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VCE Cafe

VCE Cafe

The VCE Cafe is a shop where people can rent time on Virtual Collective Experience, they became available in YE 34.


The VCE Cafe is a franchise that a person can purchase from Tamahagane Corporation and operated independently. The first round of Cafe's were owned and operated by Tamahagane Corporation.


The Cafe is typically divided into two sections. The game room is where the VCE equipment is available and the dining room.

Game Room

The game room is where a number of VCE Console and VCE Chairs are installed. The exact number of consoles and chairs depends on size of the cafe. Typically there are 25 consoles and 25 chairs installed in the room. Some game rooms will have private VCE Booths for some of the patrons.


Dining Room

The dining room side of the cafe is set up for the sale of food and drink. The owner chooses what type of food style the shop will provide. Typically there is a counter where the patrons can order, although some may offer table service. Seating consists of banquettes and booths along the walls, while tables with chairs fill the center place.

Ramen To Go Cafe


Typically a day pass can be purchased for the VCE side of the cafe for 10 KS. Additional charges may be incurred for participation in Realms and Landscapes.

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