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Star Army Awards & Medals

Given out to brave soldiers, daring crews and triumphant captains of the Star Army of Yamatai, these medals and ribbons are awarded to those who deserve them and prove themselves worthy in military service to the Star Army and the Yamataian Empire.

Medals are optionally worn on the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 (as shown below).

Current Awards

Unit Citations

The Star Army Unit Citation is an award of the Star Army of Yamatai presented to those units that have shown exceptional valor and skill in carrying out their combat duties.

Obsolete Awards

The Star Army has discontinued some older awards. They can still be worn if a character earned them in the past, but there may be a newer equivalent available.

Nothing found

Multiple Medals

When medals are worn, and there are multiples of a certain medal, a numerical pin is worn on top of the award ribbon — “4” for four of the same medal.

Civilian Variants

OOC Notes

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