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Tamahagane Hikaru

Tamahagane Hikaru is a NPC controlled by Nashoba he is leader of the Tamahagane Clan, and the CEO of the Tamahagane Corporation.

Tamahagane Hikaru
Tamahagane Hikaru
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Organization: Tamahagane Clan
Occupation: Business Man, Clan Leader
Rank: CEO
Current Placement:

Character Description

Hikaru is 53 years old, which means he is still in his prime. He has raven black hair that is cut in a wedge cut. He has Yamataian (Japanese) facial features, sharply angled chin, grey eyes.

When out of Kyousou he is always escorted by one or more Tamahagane Samurai.


Hikaru is a Loyalist when it comes to the Yamatai Star Empire. Hikaru has a sharp intellect. He is a family man always taking time to spend with his children as they were growing up. He is proud of his Clan, and its well being is an integral part of his mindset. He often balances his decisions by how it will affect his family or the clan. He enjoyed meditating, and sailing.

History and Relationship Notes

Hikaru was born in Kyousou in YE -20. He was raised in his home town and had the best education his clan could afford at the Kyousou Institute of Technology. In YE 04, he married his life long friend Otome in a traditional ceremony. A year later his son Jiro was born, and his daughter Kiku four years later. Hikaru spent his time working in the various areas of the clan, including the Tamahagane Company. In YE 20 he assumed control of the clan when his father chose to step down. Hikaru has been trying to balance the clan's traditional values and the need to strengthen the clan financially. So far under his control the clan has flourished, and is now the owner of a corporation that is gaining recognition.


  • Otome - Wife (49, born YE -16)
    • Jiro - Son (28, born YE 05)
    • Kiku - Daughter (24, born YE 09)

Samurai - Bodyguards

Skill Areas

  • Communications - Hikaru is fluent in Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž) and Trade (language). He is also trained in telepathic communications, but only uses it for discrete communications.
  • Business - Hikaru has been schooled in the art of business since he entered primary school, later in his teen years he started interning in the various clan operations. Once his formal education was complete he took a job with the clan's sword company.
  • Fighting, proficient with Katana, bow, and handguns
  • History - Hikaru as a thorough knowledge of the history of his Clan and that of the Kikyo Sector.
  • Driving - Hikaru is trained in driving cars and trucks, he would indulge in racing cars for sport. Later as he rose in the company he took a number of defensive driving courses.
  • Computer - Hikaru is proficient with computers that use the Kessaku OS.
  • Recreation - Hikaru growing up in coastal community developed a passion for the sea. In school he learned to sail and when he needs to relax he takes the waves.


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