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ISC Phoenix NPCs

Most of the significant NPCs of the ISC Phoenix are listed here. This is a work in progress.

Crew Members

More detail of the non-player characters of the ISC Phoenix. (Drawn by the wonderful FoxTrot)

John Morris

“Do you think I spent all that time in the shuttle wanking or playing with that paddleball? I went out and got equipped. I had to spend my money on something other than porn, y'know.”

Appearance: John has very, very messy, curly brown hair with a goatee. He takes no effort to tame his wild hair. His eyes are a shade of turquoise and his skin is a bit pale. He is usually seen wearing dull colours, navy pants, a burgundy jumper over a tan shirt with a black pair of boots and a pair of sunglasses.

Information: The Pilot of the ISC Phoenix. A professional pilot and repairman, can fix any problem related to shuttles or starships. He is notable for wearing sunglasses, no matter what the weather is. He is yet to explain why to the crew. He has recently decided to join the crew on missions, instead of waiting in the shuttle.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Considerate of Situations.
  • Has Common Sense.
  • If it flies, he can repair it in time.
  • If it is repaired, he can fly it.
  • Is a pervert, and owned a massive porn stash but spaced it to turn over a new leaf.
  • Has an eye condition, requiring sunglasses.

More information can be read on his bio.

Melissa Jones

“Construction -” She said as she brandished her crowbar, then swapped it for the massive GP-1 over her shoulder, pointing it to a vultre perched on the fence on the other end of the yard and turning it into a cloud of red mist and feathers with a loud BLAM!! “And long distance combat.”

Appearance: She is roughly 5“9', has black, long hair tied in a ponytail and a fair complexion with blue eyes and a small nose to compliment the look. However, seeing her eyes was a challenge for she was wearing a pair of blue tinted goggles, and a nice pair of C's. She was wearing a brown leather jacket over a white tank top and khakis with a pair of ankle-length leather boots. A messenger's bag could be seen slung over her right shoulder and a rifle of sorts and a .45 in a holster.

Information: The Phoenix team's spotter and sniper. A Delsaurian woman with a very heavy accent. Her rifle is a modified Styrling Longbolt with a large scope, made to function like a giant revolver, and neon dark blue lines running down the barrel.

She also wears a black baseball cap with the Phoenix pentagon logo to keep her eyes out of the sun.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Can assist with construction.
  • Versed in long-range combat.
  • Owns a Rifle-Revolver-Railgun Hybrid thing, takes 7.62mm ammo.
  • Refers to every other person as “Wanker!”
  • Used to be a Big Game Hunter on Delsauria.
  • Ran away from home when she was a kid.

Allison Kelly

“It can't take any more!”

Appearance: A red-haired Yamataian girl with freckles and green eyes. She wears her hair ruffled and with a ponytail. Her Yamataian body belies her Nepleslian heritage and mannerisms, being coarse and abrasive but still excellent in her field.

She keeps the lower half of her orange-panelled Yamataian uniform worn, and keeps it up at the belt by suspenders over a white tank top. She keeps a datapad on a bracket on the back suspenders. She also keeps a well stocked toolbelt on, particularly a large monkey wrench with a red stain on the business end; and fights with a taped up, battered Paragon IAW she found in a surplus cache.

Information: A former Itto-Hei in the Yamataian Star Army, but she dropped out in favour of joining the crew on their adventures, saying that they “Seem cool enough.” She appears to be able to hold her own in a fight, and knows her way around Yamataian weapon, armour, robot and ship designs.

Noteworthy Traits

  • A ship technician.
  • Prefers to be in space rather than on land.
  • A definite Ladette. (A teenage girl with teenage guy's drinking/partying/eating/sleeping habits)
  • Also does some of the ship's cybernetics work, including Zeta's Piston Fist.
  • Best friends with Echelon.


“Here I am.”

Appearance: It appears to be a large, feminine humanoid robot at least eight feet tall and weighing a tonne, with a large spherical area in the hips/belly area. Its right shoulder had a "Finagle's Revenge" Recoilless Rifle protruding from it, with wires and connections to load and fire it properly. Its hands had two fingers and an opposable thumb-claw. It also had a compliment of thrusters around its body, allowing it to move around in zero gravity environs, or climb short distances.

A single, glowing red eye on the head provided sight, but the effect was very unnerving. For some reason, a rainbow pattern scarf was draped around it's neck, along with childish scribbles and glyphs of Freespacer 'heraldry'.

Currently, she currently inhabits a suit of powered armour as a body. The helmet has been replaced by a cyclopean red eye that has holographic capabilities usually displaying a picture of an emoticon depending on her mood. ( :) D: >:I O_O ZOMG <3 ect.), and the big Fingale's Revenge rifle she keeps on her back. She recently was given a sense of touch in this artificial body (long story), and enjoys it immensely.

