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Ken-TEC is a company founded by graduate engineers and hard-working students from Kennewes University, ultimately a rather small but upstart company within the Kikyo sector founded in YE 39. Their original products were in-line with things that could help the people of Kennewes, effectively β€œthe engineers and working class”.

General Information

Company Statistics
Founded YE 39
Associated Faction Independent 1)
Nomenclature KT
Headquarters Yellow Marsh Expanse, Kennewes
Key People Ashton Acres
Motto TEC-nically the ones to help you!β€œ
Clients Anyone 2)

About Ken-TEC

One of the youngest around, they chose deliberately to not work with other companies under the idea that their proceeds would help fund scholarships to their alma mater or slowly expand their own local production and development facilities. Quite literally creating their first main product in a garage, Ken-TEC prides itself in trying to solve the working man's problems. In the same year they made their breakthrough, their founder Ashton Acres would go out to try and elevate their company into a growing contender within the sector.


The following are core facilities of Ken-TEC, though they likely have other smaller facilities that aren't worthy of note nearby or somewhere on Kennewes.

Ken-TEC Homestead (Kennewes)

Manager: Ashton Acres A series of warehouses acquired by Ashton around the original garage the company made its first product in. Although they aren't specialized buildings, the warehouses have been converted to have specialized jobs. Out of ten buildings, the following have been converted for specific roles.

Building List
2x Salvage Scrappers 3)
2x Storage Areas 4)
1x Construction Factory 5)
1x Electronic Workshops 6)
1x Fabrication Building 7)
1x Security Department 8)
1x Sales Department 9)
1x Ashton's Garage 10)

Active Assets

Below are the various assets which, unlike facilities, are mobile or simply do not consist of traditional facilities like stations or planetary bases.

Ken-TEC Trade Fleet

Currently Assigned To: Transporting Bulk Orders From Ken-TEC Homestead A fleet formed from craft11), explicitly intended to act as a cheaper alternative to some sizes of orders by allowing Ken-TEC to handle its own trading. The fleet is currently capable of carrying most objects between T1 and T9 and consists of:


Currently, Ken-TEC is one singular branch and collective company. This means that while they might dabble into other technological fields, the teams and the brand will never be altered in anyway. However, key personnel exist with specialties in various fields.

Key Personnel

Ashton Acres - The head designer, engineer, and CEO of Ken-TEC, responsible for the creation of the KT-M1-1B "Warlock" Powered Armor. As the founder and an employee as much as a boss, one can often find Ashton involved in all sorts of work for the company. Yori Kataoka - A head partner and big-brain that went leagues into helping develop the KT-M1-1B "Warlock" Powered Armor and its gravity-centric technology. Works in the field, with free reign to develop her own technology while also helping oversee field tests of Ken-TEC equipment.


Below, one can find the pages leading to the current equipment made/sold by Ken-TEC. Later additions and retirement of certain products will lead to the eventual creation of a Past Products section.

Ken-TEC Product List

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As long as they are allied with Nepleslia and Yamatai, they can acquire Ken-TEC products from Kennewes or ordering them
Buildings dedicated to holding scrap pulled from Kennewes that gets melted down to provide alloys for Ken-TEC products
Buildings purely for storage
Building designed to piece together various parts and assemble Ken-TEC products
Buildings dedicated to creating and storing the various systems that go into making Ken-TEC products
Building fitted with fabrication tools to allow alloys to be assembled into the various metal parts of Ken-TEC equipment
Building equipped and stationed with various corporate security to defend the compound
Building fitted with selling racks and sales personnel to handle the shipping and storefront marketing
Building equipped for Research and Development that doubles as Ashton's second home

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