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Black Wing Enterprises

BWE is a multi-faceted company that produces the majority of New Dusk Conclave products, from milspec equipment to even general products like food, and was founded in early YE 41.

About the Black Wings Enterprises

In YE 40, the New Dusk Conclave realized they needed to sponsor a company that was local to handle product sales and manufacturing, as in order to kickstart the forming of a proper economy in the young nation. So the idea for Black Wings Enterprise was drafted with a few recruited bright minds for business and manufacturing, hoping to put those skills to use in a company that would put things into motion, and greatly improve profits. The NDC handed over all their research data to give the forming company a starting point in development, and research for new products. The new office building and factory to get them started was finished in YE 41, and the company finalized and officially opened later that year, taking over all economic responsibilities that the government had been handling up until then. Ring Master Elio'Sin'To "Celebration" Llamnel, Tilia Shervana, and Kai'lara Garn'ikia were announced publicly as its first CEOs that same day. Though, Tilia resigned soon after founding due to personal reasons, with no clear sign of a possible return to the company, leaving it in the capable hands of her cohorts.

Here is the public icon used as trademark for the company.



โ€œThe wind beneath the wings of your future.โ€

General Information

Here is the general info related to the company's market presence.

Black Wings Enterprises
CEO Ring Master Elio'Sin'To "Celebration" Llamnel and Kai'lara Garn'ikia
Faction New Dusk Conclave
Product Symbol BW


The main office building for BWE is located in the market district of Obsidian city on the planet Sirris VI, the New Dusk Conclave's capital in the Sanctum star system. It run and overseen by the three CEOs that founded the company, as well as where the minds that share government research to the company reside. The building is a 40 story skyscraper of metal and technology, the company name and logo projected over the face of the building the population walk by everyday regularly.

Inside is sleek surfaces, and the best technologies that the NDC has to offer, as the minds in cubicle style stations type away at projected keyboards to handle the logistical side of operations. Some floors contain labs where new products are thought up and prototyped for manufacturing, using the data provided by government sources for use of research. On the highest floors are the main board room, the administrative offices, and the top being studio style apartment spaces where the CEOs reside. Atop the building is a large landing pad and communications mast, the pad able to provide a location for most sized shuttles to set down.


Here are the various properties and facilities the company owns and operates for various purposes.

Sirris VI: NDC Green Zone Factory

Outside the NDC's capital city of Obsidian city, lies a wide 15km stretch of jungle from the beach to the mountains that surround the bay the city sits in. In this small controlled area of the region, the company had a large factory built with the help of the Department Of Engineering. They had the facility built with the best technologies for manufacturing, safety, and transportation that the NDC had to offer. The facility covers a 3 mile by 2 mile plot of land, and is the place of work for over 2,000 workers, not counting autonomous units. This is where the majority of of BWE products are made, then transported to the warehouses near the spaceport for export, or for sale in local stores. A few liaison personnel from Department Of Advanced Research And Development (D.O.A.R.A.D.), are stationed here to share research data, as well as act as a communications bridge when the need to commission the company for a project arises.


Black Wing Enterprise can be divided in various departments that produce, develop or other related work for the company. Below you will find these departments and what their function is within the company.

  • Manufacturing is focused on creating and producing the products that have the trademark of Black Wing Enterprise. All products will be checked here before they are being sent to distributing.
  • Communications is the main advertising force of the company, but also responsible for any outgoing news in regards to or in relation to the company.
  • Administration is basically in charge of all administrative duties that are required to be done. Customer services can also be found in this department.
  • Distributing is in charge of the logistic of the products towards all clients that have ordered the products from BWE.
  • Research and development is focused on the development of new products that could be sold on the market and also reviews current products to see if they require updates to improve their current condition.
  • Security is in charge of all security and safety-related business with the company. This can be protection of the locations to escorting VIP towards important meetings.
  • Finances deals with all sale records are responsible for buying material and selling products towards new or old clients of BWE.
  • Labor acts like a humanoid resources department that deals with contracts, advise reports of employees and helps sick or injured employees back on track.
  • Sales/company representatives They work closely with communications and finances, but they are the ones that actually go towards the clients to close the deal and bring new clients in. They can be found at various sales events to represent BWE.


Below here is the complete listing of all current contracts, as well as products manufactured and offered by BWE.

Current Products and Projects

Information and links to current projects and products.


Below here are the listings of all weapons offered in BWE's product catalog.


Infantry and military grade rifles.


Affordable close ranged firearm solutions.

Modular Weapon Systems

System for purchase that offer custom setup at a personnel level.


One handed small caliber personal defense solutions.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy grade firepower, ranging from rockets to man portable cannons at commercial prices.


Below here are all the armor systems offered in BWE's catalog.

Power Armor

The more expensive protection that boast the best for the buyer's money's worth.

Optional Gear

Replacement, or swappable components for most armor systems offered.

Combat Armor

High grade, lower end protection, for when you need something not so heavy, or expensive.

Grenades/40mm gl shells

Complete selection of hand use explosive devices for sale.


Remote support units made to order and sold by BWE.


Best ammunition for sale in the NDC territories.


Close quarters combat options, or for utility use if the need arises, and well worth the price.

Militarized Vehicles

BWE's complete offering of vehicles for personal, or tactical use.


Heavily armored frontline vehicles that hold a lot of firepower, but also require a license for purchase.


Mechanized armor units for the modern battlefield, and commercially sold, albeit restricted to license holders.


Space faring capable transportation options offered by BWE.


Smaller than starships, BWE's craft offerings range from fighters to troop transports.


Armored personnel transports, or a ride to get the buyer to their destination safely behind armor and shields.

Civilian Vehicles

Personal public transportation options for sale.

Tech Subsystems

General Products

Everyday items widely sold, or supplies in general, all which are offered in the NDC and abroad.

Fuel/Power Cells

Standard power units used to power products, or bought to power other items converted to accept them.


Popular cuisine from the NDC, sold locally, or through export.


Textile and unconventional apparel items for sale.


Commissioned products sold in limited run with permission.

Projects in Progress

Future products the company currently has in development.

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