Information: Originally a civilian Freespacer killed during the Genocide at the Great Lighthouse, she took up arms as a mercenary with nowhere else to go. She caught a ride with the ISC Phoenix by hijacking their computer systems as they flew by. Not faltered by the attack, Luca talked her out of it, and she retreated to a suit of armour. She used that suit as her main means of having a 'body'. She eventually got one during the conclusion of Mission 7, and she knows how to hop from uninhabited armour to uninhabited armour.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Freespacer Refugee from the Great Lighthouse.
  • May or may not be a Sniper.
  • An excellent hacker.
  • Lives in a suit of armour that has a sense of touch.
  • Best friends with Allison.


Characters who, although don't follow the Phoenix on their adventures, still provide some sort of benefit time to time.

Anonymous Man

“Good morning, you have reached the Anonymous Man, How may I be of assistance?”

Appearance: Currently unknown.

Information: A ringleader of unknown description, his many fingers have been placed in almost each slice of pie the galaxy has to offer. He assisted Luca with giving him his first couple of missions, paying generously to him and the crew.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Identity is almost completely unknown, as are his origins.
  • Sounds British.


“How come the builders are dressed as maids and all female?” - Luca Pavone on Nina's Fleet of Builder-Maids

Appearance: She was about 5'7”, long blonde hair, black eyes with a B cup. Her face was weathered with years of construction behind her belt and a lack of skincare. She was wearing what looked like some serious construction kit. Overalls, a Hard Hat with am <N> symbol on it, Tough boots, Gloves and a massive monkey wrench clasped to her right hand.

Information: An old friend of Sebastian who owes him a favour. That favour was made manifest by bringing in her construction team to overhaul the old Base to make it much more liveable. She's also set to handle future expansions - but they're for a price.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Structural Construction Expert. Has plans for just about anything you can name. Expansions, Contractions, Demolitions - you name it.
  • Has an army of scantily clad Builders dressed as MAIDS. There are 20 total, 16 of them are female… the others… well, guess!
  • A very old friend of Sebastian's.

The Merchant

“May I expand your armoury - for a price?”

Appearance: Lorath, short to somewhat shaggy white hair with green highlights. His eyes are a gold colour and his skin was pale white. He had a bit of a grin on his face, an overloaded belt and a large range pack, bulging with enough weapons to start a small war.

Information: A wandering mercenary with no sense of direction, he is willing to part with his veritable armoury on his back - for a couple hundred/thousand KS or so. He was last seen on Delsauria…

Noteworthy Traits

  • No sense of direction.
  • A Shrewd bargainer and barterer.
  • Sells Civilian and Military Lorath Weaponry.
  • Recently got Married.


“Nyet. I am not his 'girl'.”

Appearance: A slavic woman in a black overcoat with red trimmings. The collar of the overcoat stuck up and covered the lower half of her face, leaving Luca to see a small nose, piercing reddish-black eyes and neatly groomed black hair.

Information: The Phoenix's contact for the IPG and IPG related needs. She speaks with a thick Slavic tongue, and is disinterested in what the crew does after she gives them orders. As long as they don't slip up, she's content with their activities.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Occasionally speaks Russian.
  • Grounded in Reality.
  • The crew's Liason for the IPG


“Mr. Pavone's crew sent us both the flight paths for each missile, so we were able to stop them all in mid flight and contain the virulent substances for analysis, and in time, create a cure in case an infection does break out.”

Appearance: She is an obvious Neko, in black-plated uniform, black hair and blue eyes. Very nondescript.

Information: Luca's contact for SAINT and other Yamataian related needs. She's extremely nondescript and plain in personality, going as far as to say that in a one-person lineup, you wouldn't be able to pick her.

Noteworthy Traits

  • The crew's Liason for SAINT


Aware of Luca's presence and the ISC Phoenix, but staying out of their way for their own safety.


“…Foreign matter determined to be…” His [Luca's] hand had closed in on something soft and warm. He pulled it out, “…A, uh…” He was having trouble comprehending it, “…duck billed thing with webby feet, thick brown hair/feather things and a venomous stinger underneath both the front fins. Weighs about 3 pounds and is 51 centimetres long.”

Appearance: See above.

Information: A platypus, and the team pet. Luca discovered it during Mission 1. Jim takes care of it.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Cute, and cuddly.
  • Has a poisonous stinger.
  • Is fed and sheltered by Jim.

Sebastian Pavone

“Yeah - [like] children armed to the teeth and not afraid to use it.” (Referring to the Crew)

Appearance: Brown eyes, black hair going white, big nose, went bald young due to a motorcycle accident 'back in his day'. Has a closely clipped beard and an office filled with various things at home. Usually seen in a brown longcoat, armoured vest, blue shirt, jeans and boots.

