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BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands

“Because you can never say the word 'KEBABS' loud enough.”

BEST KEBABS1) Kebab Stands is a famous Iromakuanhe Food chain of mobile roadside kebab and shawarma grills. Although the BEST KEBABS Kebab Stand Corporation does not officially employ any street vendors, it is responsible for franchising millions of self-employed cooks and vendors who pay yearly fees and royalties in exchange for recipes, equipment and the famous BEST KEBABS name. The name itself derives from the original BEST KEBABS stand, operated by one Ediz Dhaka'lahme the First, a former scholar of dead languages who decided to start up a streetside kebab cart after a Slajatki--fuelled bender that led to number of charges of public indecency and harassment, which were later waived after a mysterious computer malfunction deleted all evidence of his wrongdoing.

The BEST KEBABS stands offer a number of grilled shaved or brochetted meats with a number of topping and sauces. Regional BEST KEBABS guilds may omit certain parts of the menu in favor of their own specialties, such as forgoing the shaved meat for stews on Mazerin or fresh fruits and vegetables into the menu on Hlarai.

Management Style: Licensing Guild Prices

Written in all capital letters in the Trade language.
Extremely strong. Hlarai's mix, in particular, contains over 90 mg of stims.

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