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Sogol Group

Although not formally recognized by many as being in the same league as the three megacorporations, the Sogol is one of the most powerful economic forces in the Commonwealth, controlling a massive 36% market share of all food production and distribution across the Iromakuanhe's sphere of influence.

Company Statistics
Established AR 633 (BYE 372)
Employees 83, 388, 120
Associated FactionsAstral Commonwealth
Nomenclature IDSg-
NicknamesSogol, the Cooperative, Massada1)

About Sogol

“The union of a hundred feeding the multitudes.”

Founded in AR 633 (BYE 372) by over a hundred smaller corporations that sought to pool resources and cut costs on shipping to increase profits, while retaining their individual brands and internal administration structures, the Sogol Group is closer to a large-scale cooperative of various agricultural, processing and packaging companies than a true conglomerate.

Sogol group foods are generally co-branded with the individual producer, and competition between members can occasionally be seen through small scale 'flavor arms races' between agencies trying to produce increasingly irresistible foods. Biochemical modifications and tampering with nootropics and pheromones outside of an allowed threshold remain largely illegal, returning the conflicts between such agencies from the laboratory, to the kitchens.

Ironically, the leading partner and founding member of the Sogol Group is the Massada Corporation, an engineering firm that is largely only responsible for the Cooperative's modernization and expansion into a fully digitally managed group. Massada is also known for producing consumer goods such as bags and kitchenwares, but markets exclusively with the Sogol name.

Corporate Goals

  • To provide quality service and goods for citizens of the Commonwealth.
  • To make good use of agricultural land loaned by the Commonwealth.
  • To increase the profits of all members without an expense to Iromakuanhe society.
  • To engage in trade with any nearby nations, if possible.


  • Administration
  • Shipping
  • Customer Relations
  • Retail and Restaurateur Cooperatives
  • Consumer Goods Cooperatives
  • Food Processing Cooperatives
  • Agricultural Cooperatives

Members and Products

Sogol RRC (Franchises)

Sogol CGC (Consumer Goods)

Sogol FPC (Foodstuffs)


Eliyahu Massada Iromakuanhe, CEO of Massada Corporation Personality: A relaxed and easygoing corporate executive who seems to be in control of every scenario he is in. Notes: Believed to be well over a hundred years old and a frequent user of life-extension procedures. A Maekardanii. Appearance: A tall olive-skinned, blue-eyed and sharply-dressed Iromakuanhe man who appears in his late fifties. His wavy black hair is oiled and combed back and cropped to never touch his neck.
Kayode Vilaró Iromakuanhe, CEO of Maekardan Hydroponics Personality: An authoritative, but soft-spoken man who seems to be in continuous reflection and is slightly self-concious. Notes: A former wrestler and martial arts star who financed hydroponics development on Maekardan and made a fortune. A Curdatl. Appearance: An extremely tall and muscular Iromakuanhe man who appears to be in his mid thirties, with almost ebony-brown skin, yellow eyes and a shaven head.
Yim Arantanamo Iromakuanhe, CEO of Arantanamo Fisheries Personality: An eager and energetic man who loves the open sea and has an unusual passion for sea life. Notes: Tends to smell of saltwater and expensive colognes. A Saea Wakir. Appearance: A lean and wiry Iromakuanhe with a distinctly seaworn face, who appears to be in his early fourties.
Soler Mahine Iromakuanhe, CEO of Mazerin United Breweries Personality: A steady and disciplined thinker of great creativity and determination. Notes: Founded his brewery and eventually went on to own a large share of the local brewing industry on his native Mazerin. A Mazerinii. Appearance: A pale and gaunt-looking man with silvery blue hair and orange eyes, who appears to be in his mid to late fifties.

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