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NDC Department of Public Services

The Public Services is primarily a civilian based government entity that handles all the mundane services related to a government infrastructure. Such as sanitation, postal, tax collection, moderation of voting events, electrical, water, and civilian communication network maintenance. These are the city workers who handle all the minor facets of these government offered services, and the tasks they do to maintain them, as well as deliver said services to the civilian population.

In YE 42 it absorbed the NDC Department Of Communications, Department Of Public Education (D.O.P.E.), and NDC Department Of Medical Services (D.O.M.S.), consolidating the organizations that serve civilians under one administrative body.

Public Services
Official Abbreviation N.D.C.P.S.
Department Head Jamie Algatine
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government

Role of The Public Services

The Public Services department is responsible for managing any infrastructural needs within NDC borders. This includes things such as, but not limited to:

  • Trash collection
  • Management of providing the populace with electrical power
  • Management of providing the populace with fresh running water
  • Handling the transfer of mail, covering both intra-planet and inter-planet destinations
  • Moderation of voting events
  • Managing travel guidelines for the starport, and intercity vehicle laws

Power of the Public Services

Even as a government body, Public Services is rather insignificant in power and influence, other then maintenance of infrastructure. It is entirely a civilian managed department, and is not directly linked to the ruling government. All power is confined to a local level, however it does interact with the higher government departments in specific instances when infrastructural services are required for their operation. They may not have significant pull, but they are irreplaceable in the support and vitality they supply to the NDC as a whole.

Public Services Workers

Employees of Public Services are not just limited to city workers. Public Services also employs repairmen, electricians, plumbers, project managers, Secretaries and many other miscellaneous jobs needed to ensure that infrastructural related services are constantly maintained for the populace. However, the primary employee of the Public Services are city workers, tasked with maintaining and providing quality services to keep daily life comfortable for the people of the New Dusk Conclave.

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