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Tamahagane Company

Tamahagane ηŽ‰ι‹Ό:たまはがね (jewel steel) (Ta) is the leading manufacturer of swords on Yamatai (Planet). Tamahagane operates at the base of Koutetsu mountain in the town of Kyousou. It is a clan owned company and employs both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. The company in YE 33 was merged into a conglomerate owned by the clan. Control of the Company transitioned from Tamahagane Hikaru to his son Jiro.

Tamahagane Company
Headquarters Kyousou, Yamatai (Planet)
CEO Tamahagane Jiro
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Ta

Tamahagane prides itself on producing exclusive ceremonial swords for the Star Army of Yamatai. All ceremonial swords are handcrafted in the traditional fashion using only the highest quality materials by the master swordsmiths. Each is marked and numbered by the swordsmiths.

They also produce training (non-edged) and functional (edged) swords available in a variety of styles. They also have a division that handles custom made swords.


At the factory site they handle not only the manufacture of the finished product, but in most cases the materials for manufacturing them are worked on site as well.

Additional information


  • Tamahagane Jiro (CEO)
  • Tamahagane Kiku (CFO)

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