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Star Army Equipment

While the Star Army of Yamatai has attempted to keep its equipment standardized, the items used nevertheless include a vast variety of vehicles and gear from many sources, including Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Origin Industries, Geshrinari Shipyards and equipment merged in from the Elysian Celestial Empire; it is the SARP's largest equipment list.

The following list of vehicles and equipment consists only of items currently used by the Star Army of Yamatai in a significant capacity. It does not include unique, captured, or phased-out items but may contain official notes on which items are still in use but are slated for upgrades or replacement.

For standard issue items, see Star Army Standard Issue Items.

The Star Army re-evaluates its equipment on a 5-year cycle (quinquennially), and improvements or replacements are made as needed. Obsolete items are recycled or, if suitable, sold as surplus. For equipment no longer in use by the Star Army of Yamatai, see Obsolete Star Army Equipment.

Most items of Star Army equipment are marked with Star Army Equipment Labels.

Planetary Bases

The Star Army also maintains various standardized planetary bases, mostly on habitable worlds.


Ground Structures


For a list of starships and small craft (such as shuttles and starfighters), see Star Army Starship Classes.


Vehicles and Mecha





Robots and Drones

Personal Gear

This section contains armor, clothing, small arms, and other portable items that soldiers may carry.

Similar to the real military, the Star Army owns almost all of the equipment its soldiers use. This includes power armor. Equipment is issued to soldiers for their use but if they change assignments or leave the military they have to turn it back in. In the case of power armor, the Star Army will usually assign power armors to soldiers as standard issue and lets the soldiers bring it with them to wherever they are assigned (if that makes sense) because power armor, being a wearable item, is pretty personal. Also, many of the newer armors are being custom sized for each soldier so it makes sense to keep the armor and soldier together.


Containers and Bags

Clothing and Wearable Items


Food and Water Supplies

Hygiene and Sanitation

Medical and Survival Supplies

Science Supplies

Survival Supplies


Tools and Repair Supplies

Small Arms


Grenades and Explosives

Machine Guns

Melee Weapons

Missile and Grenade Launchers



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