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Ikoi-Class Light Starbase

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About the Ikoi

The Ikoi is designed to provide non-capital ships of the Star Army of Yamatai with repairs and refurbishments, as well as a place for the crew to rest and relax without requiring a return to the shipyards of Yamatai. In particular, it is designed for those ships which operate alone.

In shape the Ikoi looks like a large metallic oval, perfectly smooth and somewhat like an enormous drop of mercury in space. Part of this is an illusion, as the entrance to the Ikoi is a ship-sized hole, which is sealed by doors, sliding armor, and shields and disguised with a volumetric display. The center of the Ikoi is a dock for a single qualified starship, which doubles as a repair-dock.

Surrounding the dock are numerous facilities for the crew to enjoy for their stay, including a small park, a swimming pool, and sports facilities.


The Ikoi appears like a giant metallic oval egg of perfect smoothness.


Given the increasing use of single ships carrying out missions outside of fleets it was thought that something was required to ensure that these ships could be repaired and maintained, as well as granting the crew a break from the monotony of space travel. As such the Ikoi was designed and brought into limited service. Ikoi stations were given a refit to the 1B late in YE 30 to improve their effectiveness.

Statistical Data


  • Organizations Using This Star Base: Star Army of Yamatai
  • Type: Repair and recreation vessel
  • Class: Ke-H3-1B
  • Designers: KFY at Yamatai
  • Manufacturer: Star Fortresses
  • Production: Limited.
  • Date entered service: YE 28

Crew and Capacity

  • Crew: Standard station crew ranges between 20 - 40.
    • This includes command staff, cooks, technicians, power armor pilots, shuttle pilots, stewards, etc.
    • Exact size depends the types of vessels the station supports.
  • Visitors: The station can accommodate up to 120 visitors, with double occupancy.
  • Maximum Capacity: There are 80 staterooms providing accommodations for 160.


  • Length: 400 meters
  • Width: 300 meters
  • Height: 250 meters
  • Decks: 6 (4 meters each)

Propulsion and Range

Category 5 FTL sub-light speeds. See: Star Army of Yamatai Starship Speeds.

  • Speed (Aerial): Mach 3 in atmosphere (With shields). The ship has full landing capabilities with three huge legs.
  • Speed (Water): Up to 20 knots underwater. The Ikoi can float on the surface with its anti-gravity systems.
  • Range: Limited only by the lifespan of the vessel. Life-support can support the crew for as long as the ship functions.
  • Lifespan: The Ikoi is designed to be completely self sustainable, creating matter it needs and using PANTHEON to repair itself. Its lifespan can only be measured in centuries.
  • Refit Cycle: Frequent minor modifications while in service through the PANTHEON automatic upgrade system.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 30 (Medium)
  • Shields: 30 (Threshold 3)

Inside the Ikoi


The Bridge of the ship in dock serves as the Ikoi’s bridge as the systems are integrated during its stay. In most circumstances a bridge is not needed; in emergencies volumetric consoles can be created.

Captain's Suite

The captain’s suite on the Ikoi is much like that of the Sakura’s although in a different position and with some notable differences. The cabin has a thick, dark blue, carpet and is dimly lit by light drones, effectively a fist sized drone which floats using a small gravitic drive and which looks for all the world like a ball of light. These drones float slowly around the room but can be ordered to remain stationary or to move to a certain location. The room is dominated by an enormous very comfortable mahogany four-poster bed with a super-king mattress and dark blue silk sheets. Next to this is an ornately carved wooden dresser and next to this is a bookshelf with carved figures all over its surface as well as a wide selection of books held in place with a leather strap. Around the walls there is a comfortable sofa (the exact nature of which tends to vary) and two reclining chairs full with massaging back-rests. To the left of the bedroom and to the back is a large walk-in closet with a large number of clothes over a wide range of genders and styles (that is the default, sending preferences beforehand will result in a specialised wardrobe being created). Closer to the front, but also on the left hand side is the bathroom, a room with a marble motif and with a full size bath (with shower functions) as well as a toilet, bidet and basin (with full size mirror behind). The door to the bathroom is itself disguised as a full size mirror but it isn’t so well disguised to hide the fact that it is a sliding door (it just fades in to the background usually). The Captain’s Suite is at the front of the vessel on the third deck.

Crew Quarters

As befits a vessel that is meant to serve as a place for relaxation and rest the Crew Quarters are more comfortable than those found on the Sakura or the Nozomi, and are for not only the crew but the Power armor pilots (under the theory that they need to rest too). Each crew member has his or her own quarters which contains a twin-size four poster bed of dark wood with advanced foam mattress’ and a silk duvet, with a duck down pillow. To the left of the bed is a chest of drawers and to the right is a cupboard, both rather nice looking but nothing particularly special. As a default they come with female clothing (nekos being the most common crew member) but communicating with the Ikoi before hand will lead it to either leave them empty or filled to the crew members request (depending on what is asked for). Any other reasonable item which might be used for rest and relaxation can be requested also. On the left wall there is a writing desk with a small inbuilt book-shelf and a reclining chair. The Crew Quarters, of which there are forty-five, are space out among the three lower decks. Crew quarters are grouped into two sections: station crew and visitors quarters. The station quarters section is off-limits to visitors except by invitation.


