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Nepleslian Arms and Munitions

“Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision a nightmare. To possess both vision and action is to achieve progress.” - Ancient Proverb

“Let War Pay for Itself.” - Ancient Proverb #2


The Nepleslian government, taking into account the recent public outcry, decided that it was time to establish an identity for itself in research, design and manufacturing. The departure of corporations from Nepleslia caused concern among government officials, but a golden opportunity had also arisen.

The ideal landscape for controlled business development was created. Unfriendly competition was eliminated. Demand for ships and weaponry were huge, but public distrust towards former corporate associates made it difficult to make purchases.

The Nepleslian market became a blank white canvas that the government would paint.

Nepleslian Arms and Munitions (NAM) would be the brush.

Since its inception, NAM has become the primary, and in fact only, permanent supplier of warships, Powered Armor, and heavy weaponry for the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


NAMs is a government-owned corporation, an entity created to exert the power of the government. Funding comes from the combined resources of the government treasury as well as income from public taxes. The corporation is run by a board, with Premier Charlie Coast serving as executive chairman along with CEO Edmond mcclintock. There are numerous designers working for NAM, as well as many influential figures in the SMoDIN, such as Dominic Valken.

Over time, NAM was shifted away from public consumer markets, selling only several small arms, unarmed craft, and miscellaneous items. The bulk of the corporation's products are built specifically for Nepleslia's military, and the two entities often work very closely.

Corporate Mission Statement

NAM exists to fill the gaps made by departed companies and to provide Nepleslia with economic stability. By collecting Nepleslia’s best and brightest, as well as skilled laborers, NAM has become a technological research & development and manufacturing giant. With the values of unity and hard work, NAM, with the people, will make Nepleslia the greatest nation in the universe.

Corporate Goals

  • Design and production of ships.
  • Design and production of weaponry.
  • Research and development of unique Nepleslian technologies.
  • Improvement of Nepleslian infrastructure.


YE 29

In the beginning NAM was assigned to Wazu to be led, but however due to being needed on the new NSS Alliance DD4 Destroyer, CEO-ship of NAMs was given to the fresh upstart scientist Melchoir Vel Steyr on the orders of Robert Davis. As he took over the company he made breakneck progress in filling the technological void left in Nepleslia by the dissenting companies. In the same year NAM constructed an orbital shipyard and had begun mining operations. Near the end of YE 29 however the pace slowed, observers comment that this may be due to the over exertion of his fleets and his own health.

Later a days after Melchoir returned to office, there was a Red attack upon Nepleslian soil which seriously damaged the Orbital Shipyards. Although NAM had lost ships and personnel due to the attack and SAoN conscription, it benefited from the massive amounts of new ships the SAoN has ordered to form a counterattack fleet.

YE 30

With the birth of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, NAM gained new importance as it became even more integrated with the government and the military. With the almost now-complete loss of influence from Red corporations, and new sanctions on non-Nepleslian owned companies, NAM became even more powerful and influential in Nepleslian society.

YE 31-33

Following Melchoir Vel Steyr's departure, NAM began to lose its focus. A hidden succession debate ensued between the Board of Directors, stockholders, and the Nepleslian government. Following the attack on Nepleslia in YE 33, it was agreed to put aside the political differences and select from among the Board of Directors' candidates. The list was whittled down in late that year to three candidates before polling was started among the major shareholders.

The results were gathered and promised to be released in mid-YE 34, allowing the company to prepare the chosen candidate and deal with the anticipated fallout from the losers quietly, in house. This led to a large betting pool both within and without the company as to which of the three candidates were chosen.

Product-wise, NAM slowed down considerably. Fewer new designs were coming out and all that seemed to be happening were the occasional upgrades to existing systems and platforms. The only noteworthy new warship designs to appear in this period were the DD5 Bison and Sword frigate hulls. But overall, this is considered a low-point in NAM's history and best forgotten along with the phallic warship designs Wazu had a fondness for creating.

As a side, note, most of the design work done by NAM during this period were, largely, on contract from the Admiral Wazu. They were his ideas, which NAM simply provided the raw materials and industrial production facilities to help create. NAM bigwigs were dubious, at best, with regards to Wazu's plans but since he had a plan when they didn't, they went along with it. Following Wazu's disappearance and desertion from Nepleslia, NAM and the government began their planning to permanently replace Vel Steyr and Wazu.

YE 34

With the anticipation of new management, NAM's progress on new designs began to pick up steadily. The general malaise, discontent, and unmotivated lack of focus had been dispelled with the new year and the promise of new leadership that had everyone's blessing.

That same year, the company began a move to position itself in System P1-5 "Area 52" for increased security and greater room for expansion. While NAM moved its headquarters to Area 52, it retained its planetary and orbital facilities on Nepleslia Prime. New factories and orbital shipyards were constructed as a means of developing the system as well as providing jobs for the increasing number of NAM employee family members immigrating to Area 52 as part of the move.

Corporated Divisions

Savtech (Computers and Operating Systems)

Esteemed creators of the JANE AIs, Savtech is responsible for creating the computers for both Nepleslian civilians, as well as the high-powered super-intelligent AIs used by the Star Military. They are one of the few divisions to actually have close competitors on the civilian markets, often clashing with AwesomeCorp for market shares.

In YE 34, Savtech released the ACE artificial intelligence software for use on all existing and future Nepleslian starship and power armor designs.

