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Hand Cannon

Lorath โ€œHand Cannonโ€ Revolver

Producer Information

  • Designer: Lorath Warrior House R&D
  • Manufacturer: Lorath Warrior House
  • (Suggested) Price: 200 KS

Individual Component Costs

  • Grips: 20 KS
  • Barrel: 30 KS
  • Chamber: 30 KS
  • Trigger: 10 KS
  • Hammer: 10KS
  • Internal Components: 20 KS

Nomenclature Information

  • Name: Ryht Lyhhuh (Hand Cannon)
  • Type: Chemical Or Powder (dependent on the barrel)
  • Role: Close Range anti-personal
  • Length: 0.4572 meters
  • Mass: 5lbs

Discharge Information

  • Projection/ammo type: Solid Projectile
  • Firing Mechanism: When the weapon is cocked the chambers rotate and place a bullet in front of a firing pin. The firing pin on a hammer then moves forward upon release of the trigger to detonate the charge in the roundโ€™s casing. As the pressure from the explosion forces the round out the front of the weapon. Some of the gas is diverted from the barrel backwards to re-cock the weapon and chamber another round. The weapon can also be manually cocked by simply pulling back the hammer.
  • Caliber: .50 caliber (Available in other calibers if requested)
  • Effective Range 45 yards for standard charge, 100 yards for chemical, (at a .50 caliber)
  • Maximum Range: 100 yards for Standard charge, 250 for chemical. (At a .50 caliber)
  • Minimum Range: 0.
  • Muzzle Velocity: Standard: 900 ft/s, Chemical: 1,200 ft/s.
  • Muzzle Blast: The muzzle gives off a 3 inch muzzle flare, and sounds like a cannon has just been shot.
  • Firing Mode(s): Single shot fire.


Standard: requires two hands to safely fire, otherwise has a good chance of server injury to breaking the wrist. Chemical: will break an unskilled shooters wrist and put them on their ass.


Capacity: 5 Rounds Ammunition 12.7mm / .50 Caliber

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Safety: Yes, a small lever by the trigger which slides a small plate in front of the hammer to prevent misfires.
  • Fire mode selector: No selection.
  • Weapon Sight: Yes, a single small ironsight at the top of the barrel.
  • Attachment Hard points: One rail located at the top of the barrel, for a scope.

Maintenance Information:

Field Maintenance Procedure: Simply take the gun apart, and wipe it down before greasing it up.

Replaceable Parts and components: Almost all parts are interchangeable, by simply taking the gun apart. Replaceable are the Handle, Chambers, Barrel, Trigger, and Sights.

Visual Description:

YE 32 Model, upgraded frame

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