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NSS Highlander

The NSS Highlander is a Highlander-class Long Range Attack Gunship of the Nepleslian Star Navy. An experimental ship without much support, the Highlander and its crew of misfits operates alone to undertake special operations. The ship is named in a roundabout way after the highland dwelling people of Hanya, the Hanyadi. Its Game MAsters are Firebrand and paladinrpg.

NSS Highlander
No Logos here yet
Forum Link I wish we had a forum
Type Play-by-Post with combat Joint Posting
Faction Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Game Masters Firebrand, paladinrpg
Pacing adjustable, ideally one post per week
Number of Players ???
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements contact Firebrand
Starting Date ???, 2019

NSS Highlander in Roleplay

The Highlander is an action packed plot that dives into combat, exploration, nail biting cat and mouse games, the social elements of the crew, and diplomacy. It is hoped that players will be over 18, due to the violent nature of the plot, being in and of itself about a ship at war.

Recent Information

  • Location: System P1-10 "Dejection" System
  • Current Mission: Prologue
  • The Captain, Executive Officer, and 'patron' of the Highlander gather a crew for the ship.

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NSS Highlander


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