The Lounge of the Ikoi is a particularly spacious facility. It is circular and decorated in various shades of relaxing dark blue, the thick carpet is blue, as are the walls and the ceiling, although in them are patterns depending on the ship. Around the walls are particularly soft leather couches (normally dark brown or black), as well as independent arm chairs. The temperature in the lounge is usually decidedly ‘cozy’. Light is often produced simply ambient (PANTHEON causes light to come lightly from everywhere) or through lamps on the walls, either way the light is enough to read, but still gentle. There are two nooks at the back of the room, one containing a huge variety of different games, the second containing a Coffee maker, ice maker, microwave, minifridge, drink bar (carefully regulated). The centre of the room is empty as to facilitate social interaction and team building exercises.


On the top of the Ikoi is an area meant to give the crew a small amount of reattachment to nature which may have been severed from being in space, and in nigh on claustrophobic rooms and hall ways at that, for an extended period of time. The area is 380 meters long, 280 meters wide, and the roof rests 20 meters above the floor. The floor in this case is composed of earth and thick grass, there are erratic flowers and flower beds arranged around the area, with pebble or wood decking paths going past at least one small pond with ornamental fish. There is a small group of trees and a few erratic ones, however most of the ground is simply grass (some Ikoi have rather different layouts, a forest theme for example). A complex set of volumetric projectors give the impression of enormity in the park (it can look much larger than it is) and a blue sky with fluffy clouds is usually created including a artificial sun. In some Ikoi there are artificial animals created to make it even more homey.

Swimming Pool

For the purposes of a relaxing time there is a swimming pool on the second deck of the Ikoi, down from the gym. The swimming pool goes from 0.5 meters to three meters deep and is fifteen meters long by eight meters wide. The tiles are blue, and there are lockers for clothing. The waters temperature can be turned into anything that is desired, although an officer’s orders are required for the true temperature extremes.


In order to keep the crew fit during their stay there is a well stocked gym, containing a large variety of different training equipment. The exact equipment is constructed upon request, it is built before the crew arrive.

Medical Room and Laboratory


The passageways of the Ikoi are hexagonal and with strips of lights along the walls. There is gravity in these passage ways, although as an additional feature it is variable, it can pull down in any direction and the ships default means that as long as one walks in a fairly determined manner towards the walls you will be able to walk up them and even across the ceiling. The walls are composed of soft cushion-like panels, some of these are marked differently and conceal emergency supplies, environmental suits or field surgery kits. The passageways are 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters in diameter. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere and to counter gradual claustrophobia the passageways are equipped with volumetric projectors which serve largely to make the passageways appear larger than they really are. Despite the Ikoi being designed for Rest and Relaxation eating and drinking are still forbidden in the passageways.


The Ikoi’s wardroom is remarkably spacious and designed to seat (and feed) all 45 of the crew which it is designed to sustain. It consists of several tables, both circular tables in the corners and three ten man rectangular tables with a ‘high’ table on a slight raise which is where the Captain, officers and favourites are meant to sit. The floor is marble with designs being weaved in to it in such a way to make it appear that they were formed naturally, most often a Mindy or the Yamataian Flag. The seats are padded leather and the walls and ceiling are covered in murals of Star Amry officers doing various heroic things, or incredibly life like scenes from space battles. Adjacent to the wardroom is a gallery and scullery, fully stocked. A sprite can easily be created to take care of the cooking.

Mess & Kitchen

The 1B refit saw the addition of a dedicated facility for the production and serving meals for large numbers of persons. Includes a scullery area; used for cleaning dishes, utensils, pots and pans. Also includes refrigerators, freezers and such for food stuff storage. This provides a larger area given the number of personnel who could be present. The Wardroom is used for more personal meals, and traditionally for Captain's mess.


The 1B refit provided the addition of a commisary. The commissaries routinely stock items in grocery, meat, produce and deli, bakery, household, health care and cosmetics departments. Personnel can purchase items to use while on station, and take when they leave.

Recreation Area

The 1B refit saw an increase in recreational facilities. The Recreation Area provides for recreational activities, with video games, pool tables, and various items that can checked out by personnel, eg: Board games, Darts, Pool sticks, etc. Also includes a small theater room with a selection of recently released entertainment videos.

Post Office

The 1B refit included a Star Army Post Office.

Ship’s Store

The 1B refit included the addition of a Star Army Ship's Store.


The 1B refit lastly included dedicated facilities for cleaning station bedding, towels, and crew and guest clothing.

