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Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker is an NPC controlled by GM Wes who appears in the YSS Eucharis plot.

Daniel Becker
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Technician
Rank: Jôtô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis

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Character Description

Becker is a tall, muscular man with vibrant natural red hair, green design, and a handsome face with a square jaw. He is friendly, practical, reliable, and honest, but emotionally sensitive. Becker is the type of man who will always be there to help, regardless of the risk or cost to himself. He's someone you can count on no matter what. He has a lot of empathy for others. He also has an eye for beauty and is attracted to other men more than he is attracted to women. Becker loves the feel of being naked and has a tendency to wear as little as possible. He likes swimming, history, and treasure hunting.

History and Relationship Notes

Becker joined the Star Army in YE 35 at the age of 21 and first arrived on the YSS Eucharis in YE 38 at the start of his second term of enlistment.

Becker was one of the few crew members left on the Eucharis when it was briefly captured by the Graxlat and Rixxikor in YE 38.

Later that year, Hanako thanked Becker for putting out a fire in the ship's power systems room that allowed the ship to use its hyperspace drive to escape destruction by Kuvexian naval forces.

Becker was promoted to Jôtô Hei in YE 40.

In 3月 YE 42, he was promoted to Nitô Heisho. Daniel attended the Hanami festival in Kyoto in YE 421).

In 4月 YE 42, Becker fought in the Third Battle Of Nataria and earned the Third Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal.

Daniel received a promotion to Ittô Heisho in 5月, YE 43. He went with the Eucharis on a POW/MIA rescue mission to Hanako's World. In YE 44, he was promoted to the highest enlisted rank, Joto Heisho.

Social Connections

  • Charlene Becker (mother)
  • Sakura Cherry: Becker's coworker with benefits on the YSS Eucharis. More of a buddy than a romantic interest (he likes guys).


Becker has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

  • Mid-size portable fan
  • SSCC-XL containing coal
  • General Service Pistol, Type 28 (received in YE 41 giveaway)
  • Pristine sex droid (NMX War, TC: 38-43, IC: 1691-9990-77)
  • Box of Various Recreational Substances (Pirating YE 34, TC: 47-52, IC: 2454-25017-94)
  • Nanomuscle Strands (Pirating Nepleslia, TC: 69-47, IC: 3300-6026-108)
  • NAM Plasma grenade (NMX War, TC: 27-79, IC: 2190-7009-103)
  • Expensive Pair of Pants (Pirating the UOC, TC: 3-12, IC: 90-3237-15)
  • 10 1-liter carton of UHT Pasteurized Milk
  • 10 Barrel of Oil, 150 lbs
  • 10 books
  • 10 Stylish Formalwear Outfit
  • 10 Fancy Outfits
  • 10 Large Cages
  • 10 Large Chests
  • 10 Large Iron Box (100 lb)
  • 10 Life Jackets
  • 10 Miner's Pick
  • 10 Noble's Outfits
  • 10 pairs of shears
  • 10 Rope Ladder, 50 foot
  • 10 Rotisserie Chickens
  • 10 sets of Manacles (2 lb)
  • 10 Spades
  • 10 Vials of Ink
  • 120 Eggs
  • 2 Cold Weather Outfits
  • 2 Telescopic rifle sight
  • 5 bottles of good wine
  • 5 Large Wooden Chest (50 lb)
  • 8 Tables, wooden
  • Amphora of Common Wine (80 lb)
  • Amphora of Vinegar (80 lb)
  • Andirons and Spit
  • Bag of Rare Spice
  • Barrel of Ale
  • Bath Towel, Cotton
  • Bed
  • Bottle of Olive Oil (4 lb)
  • Bow Saw
  • Cabinet
  • Can of Coffee beans
  • Cart, Wooden
  • Cauldron
  • Chandelier
  • Chariot
  • Common Wig
  • Computer, Laptop style
  • Computer/video game
  • Explorer's Outfit
  • Fishing net
  • Large Bag of Plant Fertilizer
  • Large burlap bag full of peanuts
  • Large wheel of delicious cheese (20lb)
  • Loom
  • Marble Altar
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Pair of Snowshoes
  • Pairs of Oars
  • Pavilion Tent (300 lbs)
  • Pitchfork (5 lb)
  • Rake
  • Riding Saddle
  • Rope Net (10' x 10') (40 lb)
  • Round Table
  • Rug
  • Signet Ring
  • Sled
  • Small Cage
  • Small Carpet
  • Massive can of baked beans
  • Small Hunting Trap
  • Spinning Wheel
  • T-Shirt, 100% Cotton
  • Tent (20 lbs)
  • Throne
  • Vial of Exotic Ink
  • Coupon for 2 free large pizzas from Kikyo Pie Company
  • Weapon racks
  • Whiskey Flask
  • Wood Axe
  • Wooden Drum
  • Workbench
  • Yamataian-type Shrine
  • 5 Huge Bags of Yamataian Rice (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 49-2, IC: 106-259-46)
  • Collection of various exotic spices and herbs (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 29-25, IC: 753-2607-51)
  • Box of Precious Gemstones (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 31-21, IC: 677-2220-49)
  • Starship-grade sensor array (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 60-12, IC: 717-1305-65)
  • Chilled nuclear-materials container containing Uranium (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 72-43, IC: 3081-4572-107)
  • Backpack Nano Assembler (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 44-86, IC: 3841-28781-125)
  • Luggage/Duffel (Mod decides what s inside) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 42-36, IC: 1569-12117-74)
  • Organic Tissue Culture Unit - Small (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 76-17, IC: 1273-5769-84)

OOC Notes

Art by Xhomer on DeviantArt; purchased (via adoptable auction) by Wes August 29, 2015. It's a full-body artwork but the rules of this wiki only allow for a cropped version!

Becker and Cherry artwork by marugo-chi on DeviantArt; commissioned by Wes.

Character created by Wes on January 27, 2016.

Character Data
Character NameDaniel Becker
Character OwnerWes
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Character's Pronounshe/him
Current LocationYSS Eucharis
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankJôtô Heisho
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentYSS Eucharis
SAOY Entry YearYE 35
DOR YearYE 44
DOR Month1

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