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Nepleslian Ethnic Groups

There are various ethnic groups that can be found in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, which are a culturally diverse group of people. For more information on what a Nepleslian is, click here.

For information on how to create a Nepleslian character, click here.

List of Ethnic Groups

Baseline Nepleslian

See Nepleslian.

Baseline Nepleslians make up the majority of those in Nepleslian territory and are capable, confidant, and more than willing to stand up for themselves at all times. Because of this, fighting and hostility amongst Nepleslians is common and they often use their brute strength and abilities to their advantage against others. They are generally xenophobic, not liking outside cultures, and are hostile toward those unlike them.

List of Baseline Nepleslian Characters


See Kuzynetski.

The Kuznyetski are a Nepleslian cultural group. Their numbers are few, as a majority of their children fully integrate with regular Nepleslian culture in every generation. Due to their eternally small population as well as other cultural concerns, they tend to occupy large urban areas so that their close-knit groups have access to supplies they cannot produce from within. They live traditionally in commune-like communities and many people can serve as a parent to a child. Children tend to make their own guns and weaponry and have their own personal weapons along with standard issue weaponry as adults.

List of Kuzynetski Characters


See Jiyuuian.

The identity of Jiyuuian is one that is based around the people of the United Outer Colonies, which broke away from Yamatai but were wiped out in YE 33. They were relocated to Nepleslia and, because of this, they are generally grateful to Nepleslia for being there for them when they needed it most. Some joined the Nepleslian military and some others less than trusting of them. They produce new goods, support trade, and are viewed as Nepleslian but still have their own unique identity.

List of Jiyuuian Characters


See Lianjia

Proud and honorable the Lianjian people are distinct due to their language that shares the same writing system as the Yamatain people, hinting at an ancient exchange or link. They form tight-knit communities and prefer to limit their interaction with their fellow Nepleslians.


See Hanyadi

Inhabiting the Nepleslian continent of Hanya, the Hanyadi have a deep and rich mercantile culture. Oft with darker skin and broader than most Nepleslians the Hanyan people claim to have descended from the amazons of old. They are proud but humble, stubborn but loyal, always able and willing the Hanyadi are a people with one of the deepest cultures of the Nepleslian peoples.

Freespacers in Nepleslian Territory

See Freespacers.

The Freespacers in Nepleslian territory like to stay in ramshackle, dilapidated, old, broken-down ships. Many collect obsolete and obscure media and information as a form of hobby. They share the average Nepleslian's love of action shows, fast cars, and explosives and enjoy the thrills that many others in Nepleslian territory do, as well. They can be typecast as a bit unpredictable. For instance, those that have jobs are often seen being lazy and doing not much of anything. Drink and drugs of the Freespacers are highly potent, making them even more unpredictable. They also avoid cops like the plague as they wouldn't survive in jail— they're too susceptible to bacterial infections to survive in jail.

List of Freespacers in Nepleslian Territory


See Mutants

Cultural outcasts but still a part of everyday Nepleslian society. Mutants are Nepleslians whose DNA has become unstable enough to allow animalistic or alien traits to mutate their body. Found in the under hives, sewers, deep within the bowels of large ships and space stations, and in places even the most downtrodden Nepleslian would rarely find themselves Mutants are just like Nepleslians of any culture but physically and sometimes mentally different. Mutants have a very familial culture with other mutants and have a greater InterNep presence and familiarity than most other Nepleslians making them oft more tech-savvy than most.

ID-SOL Purists


The IDeal SOLdiers or ID-SOLs were the first super soldiers to grace the Kikyo Sector and were mass produced by the government. They are proud of their linage and their service to the Nepleslian Star Military with most pure ID-SOLs still seeing active duty. Their children, the half ID-SOLs are also highly respected for the genes of their fathers and grandfathers, all of which are male due to the Super-Y Chromosome. They are hyper aware of whatever is testosterone-fueled for that reason.

List of ID-SOL Characters

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