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Redustries is a mineral refinery and metalworking corporation located at Sirris VI in Obsidian City. The company focuses on refinery work of various minerals that are mined from planets or asteroid belts. They are known to be a big producer of metal cast for construction purposes.

Company Statistics
Established YE 42
Leadership Sigurlaugur Fenrisson
Associated Factions New Dusk Conclave
Headquarters Sirris VI, Obsidian City


Below are current factory and refinery operations conducted by Redustries:

Redustries is focused on the refining and metalworking of metals for the New Dusk Conclave and other factions or corporations that wish to do business with them. Metalworking is currently based only at Sirris VI. Costs incurred from shipping to other planets are put on the bill of the interested party that wishes to conduct business with Redustries. So far, only the New Dusk Conclave has contracted Redustries to do their metalworking with interest for construction materials.


Founded in YE 42 by Sigurlaugur Fenrisson, a wealthy investor with great interest to invest into the New Dusk Conclave economy. Sigurlaugur had to conduct various business negotiations with the merchant cadre and laborer cadre of the New Dusk Conclave to be able to start operations on Sirris VI. Reindustries is seen as an independent corporation, as Sigurlaugur wanted to keep his freedom to do business with other businesses without a government looking over his shoulders. In YE 43, Reindustries put an economical investment into the NDC market with other corporations to help with the economic backslash of the Kuvexian War.


Redustries main service is to refine minerals that have been bought and resell these to the market. Below you will find minerals that can be refined by Redustries.

  • Metals
  • Coal
  • Gravel
  • Clay
  • Chalk
  • Rock salt
  • Gemstones

OOC Notes

Rawolfe created this article on 2021/02/04 03:36.

Redustries is an NPC Corporation to help create a foundation layer to the economical system of SARP and is part of the Economical Restoration Project made by Rawolfe. The idea is that these corporations are not bought up or taken over but play an essential role in the background for the faction and they can be used to create new products into the faction with the approval of the respective FM. This will put a halt to the idea that one corporation creates all products.

This was approved by Whisper in this thread.

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