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Third Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal

The Third Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal is a military award of the Star Army of Yamatai.

3rd Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal


In YE 42, during the Kuvexian War, the Third Battle Of Nataria occurred as part of the Kuvexian Advance of YE 42. The battle pitted an almost even number of Kuvexian Military ships and Star Army ships against one another. Each side wanted to kill as many of the enemy as possible, and the Star Army was adamant that Nataria would not fall, so neither side retreated and they fought until less than 10% of each side remained. Additionally, Kuvexians managed to interfere with mental backups so that most Star Army soldiers lost in the battle could not be revived. Due to the severity and significance of this battle, Ketsurui Yui authorized as special medal for those who fought in it.

The majority of these medals were issued posthumously.


The requirements to receive this awards are:

This medal can be issued to non-Star Army of Yamatai personnel (e.g. Nepleslians) who were involved in the battle.

OOC: Participation in the Third Battle of Nataria Open RP Thread

Issuing Authority

The award is issued by:


The center area of the medal is Nataria Green after Nataria's green pine trees, and is bordered by the Star Army's Regal Blue and Periwinkle Colors, which have a crimson blood red thick stripe between them and and gold on the edges, to represent blood spilled fighting Kuvexian forces. In the center of the Nataria Green are three blood red stripes representing the Third Battle of Nataria.

3rd Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal

It is worn on the Type 35 Class A formal uniform.

Notable Recipients

Recipients by Star Army Personnel Database

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