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Star Army Ship's Store

Larger Star Army of Yamatai vessels often have one or more ship's stores. The mission of the Ship Store is to provide quality goods; to provide quality services necessary for day to day living; and to promote good morale.

The size of the ship's store varies depending on the ship compliment. They contain racks of various goods such as:

Replacement Uniform Pieces

Star Army Cap, Type 32 Star Army Officer Cap

Star Army Souvenirs & Memorabilia

The following items are available for purchase at all Standard Ship Stores and base stores. Some of these items used to be supplied to soldiers by the service, but now are optional items the soldier can purchase.


  • Yukata (cotton robe), white, with navy blue print of various silhouettes of Star Army starships: 25 KS
  • T-Shirt/Undershirts: 5 KS (black, white, or Star Army Regal Blue)


  • Chess Set, NMX vs Star Army theme, 20 KS
  • Chess Set, NMX starships vs Star Army starships theme, 20 KS
  • Playing Cards, standard deck, Mishhuvurthyar Ships and Species Identification theme (know your enemies!), 10 KS
  • Playing Cards, standard deck, Star Army Starships theme (such fine design!), 10 KS

Liquid Containers



Religious Items


  • Umbrella, Black: 10 KS

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