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Nerimium (also known as Hephestium to Humans) is an abundant, super-dense metal that is the primary resource in Sol Confederation Armed Force starship construction. When refined and combined with other mundane metals, such as iron and nickel, it forms a potent armor plating that is effective against all weapon types save for anti-matter. Its major downside is the considerable weight it adds to any unit that uses it in its construction, making it only prevalent on large warships and not fighters and mecha unless is small or diluted quantities.

Due to the abundance of the components and their reliable strengths, Nerimium is the alloy of choice for many Star Military of Nepleslia starships, powered armorsuits and weapons.

  • Producers: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions, several other high-end material producer/distributors
  • Cost: Expensive
  • Damage Rating: (Heavy) 1.0x Base SP

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