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Tamahagane Corporation

Tamahagane Corporation is a conglomerate that was formed in YE 33. The CEO is Tamahagane Hikaru, of the Tamahagane Clan. In YE 34 the company transferred the headquarters to Nejiro Tower, Teisenjou. The temporary Corporate Headquarters were located on Yamatai (Planet), in Kyousou. The CEO pledged that TC will continue to maintain the same high standards with these acquisitions as those that made Tamahagane Company distinctive.

Tamahagane Corporation
Tamahagane Corporate Logo
Headquarters Teisenjou, Yamatai (Planet)
CEO Tamahagane Hikaru
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Ta

Offices & Operations

The Nejiro Tower, Teisenjou is the newest headquarters for the corporation.


The corporation will continue to manufacture and sell the products of the holding companies. The corporation will also honor any legal business arrangement they have. Existing products will continue to be supported. Existing product lines will be re-branded when existing stock is depleted. New products made by the holdings will carry the Corporation name and logo.

Recent History

The corporation after having acquired NovaCorp beings the task of going through its assets and determining which ones are viable, and what needs upgrading.

Divisions (Future)

As part of the long term plan for Tamahagane, eventually the holdings will be broken up or combined into the following new divisions.


Operating Subsidiaries



OOC Notes

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