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First Steps

First Steps is a Yamatai roleplaying plot based at Fort Hikari (all IC training/location info in the link) to be run by GM ethereal that surrounds the training and off-duty life of a new batch of new recruits. Here they learn how to be leaders and hold the respect of their troops, battle tactics and logistics. The experiences and knowledge they possess from the past will surely come in useful to complete the tasks put to them and also to help their platoon to pass the class.

Status: First Steps is accepting new players at this time.

Plot Overview

First Steps is a training plot based at the Fort Hikari, revolving around the current class of recruits from all walks of life. Some may be fresh Nekos straight out of the factories, new reservists or other races just coming of age to join.

The IC aim of this plot is to equip the candidates with everything they need to be effective soldiers in the Star Army.

The OOC purpose is to allow players to gain actual military knowledge, to better RP their characters in other plots - especially those in leadership roles. Any potential GMs can use this plot to develop a crew for their vessel until such a time they kick off their plot rather than fabricating their background!

This plot is aimed at new players with characters that may be their first.

Rules and Pacing

Crew Roster

Training Staff

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes Picture
Taii Hoyarame Jiba Platoon Commander ethereal NPC
Ittô Heisho Yandosa Kime Platoon Sergeant ethereal NPC
Nitô Heisho Janjore Fujyana Dragon Section Heisho ethereal NPC
Nitô Heisho Himesana Noroko Lion Section Heisho ethereal NPC

Officer Candidates

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes Picture

Support Staff

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes Picture
Shosa Tanikya Jinjui Training Centurion ethereal NPC
Nitô Heisho Koroya Chinata Provost Sergeant ethereal NPC

Characters to Join

About The GM

Ethereal joined the site in October 2015. He's on daily, plays around 10 characters and 5 NPCs but has so much time he can post daily! Having grown up in a military family, he knows a fair bit about training. He's also the GM of the YSS Wyvern (Plot). Contact Ethereal.





Star Army Training Logo Fort Hikari is the newest Star Army Training Administration dedicated training facility. The mission of the MOS is to provide basic training for the Star Army of Yamatai. It was established as part of improvements by Shinja Noriko-Chusa.


Recruits who have completed college education may apply for attendance at the Academy. Enlisted military personnel who complete a secondary education can apply for attendance.

During their training all attendees are referred to as Kenshūsei or Trainee regardless of what rank they may have had prior. All trainees are automatically placed on the Yamatai Prestige System for the duration of their training.

Note: Those without an Star Army Enlistment Contract cannot join the Star Army or be trained.

The School has a maximum student capacity of 576 trainees. Sessions start every two months, so there are always two different sets of trainees present.


Trainees receive a subset of the Star Army Standard Issue Items. The following is the Trainee issue:

Trainee Issue


The program is 120 days and provides the following training:


Graduates of the School typically receive the rank of Santô Hei, soldiers with this rank are still in the process of learning what it means to be a true member of the military, a crew and a fleet.

Wash Out

Any soldier who fails to graduate has two options. They can be released from their contract and return to civilian life, or enter the service as an Enlisted member with the rank of Yontô Hei.

OOC Notes

ethereal created this article on 2017/10/02 18:08. Quoted in part from Mayame Officer School

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