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Nepleslian Culture

The Nepleslian Ethnic Groups and Species and Society in Nepleslia lead to what is sometimes known as a 'salad bowl' of different cultures not necessarily melding together to form one, but cohabiting and living amongst one another to add to a larger green flag of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia,

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Traditions of Nepleslia

Below are some of the holidays of Nepleslia

Species of Nepleslia

Many species make up the Nepleslian populace, from ID-SOL or Delsaurians to Elysian and even a few Nekovalkyrja. The main species of DIoN is Nepleslian. There are humans in the DIoN as well as species such as Iromakuanhe that have moved there because of things such as BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands and She Brew Coffee that have gained a small cult popularity in Nepleslia. There are geshrin and there is a cohabitation effort in North Western space with the Freespacers.

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It is not unheard of for one Nepleslian to have four or more meals a day and to eat a high fatty high protein and carb diet. Burger-centric meals such as those found at Neppies Burger Restaurant and Akemi's are common. They at times are capable of eating Elysian wings. Barbecues are greatly enjoyed and there are sports games and viewing parties of said events. These are opportune times for enjoying food with friends and family.

The delicacy of Nepleslia is the Meganut, which serves as the centerpiece of a traditional feast.


The Nepleslians can be heavy drinkers, enjoying beer and whiskey most prominently. When in the Nepleslian Star Navy or Nepleslian Space Marine Corps, though, a Nepleslian will not partake in drinking unless off duty for a good number of hours afterwards.


Nepleslians enjoy a good perusal of the InterNep, watching the game on the TV, and news in between. Sports are the most watched type of television and on the InterNep by streaming. The top search on the internet today is nude burger.

Laws and Government

The laws of Nepleslia are somewhat lenient on many things like public indecency, urination, drunkenness, feeding the poor and homelessness. Extortion and fraud are dealt with heavy hands as is theft.


For information on the utilization of knowledgeable practices, see Nelpeslian technology. The Nepleslians have a great many technologies at their disposal, which brought them to the stars and keep them safe at home.


In Nepleslia religion is not looked at as a whole with any one view. There are no religious extremist groups though there are those that do not believe in any religion.


Almost any issue with the body can be solved by way of cybernetic enhancement and often these enhancements are utilized to save lives and to protect them before they need saving by way of strengthening and adapting the user's body.


It may seem funny or like a good joke but the use of firearms within Nepleslia's culture is inherent in the way the average Nepleslia feels secure about their home, family, possessions, interests, and self.

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