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Star Army Rings

Star Army rings are similiar in design as Class Rings. The first Star Army rings were manufactured at the behest of Jalen Sune as a gift for his friend. After receiving them, he entered into a consignment contract with the jewelry manufacturer providing 50,000 KS to start the venture. They became available at the end of YE 32.

Ring Details

Rings are available in Male and Female styles

Available in the following materials:

  • Silver - 250 KS
  • Gold - 300 - 500 KS depends on carats

The ship or installation the soldier is assigned to is written around the bottom of the gemstone.

Left side of the ring is the Fleet designation, 1XF, 2XF, 4SF, etc

On the right side of the ring, the soldier's occupation symbol.

Gemstone can be laser etched with desired image.

  • Simulated Gemstone 50 KS
  • Genuine Gemstone 250 KS
  • Laser etching 100 KS


  • Male, Star Army Ring, made of 18kt Gold, YSS EUCHARIS around bottom of the gemstone.
  • 1XF on left side of ring, Science symbol on right, the gemstone is Aquamarine with image of a Plumeria-Class Gunship laser etched into it.


Sune has all of his share of the profits (10%) from this venture put into a special account in memory of his lost friends. The account is under the name Bouken Charity Fund. He donates the money from this fund to various charities, such as to local orphanages, or schools.

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