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NDC Department Of Communications

The Department of Communications is the primary government body responsible for 90% of the Communication that happens within The New Dusk Conclave from civil communications, emergency calls to communications to the other governments within the Kikyo sector. The Department of Communications is the reason why civilians can talk to their loved ones in the Systems of the New Dusk Conclave.

In mid YE 42, it was absorbed by the NDC Department of Public Services.

Department Of Communication
Official Abbreviation D.O.C.
Department Head Azonius Firewalker
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government

Role of the DOC

The Department of Communications is responsible for the management of Communications within the NDC borders. This includes things such as, but not limited to:

  • Subspace communications
  • Building intercoms
  • Screen communications
  • Public announcement systems
  • Inter sector systems

As a department, the DoC is also the governmental body that the various unions reports any communications breakdown and they work with the Department of Engineering to fix any damaged communications tech, or send replacements.

Power of DOC

As a government body, the power that the DoC holds is primarily over communications. This means their power is limited when it comes to anything else. If a party is suffering from Emotional abuse, the DoC can place the abusing party on a total communications ban until they find the error of their ways thanks to law enforcement.

While the DoC doesn’t actively listen in on conversations, they can detect if things are getting heated, and if a party threatens to murder another, the Authorities will be messaged so that they can take care of it.

DOC employees

The Employees of the DoC are not just people who sit behind specialized operating tables, They also have the aid of the Department of Engineering, for any tech repair work, and they like the other Departments also employs bookkeepers, accountants, project managers, Secretaries and many other miscellaneous jobs needed to ensure that the department stays afloat.

The primary employees are those who can speak different languages, and they can communicate in other ways. They understand military jargon and sign language.

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