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Department Of Engineering

The DoE is the primary government body responsible for 90% of the engineering and all the construction work going on within Section 6, from civil engineering, to mechanical, the DoE is the reason residents of Section 6 have running water, roads to drive on, bridges, building and electricity.

Department Of Engineering
Official Abbreviation D.O.E.
Department Head Isabelle Pine
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government

Role of The DoE

The Department of Engineering is responsible for project managing any major development within Section 6 boarders. This includes things such as, but not limited to:

  • Roads
  • Dams
  • Power lines
  • Power Stations
  • Bridges
  • Shuttle Ports

The DoE is also the governmental body that the Engineer's union reports any major accidents or incidents with, for example the death of an engineer on a work site, DoE controlled or not.

Power of the DoE

As a government body, the DoE has a considerable amount of power, though that power is quite limited. The DoE has the power to take control of any engineering project in the entirety of S6's boarders, though they must have a valid reason for taking control, For example if the job site is too dangerous. If they take control of a job site and their reasoning is not backed up with evidence, the central government can order the DoE to hand the job site back over.

Other powers of the DoE include the ability to have job sites placed on a black site list, meaning only high ranking officials and the workers on the site are permitted to know of it's existence. The central government can, however, over turn the DoE's decision and remove the site from the black site list, making it public knowledge.

DoE Workers

Employees of the DoE are not just limited to engineers. The DoE also employs book keepers, accountants, project managers, Secretaries and many other miscellaneous jobs needed to ensure that the department stays afloat. However, the primary employee of the DoE is engineers, tasked with drawing up plans, submitting them and then managing a team of engineers to build it within the allotted time period and budget.

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