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Fort Hikari

Curriculum can be found here. Fort Hikari is a Star Army Training Administration facility located on Virginia. It services many needs in training for a portion of the Star Army of Yamatai. It is known for being very diverse in the courses and MOS training that it provides, more than most Forts. It has five points and constitutes a star shape, with its name likely derived from starlight.

Hikari means “Light” in Yamataigo. It is the first multi-disciplinary training facility of its type and scale. The base's motto is “Polishing Diamonds” and its alumni either affectionately call it “the star”, or alternatively “the grindstone” if they came out of one of the less academic courses.


Fort Hikari was built in YE 42 at the behest of the Star Army Training Administration, as the next generation of training facility, learning from the outcomes of the YE 39 training push. Base Commander Chinchu Rhikiya was given a mandate to provide as secure yet as flexible a facility as possible. This was for the current and future needs of trainees within the Star Army of Yamatai, without the rush to get a working facility together to help with the Kuvexian War, as it was now concluded. Programmes Supervisor Byintama Shinko and the Star Army Training Administration drew up a list of requirements for the facility, some experimental or speculative, that were then incorporated into its finished design. Senator Iemochi Seinosuke is a patron and great supporter of the Fort.


The general layout of the Fort can be described as being five-pointed star with a Henry Chen-class Training Ship (YSS Lux) sitting in the middle of the fort. Each point and the provides a primary type of training provided, with the YSS Lux acting as a shared facility for the whole fort.

Each point is partially considered a campus of their own for any correlating school or institute providing training. However, they administratively report to the Fort's commanding unit, the 751st Training Regiment, one of the only troop-commanding elements of the Star Army Training Administration. For this purpose, various Battalions under the Regiment were created but are often under-staffed and mostly autonomous, with staff brought in or reassigned based on course demand. and Students are kept in accommodations in the center of each point or within a training ship when needed. The points are organized in the following manner:

  • Southwest Point: Basic Training (977th Infantry Battalion)
  • Southeast Point: Advanced Training (112th Giretsu Battalion, 15th Ranger Battalion, 388th SAINT Battalion, various others from many MOS', etc.)
  • Northeast Point: Technical Academy (72nd Science Battalion, 85th Engineering Battalion, 988th Medical Battalion)
  • Northwest Point: Officer Candidate School (51st Command Battalion)
  • North Point: Command College (105th Command Battalion)

The positioning of the various courses on the star is partially symbolic and partially to establish a friendly rivalry. With the three more technical and officerly courses occupying the north points, people from these courses are known as “Northies”. The two more practical and infantry-based courses occupy the more southern portions, known as “Southies”. This distinction is sometimes carried over after training, either as a slur or friendly jest between the more academic and the more practical occupations.


Following the end of the Kuvexian War, Star Army Command understood that it needed to quickly train new soldiers to replace the losses that had been sustained before an opportunistic enemy arose to take advantage of this fact. After a brief survey of current training assets, it was determined that a number of its designated training facilities were starting to fall out of date - some of the primary facilities being almost 20 years old. Thus, Fort Hikari was built upon Virginia with a uniquely modern design. Unlike the prior training Forts of YE 39, this Fort is as experimental as it is functional, given the war was over and there was more breathing room to test new methods of training.

Base Layout

While each point will have additional facilities to accomplish their provided training, each has the following:


Named as such as slang based on its official designation, “Not An Area For Instruction”, where classes should not be held. Located between the southwest and southeast points, the NAAFI is the place to relax for base personnel and trainees given permission to visit the location. Where the points can be described as spartan, the NAAFI looks like a typical Yamataian city. The majority of base command buildings are here, but a lot of staff travel between these administrative buildings and the various admin offices on the points.

Facilities outside the Fort

The following is located in various locations besides and outside of the training campuses.

  • Artificial lakes and simulated ocean
  • Sniper, Heavy Weapons ranges
  • Driving and test courses
  • Excursion and hiking routes
  • Spaceport and extra docks
  • Other assorted services infrastructure

RP Opportunities

The Fort is one of, if the not the, premium training facility in the Star Army of Yamatai. Your character can train here ahead of transferring to a plot. You may also enquire about one of your characters being a seasonal instructor or a guest speaker. Rikugun and other similar organizations often drill and run training missions in the surrounding landscape.

