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3rd Assault Fleet

The Nepleslian Star Navy's Third Fleet, also called the Third Assault Fleet, is currently in a transitional phase.


The NSN Third Fleet was formed in YE 30. It was commanded by Grand Admiral Charlie Coast until YE 36 except for a short stint in YE 34 when it was commanded by Grand Admiral Don John. In YE 36, Coast was elected to the dual position of Sky Marshal and Premier and resigned his Navy commission.1). He was replaced by former United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces Grande Peacekeeper (and UCS Akuro III captain) Motoyoshi Saito, who commanded the fleet until YE 41 when Gustav Glover became its commander.

Fleet Composition

The fleet is currently in a reset phase where its ships, numbering about 1,000, have been temporarily decommissioned for service or replacement and a new set of ships from the factories or refit yards will take their place soon.

Notable units

OOC Notes

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