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Type 42 Vehicle Recovery Winch

The Type 42 Vehicle Recovery Winch is a high-tech Winch used to allow vehicles that get stuck to attempt to self-recovery. It was designed in YE 42 as an accessory of the Light Surface Terrain Vehicle, Type 42

Designer: Origin Industries)
Nomenclature: Type 42 Vehicle Recovery Winch
Manufacturer: Origin Industries
Fielded by: various, Star Army of Yamatai


As the vehicle the Type 42 Vehicle Recovery Winch was designed for, The LSTV was intended to work with and around vehicles such as the STV had winches built into them, Origin Industries sought to make a more versatile winch that could be used for more than simple vehicle recovery, and thus, the Type 42 winch was born.

Function and Design

The Type 42 Vehicle Recovery Winch, or simply Type 42 Winch, is a very basic design, meant to be sturdy, reliable, and user friendly. It functions via a large capacity battery, or a direct power connection, turning a heavy duty electric motor that has multiple clutch packs to control traction, speed, and braking for the line. Tthe line is held on a high-strength spool and fed through an opening that keeps the line reeling smoothly on or off the spool, regardless of direction or tension on the line.

A Heavy duty but thin Durandium Alloy cable forms the core of the line, with an Aramid Fiber jacket preventing the cable from being cut or frayed, as well as prevent it from catching or grabbing on anything it may need to be run over during vehicle recovery operations. The Line is tipped with a heavy duty, Nerimium locking clip, which is virtually indestructible for recovery operations.

Type 42 Winches destined for Star Army of Yamatai use replace the Aramid jacket with a Yarvex one instead, and have a Zesuaium hook, making it nearly indestructible.

Regardless of what the lines are made from, all Type 42 winches have 100 meters of line to use for recovery and other winching operations.


The Type 42 Winch looks like a spool of line sandwiched between two deep drums, one of which is the motor, the other the battery, and enclosed on a framework with a sturdy platform forming the base of the unit. the line comes out of a spooling device which has a hook on it for the winch line's hook to be attached to. The base plate can be modified with numerous different kinds of mounts to be mounted to different vehicles or used for various other purposes.


The Type 42 Winch can be operated one of several ways. The first is via a simple hand control that is plugged into the side of the winch body, using a three position switch that has in, out, and neutral, as well as a rotary switch that controls the speed of the line. By rotating the rotary switch to full speed while in neutral, the line will strop1) rotating the switch to off will allow the line to be pulled out by hand2).

The second method is via a vehicle's on-board control system; the Winch can communicate with various compatible vehicle control systems and is typically controlled by a touch screen interface, with controls working exactly the same as the hand control.

The third method is via a communicator or datapad app, which, once downloaded, allows a user to use their communicator or datapad as the control device. This method also allows the user to customize the controls a bit more, allowing them to vary the parameters of the operation of the winch more finitely.


The Type 42 Winch is a fully mass-produced component, and while it comes as standard option on some vehicles, can also be purchased separate and used with any ground vehicle, or even in industrial applications.

  • Recommended Retail Price
    • Type 42 Vehicle Recovery Winch: 500 KS

OOC Notes

OOC Notes

Kai created this article on 2020/02/23 12:11.

all clutches are engaged, keeping the line from moving if the motor is not moving
all clutches disengaged

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