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Tamahagane Clan

The Tamahagane clan are the owners of the Tamahagane Corporation. The family has a lineage that predates the Yamatai Star Empire and have a strong sense of tradition. The Tamahagane clan is descended from a long line of warriors and artisans. Members of the Tamahagane clan are typically Loyalists when it comes to the Empire. Members of the clan generally fall into the following categories. There are over 1,000 families that either carry the Tamahagane name, or are married to direct members.


Many of the clan members hold key positions within the family companies. However, nepotism is not tolerated, Clan members are required to earn their positions. Also all Clan members are expected to uphold the family commitment to quality and excellence.


Clan members who opt to not work in the company, typically find employment in the town of Kyousou, working as government official, educators, artisans, etc. The Clan does not place a restriction upon its members as to what kind of career they wish to pursue.


Swordsmithing has been a part of the Tamahagane clan for all of the clans history. Most of the master swordsmiths practice the traditional methods of manufacturing swords. Some of the swordsmiths have incorporated modern manufacturing techniques to develop specialized weapons, including some made exclusively for the Star Army of Yamatai.


Tamahagane Samurai are a part of the legacy of the clan. These are the defenders of the company, and protectors of senior clan members.


Members of the Clan can also be found serving in the Star Army of Yamatai, often as a path to personal growth or to prepare them for their future careers.


The clan operates its own academy for the education of members in the clan. Clan members who choose to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai often choose to go through the Officer path.

Notable Clan Members

  • Tamahagane Osamu (F) - Chief of Advertisement
  • Tamahagane Kinju - Toushou Sensei (Master Swordsmith)
  • Tamahagane Fumio (M) Chief Operations Officer (COO)
    • Tamahagane Naomi (F) - Wife


The Clan symbol is the Kanji for Tamahagane. It is displayed either flat, or embossed as in these examples. The symbol translates to jewel steel a reference to the metal they have used for generations in sword making.



Tamahagane Clan Pin

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