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Standard Product Nomenclature System

The Standard Product Nomenclature System is a system of assigning model numbers and parts numbers to ships and equipment. It was originally developed by Ketsurui Zaibatsu in YE 24 for the Star Army of Yamatai but since then it has become a de facto international standard and is used by most major manufacturers in the Kikyo Cluster.

Here are some examples of products using the standard nomenclature system:

The most common place to physically find an item's nomenclature is on Star Army Equipment Labels or their equivalent.

For assistance, you can access the Help Desk.

Factional Variants

Some nations have a β€œpersonalized” version of the Standard Product Nomenclature System. However the international version should be assigned to all products, alternates can be placed in the alternate section. If you leave the submission nomenclature blank the reviewer will add the nomenclature for you.1)

How to Assign Numbers

Nomenclatures (Model Numbers) are assembled like this:


Example: Ke-M3-1b (Kylie) would be KFY's the 2nd version of the 1st design of their 3rd Class of mecha.



No Longer Active:

Item Types

  • A - Carrier (A carrier ship for fighters and bombers. Carriers that only fit power armors should use C.)
  • B - Battleship, flagship, or dreadnought
  • C - Carrier or Cruiser
  • D - Destroyers, light cruisers
  • E - Escorts
  • F - Frigate
  • G - Personal Gear (eg helmets, canteens)
  • H - Star Fortress or Mobile Space Station (Immobile ones are P)
  • I - Implants/Cybernetics
  • J - Android or robot
  • K - Ground vehicle
  • L - Logistics Ship (Cargo carrier)
  • M - Mecha or Power Armor
  • N - Food and Beverage
  • O - Drone, pilotless small craft
  • P - Planetary or orbital structure
  • Q - Documents, Magazines, Electronic Books, and Other Media
  • R - Furniture, Household Goods, Appliances
  • S - Assault Ship, Monitor, or Gunship
  • T - Shuttle
  • U - Hand Tools and utility items
  • V - Starfighter or bomber
  • W - Hand Weapons
  • X - Limited prototype model
  • Y - Civilian Craft
  • Z - Starship Torpedo; Bombs and other munitions

Starship and Mecha Subsystems

Using the main cannon on the Sakura as an example, it would be a Ke-S3-W2800.

Ke - Manufacturer S3 - Ship Class system is originally for (Sakura is the Ke-S3 series) W - Weapons System

  • A Armor Package (YE 31 and onward)
  • B Breaching Pod
  • E Electronics
  • F Frame
  • G Generator and Power Systems
  • H Hull
  • M Miscellaneous
  • P Propulsion
  • R Gravity systems, Inertia/Force Redirection
  • S Shield System
  • V Environmental
  • W Weapons System
  • X Escape Pod

28 - Year of the Empire on the Yamataian Calendar 00 - 1st system of this type created in the above year (01 would be the second, etc)

Nomenclature Helper

A Nomenclature Helper has been made using Google Sheets to simplify the process of making or updating the nomenclature for new products. Please be courteous to other users and refrain from making unnecessary modifications.

Obsolete Versions

The Standard Product Nomenclature System went through some changes before reaching its final state. Some of the products in YE 24 or YE 25 used an older style of designation that is now obsolete.


OOC Information

This page was originally made by Wes on 2011/09/04 06:03. It was updated by Andrew on 2022/11/16.2)

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