Repair Dock

The largest area in the ship is given over to this, the area in an entire Ayame-class can fit and then be repaired. At one end of the huge bay is a set of doors which open to allow the ship and close promptly afterwards, sealing themselves with a double layer door. When at rest the bay simply seems like a smooth metallic cavern which is brightly lit by LED panels. An extending gang-way which links to the ships air-locks, thus allowing a convenient way in and out that can emerge out from the corridors to either side. The flexible design allows it to stretch to any of the airlocks. The ship is kept up either using its own gravity systems, or if needed either the Dock’s graviton beams or an actual physical support system.

When activated matter is produced by the matter synthesis system which lies at the end of the bay and directed using graviton beams. At this point thousands of mechanical arms/tentacles emerge from the seemingly smooth walls, each equipped with both a grasping device or a specialize tools such as an arc-welder, or high tactile system. These, in tandem with the hundreds of gravitic beam projectors around the dock and repair drones which emerge from the wall make quick work of repairs. Within a sealed chamber on the Ikoi there is a transmuter device, which through a largely mysterious process can convert normal matter into Zesuaium in order to repair the hulls of starships.

Bay Dimensions

  • 325m long
  • 250m wide
  • 125m tall

Ships Supported

Build Times

While the Ikoi is not considered a shipyard, it could theoretically build starships. Build times are listed below.

Notice: If an Ikoi is used as a shipyard, that Ikoi station must be counted as a shipyard under the Military Buildup Limitations.

Class Description Build Time
Very Light Small Escorts and Patrol Craft 4 days
Light Destroyers, Gunships 8 days
Medium Cruisers 12 days
Heavy Carriers, Heavy Cruisers 16 days
Very Heavy Battleships 20 days

Systems Descriptions

Armored Hull

The key substance that makes up the .8-meter-thick hull of the ship is Yamataium. The frame of the ship is Zesuaium, while armor plates are made of Xiulurium-coated Zesuaium and Yamataium. Zesuaium and Yamataium's main vulnerability is to antimatter weapons.

Zesuaium-S Zesuaium is a nonporous gray substance which does not conduct any form of electromagnetic radiation, including heat and electricity. It neither bends nor breaks, but will remain in a solid piece. The fabrication of Zesuaium takes place on the Ikoi, where a certain substance is molded in the shape desired, and then is transmuted into the fixed Zesuaium form. The Zesuaium is interlaced with Yamataium in the hull plating.

Xiulurium-S For stealth concealment, the armor plating is coated with Xiulurium. Xiulurium is a “stealth” armor that lacks protective value and is used to generate a stealth field around the vessel that renders most forms of active sensors ineffective against the starship. This stealth field generated by Xiulurium also masks the vessel's presence to scalar wave and quintessence differentialometer type sensors. Xiulurium is similar to Zanarium in composition, but this alloy is more flexible, requires less energy (to use its stealth), and has only negligible protective value. Xiulurium-S is made to interact efficiently with the repair systems and bond with Zesuaium-S.

Yamataium-S Because Zesuaium armor is nearly impossible to repair, the ship's plating is primarily composed of Yamataium-S, a SARA-created artificial metalloid with self-healing molecular bonds. Under the guidance of the HSCS-3, the Yamataium can patch holes as needed in a matter of days. Yamataium-S is also made to interact efficiently with the repair systems and bond with Zesuaium-S.

Yarvex A highly advanced, virtually impenetrable gluon mesh, first used by KFY in the Kylie power armor. Particles that make up protons (quarks and gluons) the gluons and quarks are strung together in a long chain using an alteration of Yang-Mills Theory. This permanently binds the quarks together so they may never be pulled apart. The resulting cloth like substance is impervious to penetration, although it does nothing to stop kinetic energy. All interior passageways and rooms are surrounded by Yarvex sheeting.

Hull-Integrated Systems

Graviton Beam Projector (21)

The Ikoi’s KFY Graviton Beam Projectors are spaced roughly evenly over the hull, with the highest concentration of eight being around the ‘mouth’ of the vessel and can often be used to ‘guide’ a vessel in to it.

Emergency Systems

Escape Pods (6):

Soul Savior Pod (2)

Combined Field System

Hemosynthetic Conduit Systems

Psionic Signal Controller

Life Support System

The ship has a very thorough recycling system, tied into HSCS-2, which breaks down anything classified into “waste” into its atomic components. The air recycling system (which is segmented and highly monitored for security reasons) can support up to 750 Yamataian or NH-27 personnel up to twenty years. Water can be recycled for twenty years as well.

Matter Synthesis System

Drawing energy from its powerful aether generators the Ikoi is capable of synthesizing almost any form of matter imaginable without relying upon matter exterior to the vessel. It accomplishes this through an energy to matter conversion system. In order to produce matter in relatively large quantities (the sort needed for serious repairs), it is necessary to divert some energy from the CFS, limiting speed and shields.

Nodal System

Sensors and Computer


Weapons Systems

KFY Ke-S3-W2802 Variable Weapons Pods (42)

Vehicle Complement

  • 3 Shuttles
  • 12 Power armors in storage

OOC Notes

Authored and approved by Wes on November 1, 2007 1)

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
First UsedYE 28
Last ReviewYE 30
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesspace stations
Product NameIkoi Light Starbase
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 28

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