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Third Battle Of Nataria

The Third Battle of Nataria was a battle between the Star Army of Yamatai and Kuvexian Military that occurred in 4月 YE 42 in the Nataria. It was part of the Kuvexian Advance of YE 42.

RP thread: RP: [Yamatai] Third Battle of Nataria (YE 42) - OPEN RP


The space around Nataria began to flicker with the shimmering of thousands and thousands of Kuvexian starships arriving from hyperspace fold jumps at the outskirts of the Star Army's second home, the military system of Nataria. The ships immediately began to launch thousands of fighters and troop transports headed toward the planet. The scale of the attach was huge from the outset. Some 9 battle groups of nearly 3,000 starships each, totaling around 26,000 ships of various sizes, had arrived to force a decisive battle with Yamatai.

For months, Yamatai had been conserving her forces, letting the Kuvexians spread themselves out, letting them eat up their provisions and supplies, letting their logistics trains get longer, and avoiding large battles with the Kuvexians to converse their numbers of ships. The Kuvexians planned to counter this by making a crushing blow to Nataria, the obstacle that stood between them and planet Yamatai. Yamatai had anticipated this and had done what they could to quietly prepare without arousing too much notice.

Deep underground in a war information room under the massive Nataria Fleet Depot, soldiers began to put into action a plan to put the total available assets into use against the Kuvexians to inflict the maximum possible cost to Kuvexia. Taisho Yui's strategy was that by making everything Kuvexians tried most costly, they would eventually decide that this venture simply was not worth their investment and then sue for a peace treaty. So today was all about body count and ships lost. In effect, this was war of attrition.

The initial defenders of the Nataria System were the Star Army's Second Fleet, led by Admiral Fensalir Kelrina, a long-time Star Army veteran Nekovalkyrja who had been around since the Star Army's earliest days. It consisted of roughly 900 ships and was dwarfed by the size of the invasion. These were the ships the Kuvexians were here to steamroll. However, the Kuvexians didn't know that the Star Army's fleet of mothballed ships, numbering some 25,000, had secretly been crewed with skeleton crews and were ready to power up at a moment's notice. This secret fleet of ships had been dubbed “Zero Fleet.” and it essentially made the battle an even match. Even still, it was going to be a real bloodbath for both sides and Yamatai stood to lose thousands of ships and lives.

Across the Yamatai Star Empire, the call went out for any starship or soldier who was available to assist in the fight to try to make the odds a little better for the Star Army. Ships from other fleets began to trickle in and do what damage they could, and every soldier who had a power armor or starfighter to use was suiting up and getting out into the battlefield. This would be one for the history books. They could call it The Third Battle Of Nataria.

Soon after the battle began, the Zero Fleet was activated, entering the battle and over the course of it sacrificing most of its skeleton-crewed ships to protect more modern and highly crewed hulls, though still incurring high casualties of almost half a billion. Reinforcements also began to arrive from all across the sector began to flow in, with Nepleslians and Yamatai fleets arriving to turn the tide.

While Yamataian reinforcements offered more sheer firepower, Nepleslia's highly trained and seasoned fighter and bomber pilots disrupted Kuvexian fleet movements through bombing runs. While the fleet battle raged in the Nataria System, the Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion held ground valiantly against overwhelming odds. Towards the tail end of the battle, a small NDC fleet showed up, helping to pick off escaping Kuvexian vessels and assisting with mopping-up operations.


Some of the people and ships that participated in the battle include:


The Star Army created the Third Battle Of Nataria Defense Medal to honor those who fought in the battle.

Ships Destroyed

This section lists ships that were lost in the Third Battle of Nataria.

Second Fleet

Only 20 ships from Second Fleet survived the battle.

Zero Fleet

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