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YSS Goban

The Goban, as its name suggests, was the fifth ship in the Third Expeditionary Fleet's new logistics group. The Goban also had the honor of being the fifth Odori-class Medium Freighter ever constructed.

Date entered service: YE 29

The YSS Adauchi

During Episode 2 - Human After All, while the crewmembers were recovering from their previous ordeal, they were given a Ketsueki-class Stealth Attack Frigate by Chusa Shimada Chisato to chase after the stolen Goban.

Caught by the Mishhu

While attempting to recover the YSS Goban with the aid of the YSS Adauchi, The crew were ambushed by two SMX Ghullfrashirv-class Destroyers. The Goban and Adauchi were severely outgunned and later captured aboard ALPHA-01. During the capture, ALPHA-01 accidentally destroyed its sister ship, ALPHA-02 with a misfired torpedo.

Goban was irreparably damaged.

Former Crewmembers

Shoi Ozaki Kyosuke

  • Captain of the YSS Goban
  • Player: Jake, YIM: doshii_jun

Heicho Nicholas Saiga

  • Communications Officer
  • Player: Nick, YIM: daidoji_kakashi

Jôtô Hei Lucas Hanley

  • Technical Sentry
  • Player: Omega, YIM: omega_fool

Nitô Hei Galar Vanatosk

  • Technical Sentry
  • Player: Tyler, YIM: zephyrite_light

Nitô Hei Luca Pavone

  • Technical Sentry
  • Player: Luca, YIM: luca_s_pavone

Nitô Hei Jason Travkai

  • Technician, Specialises in propulsion and power armor systems
  • Player: Anthony, YIM: uglyducklin1450

Santô Hei Ma'at Bolverk

  • Medic's Assistant
  • Player: Jasmine, YIM: sweetfairyjazz

Santô Hei Roken Techard

  • Technical Sentry
  • Player: Blackdragon, YIM: ???

Santô Hei Suken_itaranai

  • Currently Unknown
  • Player: Jack Greyfox, YIM: ???

OOC Ending

Doshii Jun said he was overwhelmed by the plot and his inability to pace it correctly. He wanted to satisfy his players, and after discussing options with some of them, he decided to close the Goban plotship.

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