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Duskerian Script (DS)

Duskerian Script, or DS, is a currency that consists of marked notes made of thin sheets of graphene with the NDC insignia in the center, and the value the note holds to either side. These are depicted via laser printing and coloring, the bill itself transparent allowing the printing to be clearly visible. This form of currency is the legal tender in all territories of the New Dusk Conclave, and is preferred for use in trade transactions.


In YE 40, Section 6 was re-organized and restructured into the government that would be known as the New Dusk Conclave. With the founding of this new government, as well as the council that would govern it, the two rulers decided it would be prudent to develop a currency by which to do trade with outside nations and groups. Jack Pine and Mark Oaklen came up with the idea with aid of the council, and thus the concept of the Duskerian Script was created. Bills, or notes, of a material the young government was well versed in the creation and use of called Graphene.


The Duskerian Script, or DS, has a value purely based on resources of value. Precious metals, gems, and rare elements. The amount of currency in circulation will not, and can not exceed the pool of such resources available. Each note, is valued in accordance with the exact amount of resources the denoted value on the bill is worth. Pick up a 100 DS note, and it is worth a 100 DS quantity of resources, as well as in the equivalence with the currency values placed on said quantity. Coinage which is only used and found in NDC territories is valued at lesser amounts. The highest is the same as a 1 DS note, with the least being worth a tenth of one note, and all are made of same valued resources the notes are valued from. The coins are worth their quantity of the resource used, but only with the metal type elements they were made from.

Notes are available in 1,000s, 100s, 10s, and 1s. However, coinage is also available, but only in NDC territories. They come in 1DS, .50, .25, and .10 values. It is digitally trade-able, as anything used electronically has the corresponding amounts in notes simply removed from out of circulation, and placing them in a reserve. Each bill is equipped with a serial code and microchip, both must be registered as active and in circulation to be acceptable in a transaction. To use any script for digital transactions, the amount wished to be converted must first be taken to the government's reserve depot. This is a office found in the front part of the council building, though likewise, there are ATM like machines around each city where this can be done as well.

Once more resources are added, those notes are then put back into circulation to compensate, with more notes created if the amount of resources in the treasury exceeds the amount in notes that are in circulation and none are in the mentioned reserve. Trade transactions will never use coinage, the trade amount being rounded up to the nearest whole note. However, generally this is never a concern.

Trade Partners

Currently the New Dusk Conclave uses this currency as of YE 40 with trade partners added below that deal in it.

Conversion Rates

Below here is a chart noting the equivalence of Duskerian Script, comparing the value of a 1 DS note to quantity equivalents in other currencies.

Rates: 1KS : 4DS 1DA : 2DS 1DT : 20DS 1:1

Possible Revisions

The value and system this currency is based, and managed upon, are subject to change. If issues arise with the currency system, they will be reviewed and altered as needed to ensure efficient function. Any such changes will be announced through various methods via media, public alerts, and government alerts.

OOC Notes

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