  • Be a trainee in one of the many courses on Fort Hikari
  • Train in the Star Army Reserve one weekend a month.
  • Be an instructor in one of the many courses provided
  • A Star Army of Yamatai soldier drilling.
  • Explore the wilderness of Virginia.
  • Rumours suggest that there is buried debris and other interesting loot to find out in the wilderness.
  • There's some stories of old Mishhuvurthyar terraforming devices working in the isolated corners of the landscape.
  • Abandoned Refugee Towns built for the United Outer Colonies are out there to be discovered, untouched for many years.
  • Vast farms dot the horizon, which may hold exotic or experimental crops.


At some point, either more or less often, regular events are scheduled at the Fort or nearby on the planet. Some of them are detailed below.

The Grand Expo

Every year, a technology and innovation festival is held in Virginia's capital, which students of the Fort are allowed a day off to go and explore. Civilian corporations and military corps go there to show off their latest new experiments and products.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is held once every year and is a sporting/endurance competition. The best and brightest of the Star Army attend and compete in increasingly difficult challenges. While wrapped up like a sporting event, this is actually a recruitment tool. It shows the Star Army's people being incredible, but serves as an opportunity for special ops groups to 'view the stock' and reach out to athletes that impress them.


Transportation is exclusively by air, which may dock on one of the several landing pads outside the perimeter of the Fort which are reserved for guests before they are vetted by guards and admitted in. Starships direct from orbit are admitted, but oftentimes atmospheric vehicles from the the southern continent's Virginia Starport are admitted via nearby landing strips - the training Fort is located roughly around the equator. Another Fort present on the planet is Fort Virginia, which was built a decade prior. While older and entirely centred on defence, there is still some traffic between the planetary Forts.


The majority of the population are trainees, instructors and support staff. Various vetted civilians are allowed on and off campus for purposes of being guest speakers, or employees in the on-site company branches. Rikugun legions sometimes run training missions and drills in the landscape around the Fort. As Virginia is well-populated, there are civilian settlements dotted nearby to the Fort, but kept at far enough a distance as to not interfere with activities. Some of these people are even United Outer Colonies refugees, well as original colonists from the NMX days.


In addition to the below permanent staff, there are countless support personnel as well as various seasonal and guest instructors that attend the Fort. During special occasions such as passing out parades and VIP visits, additional staff may also be brought on to help accomodate the needs of the day.

Rank Name Division Position Color Player
Shôshô Chinchu Rhikiya Central Command Base Commander ethereal
Taisa Byintama Shinko Central Command Training Supervisor ethereal
Chusa Kanagi Tsugi Officer Division Supervising Officer ethereal
Chusa Maniwa Tara Infantry Division Supervising Officer ethereal
Shosa Tanikya Jinjui Command College Training Officer ethereal
Shosa Kazetani Rikyu Advanced Training Training Officer ethereal
Taii Tsuboike Namiko Officer School Training Officer ethereal
Taii Hoyarame Jiba Basic Training Training Officer ethereal
Ittô Juni Ishihara Natsumi Technical Academy Chief Tutor ethereal
Ittô Heisho Koroya Chinata Central Command Provost Sergeant ethereal
Ittô Heisho Ugumori Hitoshi Officer Division Platoon Sergeant ethereal
Ittô Heisho Yandosa Kime Infantry Division Platoon Sergeant ethereal
Nitô Heisho Janjore Fujyana Officer School Dragon Section Heisho ethereal
Nitô Heisho Himesana Noroko Officer School Lion Section Heisho ethereal
Nitô Heisho Tominaga Natsume Advanced Training Hawk Section Heisho ethereal
Nitô Heisho Kuroki Kin Advanced Training Panther Section Heisho ethereal
Nitô Heisho Keiji Amai Basic Training Wolf Section Heisho ethereal
Nitô Heisho Heisho Akahoshi Basic Training Cobra Section Heisho ethereal

Planetary Defense System

In addition to being a training base, Fort Hikari also acts as the defense center for the Virginia system.

Ground Grid

The ground-based grid consists of the following sections.

  1. Main Grid

Orbital Grid

Virginia is defended by an established "Guriddo" Defense System as part of the Virginia System Defense Plan laid out by Fourth Fleet in YE 33. The system includes:

Power Armor and Mecha Facilities

Trainees are fully expected to contribute to defense.

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