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Yorna is a versatile android body that can take a JANE slot. They look like comely 20-something females by default to be pleasing to the eye. To the comfort of the mind however to a society which has viewed androids as efficient killing machines (See: Neko), they have the maximum physical strength lower than that of an average built person, durability of slightly above that and also a setting to disable independent thought and possible self awareness. This product will be available to public, commercial and military sectors.


While Savtech AIs has taken over much of the data processing work and surveillance, there were other sectors of work that can use a reliable worker and companion. Using the standard JANE as the main processing unit data anonymously gleaned from current Savtech owners, beta testers and some rare occasions where customized bodies had been built. NAM wishes to create an android which combines the precision of a machine and the independence of a sentient being.

Basic Information

  • Price: 4,000 KS
  • Organization Using This Android:
  • Type: Multi Purpose Android.
  • Nomenclature: NAM-J1-1a
  • Designers: Savtech
  • Manufacturers: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions
  • Height: 100 CM – 180 CM
  • Width (Shoulder Span): 20 CM – 35 CM


While the looks of Yorna may change according to customer specification, modification or upon the JANE’s own whim, the physical limitations and the (Initially) reserved nature of the JANE AI makes most of them petite and conservative females (Right down to the *Ahem* parts). This is further reinforced by the customized modest long sleeved and skirted dress that NAM issues to all Yornases.

There are a few small panels that can be opened on the Yorna: The computer ports behind each ear and wrist, dry waste disposal near the abdomen and power port near the back. Although to open these ports some skin must be torn, it is quickly regenerated within the hour.


  • Synth-skin: The synthetic semi-permeable skin of a Yorna is designed to replicate that of a human female as close as possible with the same feel, functionality, look, texture and durability. Girded under the skin are numerous nano sized pressure sensors to allow it to feel and cross-linked nanowires for it to detect scratches or tears in the skin. Small colored tubes carrying water run along the underside, these tubes are made to look like veins and serve to distribute the heat generated by the unit around the skin to be quickly radiated off, simulating body heat in the process.
  • Muscles: The muscles of Yorna are formed by low density nanochains which contract and retract when a current is run through it. These bundles of 'Nanomuscle' is arranged around the skeleton precisely the same as a normal human. They are also designed to stretch when applied pressure, making Yorna's just as soft feeling as their biological counterpart. While intentionally made weaker and less durable, the ELEMENTAL based Nanomuscles has not lost the precision, fluidity and speed that they are theoretically capable of.
  • Skeleton/Body: The skeleton is made out of Durandium with the same layout of that as a human. They merely provide structural support to Yorna.
  • Computer/ JANE Slot: The inbuilt computer in the head allows Yorna to perform simple routine tasks mechanically like housekeeping and maintenance; using Yorna in this state is called the “Slave” state whereas she has no independent thought or feelings thus cannot do complex things like carry an interesting conversation or learn things by mere observation. This can be rectified by downloading user or NAM made 'drivers' which contains the necessary instructions for a specific task or upgrade.

The second state is the “Free” state. This state is when the JANE is attached onto the Yorna's larger neural net. Gaining additional personal experience from using and maintaining a physical body, the JANE may evolve emotions and self awareness over time. There is a third “Contract” state whereas the experience of a JANE is trimmed every week to ensure she does not develop enough independence to suddenly shirk from her duty.


Yorna has the following drivers already pre-installed:

Domestic: House Keeping Communications: English, Japanese, Elysian and Innuendo (Crypted) Culinary: Cooking in general Entertainment: Physical and verbal games, sexual techniques, dancing and instrument playing Knowledge: A vast databank on general knowledge and First Aid. Maintenance and Repair: Common machines and herself Fighting: Evasion techniques and small arms (Particularly the low-recoil RPB and ESG)

Other Components

  • Bio-Generator: Yorna generates electricity by oxidizing carbohydrates. But via the use of enzymes other things like fats and proteins may be broken down and oxidized in turn. While it may be more convenient for the android to run on battery, the JANE requires pure sugar to be piped up to it and Yorna's nano-repair system requires a supply raw materials. On Bio-Gen alone, Yorna only needs to eat once every three days while via a combination of wall recharger and Bio-gen, once a week. Without food, the repair systems will be disabled after the first week and the JANE will enter hibernation in a month. Solid waste is taken out from a small compartment in the belly while water is allowed to transpire out of the skin or breath when it takes in oxygen.
  • Nano-Repair: The nanobots responsible for the android’s digestion are also responsible for maintaining and performing minor repairs to Yorna. The breaking of individual strands of Nanomuscle and tearing of skin (Most often the larger joints) occur periodically during the course of daily life. Nanomuscles may be fixed in a day, a square inch of skin is regrown in an hour but damage like a bullet through the generator can only be hastily patched up. It is important to bring your Yorna to NAM store if she suffers a serious injury.

While the android is undergoing repairs, it is common for them to don loose and comfortable dresses (If they are not wearing it already) they had received from NAM or those that they have acquired along the way. This is to prevent further chafing of the skin and to hide damage until fully repaired.

Through the use of drivers, it is possible for the Android to undergo an aesthetic change over a period of time. The changing of skin color, build of the body, hair length/color and nails can be done. Through the same system, Yorna can also appear to sweat or salivate but this does not serve any practical purpose.

  • Communication: Yorna can communicate and receive an audible wavelength, radio and raw data if directly connected to a port.
  • Senses:

Radio Pulse: Through low frequency sonar pulses, the android may sense large objects up to 5 meters away. This is to give Yorna some degree of spatial awareness.

Touch, Sound: See above.

Smell, Taste: Through small sensors in the tongue and nose, nothing extraordinary. A driver may be installed to have the Nanobots upgrade the tongue sensors to detect poisons.

Sight: The eyes of Yorna are miniaturized Power Armor grade Monoeyes, giving it unparalleled sight when compared to other models on the market. This is necessary when taking into account the precision demanded by machine related work. In passive mode the Monoeyes merely receives signals on the electromagnetic spectrum. In active mode the eyes will emit them forward in a small cone, scanning objects in great detail and penetrating up to 2ft of steel.

The downsides of Yorna’s eyes in active mode are the same as their military counterparts: only capable of locking on to one target at a time and is easily detectable, right down to the glowing irises and increased temperatures the target may feel. Due to the high penetration of active mode, should the circumstances require it the eyeballs can swivel around the sockets in a full 360* to look without having to turn the head.

OOC Notes

This page was created by Wes on 2014/12/17 11:56.

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1. Yorna is a placeholder name. (See: ICO) 2. A childbirthing add-on may be introduced later on.

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