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Ketsueki-class Escort

Ketsurui Fleet Yards' Ke-F7-2c Ketsueki-Class Stealth Attack Corvette

Top View

Background and History

The Ketsueki-Class corvette was developed by Star Army Taisho Ketsurui Yui and Ketsurui Fleet Yards in December YE 22, using recent advances in technology. It was intended to replace and/or supplement the older Fuushigi no Umi-Class corvettes. Like the Fuushigi no Umi, the ship is a modular design with the capability to support extensions on the top and bottom of the ship to increase and customize its attributes.

The Ki-F7-2b's long-anticipated arrival came in YE 24, delivering an all-new suite of power system and propulsion parts. In early YE 25, all Ketsueki corvettes were upgraded to Ki-F7-2c, which added the CIES system. The Ketsueki corvettes' AvaNet Type F2 TTD systems were removed in YE 29.

Statistical Data

Government: Yamatai Star Empire Ship Type: Long-Range Stealth Attack Corvette Class: “Ketsueki” Class Ki-F7-2b (15 July YE 24) Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Tabidatsu

Crew: 10 total Command Staff

  • Command Support Staff
  • Ship Crew
  • Support Staff

1 Captain

  • 1 Pilot/Navigator

1 Communications Officer 1 Defensive Systems Officer

  • 6 Technical Sentries
  • None
  • Length: 82 feet (25 meters)
  • Width: 57 feet (17.4 meters)
  • Height: 15 feet (4.6 meters)
  • Mass: 62 tons (56,245 kg)

Propulsion and Speed Data

System Quantity Manufacturer Type Model
Main Power System 1 Avanet Hyperspace Drive s24f1
Auxiliary Power System 2 KFY-Tabidatsu Aetheric Energy Generators KiP-d2401zp
Emergency Power 1 KFY-Tabidatsu Supersolenoid Reactor KiP-d2402ss
Continuum Distortion Drive 2 SARA Elliptical Continuum Distortion Drive QW-4
Sublight Engines 2 KFY-Tabidatsu Spatial Displacement Drive KiE-d2403sdd
Auxiliary Sublight Engines 2 KFY-Tabidatsu Ion/Graviton Engines KiE-d2404i/g
Maneuvering Thrusters 8 KFY-Tabidatsu Thruster Clusters KiMT-d2405mt
Anti-Gravity System 1 KFY-Tabidatsu Inertial Redirection System KiFRS-d2406ag
Anti-Gravity System, Internal 1 KFY-Tabidatsu Force Stabilizer KiFRS-d2407ag(i)

New Standard Speeds

Cat Starship Type Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
3 Scouts and Fast Escorts .375c (~112,422 kilometers per second) 19,723.5c (2.25 ly/h) 447,066c (0.85 ly/m)

Planet-Bound: Mach 20 in atmosphere (with shields). Also, the ship has landing gear. Maximum Range: Only limited by vessel lifespan and supply Lifespan: The vessel is rated at 20+ years, not including upgrades

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 10
  • Shields: 10 (Threshold 1)

Weapons Data

KFY Type 22 Torpedo Tubes (2): The only fixed weapons systems of the Ketsueki are two forward torpedo tubes. The railgun-like tubes are automatically loaded, unlike those of early Star Army ships, and fire 21“ shield-penetrating high-yield torpedoes using aetheric energy manifestation.

Primary Purpose: Anti-starship Secondary Purpose: Assault Damage: Extremely Heavy. Range: Depends on the torpedo used. Warheads: Transphasic Aether. Rate of Fire: Three-torpedo burst every second. Payload 36 torpedoes each for a total of 72.

KFY Ke-PDV-5 Variable Weapons Pods (33): The ship has 5 top and 6 bottom launchers in the hull that can form discoid custom weapons pods to fight specific enemies. The weapons take about two minutes to form

See: Star Army Weapons Pods

Systems Data

ADN Device: The ADN is a form of psionic protection, capable of nullifying all such activity.

