 Lieutenant commander 220,000
O3 Lieutenant 1st Class 195,000
O2 Lieutenant 2nd Class 170,000
O1 Ensign 145,000
Warrant Officers
W3 Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class 22,000
W2 Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class 20,000
W1 Warrant Officer 18,000
Non-Commission Officers
N3 Master Chief Petty Officer 22,000
N2 Senior Chief Petty Officer 20,000
N1 Chief Petty Officer 18,000
E6 Petty Officer 1st Class 16,000
E5 Petty Officer 2nd Class 14,000
E4 Petty Officer 3rd Class 12,000
E3 Voidhand 10,000
E2 Voidhand Apprentice 8,000
E1 Cadet 6,000

Job Codes

Occupations in the NDC military are designated by a job code. This two-letter code is added behind the rank code. These together make troop rosters easier for officers to search. A job code is typically composed of the cadre that the occupation resides within, followed by a letter indicating what the occupation is.

For example, Infantry is a warrior occupation, making its job code “WI” or Warrior, Infantry.


Job Code Role
WO Officer
WG Ghost
WP Pilot
SA Analyst
ST Anima Technician
SM Medical Specialist 1)
AL Logistics
TT Technical Specialist
TA AI Expert
LC Chef
LA Attendant
Job Code Role
WX Executive Officer
WC Captain
WF Flag Officer
WN Navigation
WB Bridge Specialist


Job Code Role
WI Infantry
WR Recon
WS Sniper
WH Heavy
WD Demolitions
WV Vehicle Operator

Registry System

This is the code system that tracks a soldier's rank and job within the NDC military. It combines the ranking system and the job code system. Below are two examples

Roster Listing Example
Class Code Job Code Name
N2 WI Mark Tazar
O6 WC Kessler Ryzka

Mark Tazar is a Sergeant Second Class (N2) who fills the role of Infantry (I).

Kessler Ryzka is a Captain (O6) who fills the role of Captain (C).

OOC Notes

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