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Fort Hikari Meta-Plot

Fort Hikari is a roleplaying meta-plot created on October 29, 2021 by ethereal, supported by Demibear.

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Status: This plot is currently open for anyone to jump into for scenes.

Plot Overview

Fort Hikari is the meta-plot for several smaller plots that are planned to take place at Fort Hikari. It is the de-facto plot for new members, as it focuses on training for members of the Star Army of Yamatai. It is planned to start with a basic training plot, then increase in scope to other kinds of training. This includes advanced MOS training, officer training, command training and medical/science training.

Fort Hikari is unique in the sense that anyone can start a scene or plot there, using the provided location and framework, without asking or getting approval first. As long as the plot doesn't compromise the meta-plot as a whole, anyone can use the setting. We especially promote the use of Fort Hikari for training or re-training scenes when changing the occupation of characters.

Plots and Scenes

See the sub-plots or individual scenes for more information.


Past and Current One-Shot Scenes

Anyone can make a scene or plot within Fort Hikari as long as it doesn't compromise the meta-plot's longevity or other plots.

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