Armor: The key substances that make up the hull armor of the ship are Zesuaium and Xiulurium. Zesuaium is a substance which does not conduct any form of electromagnetic radiation, including heat and electricity. It neither bends nor breaks, but will remain in a solid piece. The fabrication of Zesuaium takes place on aboard KFY factory starships, where one substance is molded in the shape desired, and then is transmuted into the eternally-fixed Zesuaium form. Xiulurium is used mainly for its stealth properties, which have a strong dampening effect on scalar and quintessential wave sensors.

Each plate of the armor is dotted with millions of tiny connection points to allow additional armor and paint to be added. The frame of the ship is made of interlocking bars and joints made of Zesuaium-coated Titanium Boron Carbide, and the armor plates consist of Zesuaium-coated Xiulurium. By using only thin layers of Zesuaium armor to fortify lightweight metal ceramics, weight is kept low. Windows are made out of a special transparent Zesuaium which does not block visible light. Zesuaium's main vulnerability is to antimatter weapons.

In addition to their Zesuaium-reinforced hull plating, Ketsueki Attack Corvettes have the ability to deploy 20cm of heavy armor over the entire hull of the ship, including areas normally exposed such as the CDD, thrusters, and sensors. When the armor takes damage, it flakes away in a controlled manner (ablation), absorbing the destructive force. The armor can then be repaired using hemosynthesis, making the armor self-regenerative. A combined Photonic/Gravitonic field further protects the armor.

Cloaking Devices: The ship is equipped with an advanced cloaking device, which renders it invisible to scalar radar, aetheric-energy sensors, subspace mass detectors, other forms of detection.

Continuum Distortion Drive: An experimental technology undergoing testing, it propels the ship at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. The Ketsueki class corvette carries this newly discovered method of propulsion in hopes of avoiding some of the strange side effects known to occur from TTD use.

Escape Pods: Two KiS-2408es Escape Pod escape pods, each able to hold up to four people, are located onboard, near the engines.

Kessaku Electronics Corporation Compact Integrated Electronics System: See: Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES)

Lift: The lift provides quick access from the main deck to the subdeck. The lift can also be used to travel to other ships when vessels link together (most Star Army ships have standard gauges of lift systems, allowing lift cars to move from ship to ship).

Shield Systems: The Ketsueki has an excellent combined defense shielding system, relying on an teardrop-shaped combined spatial and electrogravitational distortion field network to warp space around it and alter the course of lasers, missiles, etc. that are headed for the ship using both dimensional warping and scalar EM interferometry.

The first and primary shield system is the elliptical dimensional distortion. This system folds space using electrogravitational fields, wrapping it around the ship, to render the craft in its own bubble. Objects inside the bubble are protected from both conventional and scalar weaponry, because the projectiles or beams pass through the curved space and around the ship. The EDD can protect against up to 0.95 YottaWatts worth of damage (950,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules a second) per five-foot area in either kinetic or energy form.

A second system, officially the FDS (forward deflector shield), but more often called “the spike,” only protects the front of the ship, acting as a giant cone. It protects the ship from collisions during high-speed space flight. The spike adds to the already deadly blade nature of the ship and can be used to facilitate ramming other vessels. As the ship's primary defense against high-speed impacts such as meteors in space, and debris from destroyed starships, the spike is extremely powerful. For this reason, when possible, the ship combines the spike with the EDD shield, providing enough protection to withstand heavy particle cannons and the like.

A third system, the GDF (ground defense field) protects the ship in the atmosphere, using the KiFRS-d2406ag Distributed Hull Inertial Redirection System's field to shield the craft from projectile weapons and rain and the like. Everything that comes in contact with the GDF is forced along the shield downward, until it is on the ground. The GDF performs poorly, but notably, against energy attacks.

Temporal-Spatial Distortion System: Using its shield systems, the ship generates its own time-space distortion field. This field serves many purposes, mainly keeping the ship safe from spatiogravitational and temporal attacks. It operates as a time/space anchor. The DR device (dimensional retriever) is also built into this system.

OOC Notes

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
First UsedYE 22
Last ReviewYE 25
Year RetiredYE 25
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameKetsueki-class Escort
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Mass (kg)56,245 kg

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