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Planet: Yamatai (Planet) Prefecture: Vela

The town of Kyousou is located on the southern coast of the Vela Prefecture at the base of Koutetsu Mountain. The bottom of the southern face of the mountain is a managed forest that is part of the villages sustainable lumber business. Bamboo, Teak, Oak and pine are all tended in the village groves.

It has a population of 15,000, which is comprised of 75% NH-22C Yamataian, 5% Human, and 15% Nekovalkyrja.

In addition to Tamahagane Company, the economy is supplemented by renewable fishing, farming as well as a group of artisans. In YE 33 the Tamahagane Corporation established temporary headquarters in Kyousou.


Kyousou produces the following:

  • Fish
  • Rice, corn, potatoes
  • Pottery
  • Hand crafted jewelry
  • Lumber

The Tamahagane Clan out of their civic duty funds the Kyousou Institute of Technology as well as the Kyousou Police Force (KPF).


Located in the downtown section of the town, are the three public schools.

  • Kyousou Shōgakkō
  • Kyousou Chūgakkō
  • Kyousou Kōtōgakkō


Several of the following businesses are present.

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