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Department Of Advanced Research And Development (D.O.A.R.A.D.)

The D.O.A.R.A.D, occasionally called a bunch of mad scientists by other branches, is the research wing of the government, responsible for both developing new government patent technologies that all citizens can use, and overseeing the development of third-party technologies and research, ensuring ethical development, adequate workplace conditions, and adequate, repeatable results.

The New Dusk Conclave in its militaristic and scientific beginnings had researchers from outside corporations working in their labs and developing new technologies alongside them.

Department Of Advanced Research And Development
Official Abbreviation D.O.A.R.A.D.
Department Head Seraphina Cerulius
Employees 180
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government
Motto: “There is a fine line between genius and madness. A line we have snorted.”

Role of The DOARAD

The Department of Advanced Research and Development is responsible for project management and development of new technologies, systems, and materials, including, but not limited to,

  • Armor
  • Medical delivery systems
  • Ammunition
  • Targeting systems
  • Computers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Engines for space, air, and ground craft
  • Vaccines

D.O.A.R.A.D. is also responsible for secondary project management in production and secondary technology for other departments, such as viral growth banks for the Department of Medicine for use in vaccine production, or manufacturing technologies and equipment for the DOE.

Power of the D.O.A.R.A.D.

As a government body, the D.O.A.R.A.D. has a considerable amount of power, though that power is quite limited. The D.O.A.R.A.D. has the power to take control of any technological development project in the entirety of S6's borders, though they must have a valid reason for taking control. For example, if the project's methods are unreliable or unethical. If they take control of a project and their reasoning is not backed up with evidence, the central government can order the D.O.A.R.A.D. to hand the project back over. The D.O.A.R.A.D. may also place administrative personnel in any technology project within Section 6 borders as “whistle-blowers” and a guarantee of quality, repeatability, and safety.

Other powers of the D.O.A.R.A.D. include the ability to have projects placed on a blacklist, meaning only high ranking officials and the workers on the project are permitted to know of its existence, and even then, are required to sign an NDA, or non-disclosure agreement. The central government can, however, overturn the D.O.A.R.A.D. decision and declassify the project.

D.O.A.R.A.D. Workers

Employees of the D.O.A.R.A.D. are not just limited to engineers and administrators. The D.O.A.R.A.D. also employs bookkeepers, accountants, project managers, Secretaries and many other miscellaneous jobs needed to ensure that the department stays afloat. However, the primary employee of the D.O.A.R.A.D. is engineers, tasked with drawing up blueprints, constructing working prototypes, submitting them, then managing a team of engineers to build a functioning product or prototype within the allotted time period and budget.

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