Information: Back in his prime he was a mercenary adventurer, similar to Luca. Now, he's retired, and gives the boy and his crew advice - and in some cases - a helping hand.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Will teach you something if you ask him.
  • Has a 6“ .44 Magnum. (OOC: Think of a Ruger Blackhawk)
  • Originally the leader of the HUNTER Unit and DIoN Veteran.
  • Cybernetic Right Arm. (Very strong)

Anna Pavone

“You better get some rest. No more of these 'missions' for a few days!”

Appearance: Lighter brown eyes, neck length brown, thin hair, smaller nose. Wears mainly nondescript civilian clothing and jewellery.

Information: Before assisting her son with his endeavour, she owned and managed a retail shop. Before she assisted her husband, she was looking out for him as a doctor.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Does domestic duties at the Base.
  • Very concerned for her son.
  • Will help with medical tasks.


Nobody really knows which side of the fence these characters walk on.

Power Armour Ninja ("Lone Wolf")

“Well how 'bout that… A guardian angel with a katana…” - Luca Pavone on the Power Armour Ninja.

Appearance: Appears to be a person in a sleek, navy-blue suit of land-based powered armour of Yamataian design, and a vibroblade katana was in his other hand. The armour's face was made up of 6 red eyes, effectively giving whoever was inside 180 degree vision.

Information: Currently unknown, but is implied to be affiliated to SAINT.

Noteworthy Traits

  • The Vibroblade Katana will cut you into a 12 piece puzzle.
  • Highly lithe and athletic.
  • Has Echolocation abilities.
  • Can turn invisible.
  • Referred to as “Lone Wolf”


“I am not at liberty to discuss that, Mr. Pavone. All I can tell you is that you and your crew are up against a much greater threat.”

Appearance: Yuki is an old, and scarred Nekovalkyrja - physically, mentally, and in the very soul of being. Her body was lithe, and athletic as most Nekovalkyrja were, but she seemed more motherly, with wide hips and B-cupped breasts. All of this was outlined with her black bodysuit, and broken up by long bangs of curly blonde hair. She had a veritable amount of weapons and ammo hanging from her, including a pair of HHG's, a M'Cel grenade launcher with some powerful grenades, including antimatter yield, and a Katana over her back.

Information: Her motivations or motives are rather unclear at best, and completely inscrutable at worst. She seems to be looking after Luca and company, but to what end?

Noteworthy Traits

  • May be Power Armour Ninja's backer.
  • Was involved with Sebastian.

Taro Sakamoto

“Oh, $%&@, it's the kid I flung onto the Goban!”

Appearance: Somewhat overweight for a Yamataian, wears glasses, has a greying combover and porous skin, and sweats constantly in stress of anything. Usually wears an ill-fitting business suit, white shirt and a tacky tie.

Information: He was once a captain of a big ship on the YSE, but retired to be the boss of a small time delivery company. Originally booted Luca out of his old job as a Delivery boy and got him onto the YSS Goban against his will. Recently got back into the job at SAINT as the man assigned to watch him.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Incompetent and bumbling.
  • “Unintentional” Pervert.
  • Reminisces with himself about “The old days”.

Alissa Dierdra Ames

“I want my shuttle back, you know.” -Commenting on Vincent's shuttle, The Junker

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, usually tied back in a messy ponytail. 140 pounds, 5'10”, semi-pale skin, freckled face. Usually seen wearing a Red Army uniform.

Information: Introduced midway through Mission 5, Alissa was revealed to be one of Vincent's former cohorts from the Red Army and the former owner of the Junker. The two appear to share a friendly rivalry. After Hitori was freed from Michael's clutches, Alissa nearly shot Vincent in the head before announcing her discharge from the Red Army and dropping an all-access passkey at his feet. Current location is unknown.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Morally ambiguous.
  • Doesn't trust easily.
  • Out to get Vincent's shuttle- preferably without killing anyone.

Roshana "Rosh" Funaka

“I'm looking for this man, Mr. Pavone. I know you've been with him.”

Appearance: Slicked-back blonde hair and slate-gray eyes. 196, 6' tall. Commonly seen in brown and black fatigues with no obvious markings. Obviously battle hardened by nature, although perfectly clean by appearance.

Information: Formerly a veteran of the Yamataian military, Rosh moved to Drift during its construction to “get away from it all”. He succeeded, until Vincienzo Bortelli arrived on drift. Once he met the the vagabond, it wasn't very long before he was dragged into one of Enzo's scheming plots. By the time he realized what fate had befallen him, it was too late. Enzo left Drift all of his money and his favored possesion, an old airbike which he had spent his entire life saving up to modify. Upon the arrival of the ISC Phoenix on Drift, he spotted his former nemisis and decided to introduce him to his new line of work: bounty hunting.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Very eloquent.
  • Honesty is a policiy.
  • Fond of the color yellow on hats and vehicles.