Medtech (Chemical and Biological Research)

One of the preeminent medical suppliers in the Imperium, Medtech designs and produces numerous drugs and devices for soldiers and civilians alike. They are also heavily involved in medical research, and are contracted with the Nepleslian government to aid in inspections of cybernetic parts after the Universal Protection Act mandated such action.

Aerotech (Physics and Starship Research)

Arguably the largest and most advanced starship-manufacturing entity in Nepleslian space, Aerotech is single-handedly responsible for the construction of the SMoDIN Navy. They have also designed and produced other military hardware, including the Easy Submachine Gun, Hammerhead Bomber, and the classic AIR2 Powered Armor.

Between YE 33 and 34, Aerotech was responsible for the production of various new warships such as the Sword-class Frigate and Na-C4-DD5 'Bison'.

In YE 35, Aerotech produced the Bulwark Starbase.

Terratech (Military and Vehicular Research)

Terratech is a Nepleslian Marine's best friend in corporate form. Since their formation, they have produced almost every armor in use by Nepleslia's military, the current top-of-the-line Hostile and Aggressor armors, and have for the most part replaced the Sol-based Phoenix Arms, famed producers of the PHALANX Power Armor line as the primary Power Armor supplier to the SMoDIN.

Following the acquisition of shipborne power armor replicators, NAM Terratech began to tinker with Phalanx armor frames and more modern equipment. After much frustrations with regards to making the hardware mate with the software, as well as political delays, Terratech released the Hostile in YE 34. Another major development was the NAM "Wolfhound" Heavy Multipurpose Railgun HMR-01a for use on the Hostile and Raider.

X-Tech (Classified and Black Research)

While X-Tech has had a reputation for shady dealings and secret technology since NAM was first created, with the advent of the Intelligence and Pacification Group, this reputation has all but deepened. Admiral Veles and the engineers in X-Tech have been partners for quite a while, with the division having supplied almost every armor and vessel the IPG has at its disposal, such as the Britva Light Power Armor, the vicious NOZH Assault Armor, and the ultra-stealthy Malchick Corvette.

As X-Tech is generally somewhat segregated from the rest of the corporation, and their creations often are given over to clandestine causes, they are the only NAM division to use a unique nomenclature tag, using the “NaX” manufacturer label rather than the standard “Na”.

The most recent project that X-Tech worked on was the joint development of the Stealth/Commando version of the Raider to meet the IPG's requirements.


A hidden team of accountants and secretaries handle the most important administration duties of NAM. Their office(s) location(s) is/are unknown to prevent foreign or internal agents from attempting to bribe, embezzle or steal their secrets.

All high ranking executives also have a personal secretary.



  • Landside Headquarters - Area 52
  • Landside Factories - Prime City Outskirts & Area 52
  • Orbital Shipyards, Orbiting Nepleslia Prime & Area 52
  • Area 52 Weapons Testing Facility


  • Space Mining Fleet Alpha
    • SMF Alpha consists of a large number of transports in space mining operations in Nepleslian space. Although profitable, they frequently run afoul of Pirates without the protection of the Defense Fleet or the NSN.
  • Experimental Testing Fleet Beta
    • ETF Beta consist of a small number of ships scattered throughout Nepleslian space testing prototype models of new designs. This includes the NSS Cedar and the NSS Canary.
  • System Defense Fleet Sigma
    • SDF Sigma consists of a small number of ships for the protection of NAM assets. These consist of a quartet of Blackjack cruisers, thirty Atlas destroyers and forty Sword-class Frigates.

Creations to Date (By Division)


  • JANE, An organic/inorganic hybrid AI computer.
  • Yorna A physical body for JANEs.
  • ACE A replacement for the Drei and Precipice combat systems




Fighters and Bombers
Destroyers and Escorts
Cruisers, Carriers and Battleships
Utility Ships and Misc.
Ship Components and Weapons


Melee Weapons


Power Armor

First Generation
  • AIR Versions 1 and 2, A high mobility assault Power Armor.
  • M10 Raider Light Armor Light Powered Armor made for Jiyuu volunteers in the past and more commonly for the NSMC/NSN/IPG.
  • NAM Terratech General PA – “WATER” Version 2, Versions 1 and 2, A general use defensive Power Armor.
  • FIRE, A long range heavy-support Power Armor.
  • EARTH, A juggernaut heavy assault Power Armor. Possibly the most heavily armed armor in existence.
Second Generation
  • Hostile Power Armor, The newest general-purpose Marine armor in use by the SMoDIN's Marines, with new weapons and systems.
  • Aggressor Assault Armor, a combination of the elements that made the FIRE and EARTH armors so offensively potent, without the extreme immobility of the EARTH or inclination to spontaneously combust of the FIRE.
  • VOID, an elite tactical power armor with an excellent weapons loadout and cutting edge defensive systems.
  • M10 Raider Light Armor, a light armor using the Phalanx frame and more modern equipment. Gen 2.5
Third Generation



Mecha and Frames

  • Wolverine, A sturdy, combat capable utility mech jointly developed with Aerotech.
  • WarBear Assault Mech, a super-sized command mecha heavily armed (and armored) with some of NAMs more… interesting, and manly, technologies. Discontinued, held in reserves.




Power Armor and Suits

First Generation
Second Generation
  • Raider Stealth Version - This is a stealth armor meant to be used for reconnaissance work or commando raids.



Cross-Division Collaboration

Ongoing Projects (Priority Order)

The following are NOT approved for RP usage.

  • Terratech - B4 “Big Blue Bondage Balls”

A leftover page: NAM Projects

NAM Characters


OOC Notes

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