Danny Hanley-Lewis

“Yes! Yes! Just don't break my legs!”

Appearance: Mid twenties, divorced and just looking for a job. He has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, a somewhat childlike face over a dishevelled reds uniform. He looked like he didn't want to be here.

Information: A guard from the Reds that Luca spared when he attacked Cain's fortress. A hero at heart, but just very hesitant and naive. If you talk to him long enough, you could convince him that he's colour-blind.

More information about Danny can be read here.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Almost completely hapless.
  • Helpful, and mindful of self.
  • Very, very naive and socially clumsy.


The antagonists, hinderers, bothers and bruises of the universe and pose a threat to Luca, his movie schedule, his crew and the rest of the universe.

Dr. Mortstein

“Coming to take me in, are you?!”

Appearance: A raggedy old doctor, pallid, bald and beyond his years. Weared a pallid,

Information: A man with a murderous streak against women, he used to intentionally botch operations on women, causing the deaths of over 50 Nepleslians, and possibly more. He was the first enemy to be encountered by the Phoenix.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Could dislocate his arms at will.
  • Had a Vibro-Blade wide shortsword made of Steel.
  • Is dead!

Vitriol (Mr. Simmons)

…his body begun turning jet black, the bones in his hands were elongated, ripped through his fingertips and turned into claws and his teeth into vicious fangs, his eyes glazed over to an off-white colour and seemed to get bigger, widening across his face, his muscles bulged through his suit and tore the whole thing off, and his originally wiry figure now resembled a 12 foot tall, genderless monolith of bone, flesh, blood and fear.

Appearance: See above!

Information: A big, deadly killing machine, originally the androgynous CEO of Halogli.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Quasi-Gelatinous.
  • Can create claws as hard as durandium.
  • Very hard to kill with small arms - and will keep returning.
  • Somewhat intelligent, but still very dangerous.

Michael Kreisen

“Are you scared of death?”

Appearance: This man has deep-set, azure eyes. He has short, blonde-almost-white hair that is styled in a way reminicent of a wheat field. His physique is rather lean, due to being a Geshrin at one point in his life. He seems to have an air of charisma and friendliness about him.

Information: Don't let his looks fool you. He's an old enemy of Hitori, intent to hunt her down and cut her to ribbons along with the rest of the crew.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Aloof and Charming.
  • Versed in Knifeplay.
  • Fights Dirty.
  • Was killed by Power Armour Ninja.


“His bloodline denied me of my destiny and for that they shall pay…”

Appearance: A hunched, crimson cloaked figure whose face was concealed by a grotesque, skeletally designed, horned metal mask. His eyes burnt red into the camera. His voice was grating and raspy.

Information: The leader of the Crimson Organisation, a scientific splinter off of the Reds' sinister projects. He intends to plunge the free worlds into chaos with a virus that'll turn people into something similar to Vitriol.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Skeletal, and very terrifying to look at.
  • Obsessed with destroying the Pavone Bloodline.
  • Once affiliated with Sebastian - but dishonourably discharged.


“You're my big teddy bear…”

Appearance: 5“4', petite, and with such big, blue eyes, long blonde hair tied back with a pink bow that it makes you wanna hug her forever. Usually seen wearing pink and white dresses and looking all innocent and cute.

Information: Her appearance makes you want to feel sorry for her - but if you do, you've already lost the battle. She'll dominate you and tear you down. She's crazy in love with you, literally.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Yandere. (Love makes you go crazy!)
  • Sadomasochistic Nymphomaniac.
  • Luca screwed her before she went crazy.

Saeko Marujou

“Only idiots like you would attempt to tackle something this big when we have it under control.” - “It was folly for me to resist, and it shall be for you and your poor followers on, too.”

Appearance: Her figure came into view more clearly, showing she was wearing a Mindy Armour. Half of it had gone missing, completely ruined. Her right arm was regenerating steadily. Her face could be seen clearly: Her neat white/blue ponytail had been torn up and transformed into a sick parody. Her eyes, which were a green colour had become bloodshot. Her angular facial features were marred by many lacerations and sores that refused to heal.

Information: The former captain of a small unit of Power Armours in the Tami system. She wasn't too pleased at Luca's presence, interrupting her duties, the captain even referring to her as “She-Bitch”. However, once the Mishhu came to invade Tami while Luca was leaving, she lead her unit to battle and got completely wiped out. She was captured by the Mishhu, and presumably brainwashed.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Icy cold demeanour.
  • Thought of the crew as folly idiots.
  • Had her head blown off, messily.


Just in case I need to add another NPC.


Defining Quote.

Appearance: Here.

Information: There.

Noteworthy Traits

  • Everywhere.

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