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Obsidian City

Obsidian City is the site of the New Dusk Conclave's first settlement on Sirris VI, as well as its capital. Settled on an artificial island to protect the settlers from wildlife, the city owes its distinctive architecture to the fact that it was built in part from deconstructed starships. Obsidian City is organized into 7 main districts, 6 of which are arrayed in a circle around the central district.

Geography and Climate

Obsidian City is unique in many ways. Built on an artificial island so as to provide physical distance from the hostile wildlife of Sirris VI, the city is ever-evolving. Expansion of the city is made difficult in many ways by the fact that it was built on an artifical landmass, and this has caused further expasion to start moving to the mainland.

The city's climate is largely dependant upon the season, with Sirris VI's tendency towards extremes of either heat or cold. What is largely unchanging however, is the humidity and sea air. This climate has provided its own challenges, as buildings and machinery require constant maintenance to combat the corrosion caused by the sea air.


After the crash of the Albion Class carrier named Anvil, this was the first base of operations of colonization on Sirris VI in late YE 40. Over the next year, what would become the New Dusk Conclave, began building their capital. Starting from a small isle just off the coast in a large oceanic cove surrounded by a ring of mountains, created the perfect starting grounds for the freshly born nation. They used the isle as a base, and built out from it using decommissioned starships at first to begin construction, and provide infrastructure through their repurposed systems.

With the equipment brought, natural minerals were mined, brought back to Anvil base and processed for use in construction. In addition, materials were sourced from the subterranean living natives, who were proficient miners due to the method of building their underground cities. Over the coming months, a stable support platform over the water, with the isle at it's central base support, would hold rise to the city atop of it. By the turn of the new year, the majority of the city's construction, was cause for celebration. However, even into YE 42, the city continued to grow.

Eventually the city was composed of six districts, featured a star port, three ocean based shipyards, and an armored wall made from the hull armor of the initial decommissioned ships. With the city now complete, construction work has fully moved on to work being done ashore for facilities being added in the Green Zone. The land between the shore and the mountain ranged that encircles the land of the bay where it is not open to the ocean.

Central District

The Central District is Obsidian City's beating heart. It contains the city's large park, which serves as a common location for public events and festivities. Located on the edge of the park is also the city's fire department, the city's police department headquarters, and Guardian's Sanctuary Hospital, which are positioned centrally in the city to allow for easy access to all parts of the city to ensure a rapid response by emergency services.

Commercial District

The Commercial District is home to Obsidian City's major shopping centers and entertainment venues. Many major corporations maintain a presence in this district with branch offices as well as showrooms for their products. In addition to the corporate presence, there are many smaller businesses, such as bakeries, restaurants, arcades, a sports stadium, and a large movie theater.

Some of the businesses that can be found within the Commercial District are:

Also located in the Commercial district was the Starport, a facility that began small at first, but then grew larger as the need to handle more travelers and Freight coming in became necessary. It was built here, for the passenger’s benefit.

Military District

The Military district is the portion of Obsidian City that the NDC's military is headquartered in. The General Headquarters of Section 6 and the Duskerian Legion is located there. In addition, there are numerous barracks, an airbase, and supply and vehicle depots.

Government District

The Government District is the administrative nexus of Obsidian City, and by extension, all of the New Dusk Conclave. The capitol building is located here, along with the main court. Many of the heads of the government live in this district, in upscale housing provided by the state for the sake of proximity to their workplace.

Here is a list of government departments

University District

The University District is the home of Osman University and a miniature city in its own right, with the university's campus taking up a significant amount of space. The district is also home to a number of businesses that sprung up to serve students, such as fast food locations, bookstores, housing, and libraries. The district also has one park, located on O.U. campus grounds, though it is not as large as the one in the Central District.

Residential District

The Residential District is, as the name implies, the main housing area of Obsidian City, where approximately a third of its population of 2 million lives. The district is dominated by towering apartment blocks, constructed to ensure that the city has the space to house its population. The lowest class of citizens, typically those in cadres of poor standing or non-contributors, live in dormitories. However, the typical citizen will live in small but comfortable apartments, typically in the 300-400 square foot range for single occupants, and 650-800 square foot range for families.

Obsidian Cliffs

nyx_home.jpgThe Obsidian Cliffs are the 'upper class' of the New Dusk Conclave live. This 'upper class' is composed primarily of individuals in the most respected cadres, those in military service or involved in the administration of the NDC. Each plot of land in the Obsidian Cliffs is a work of art in and of itself, custom-crafted to its owner's tastes. The plots of land range in size from 2 acres at the smallest to 6 acres at the largest.

Nyx's Private Land

Armored wall

Obsidian City is protected by a wall made out of the hulls of scrapped ships from the original exodus from the OSO. This wall was constructed to protect the occupants of the city from both the hostile wildlife of Sirris VI and the elements.

City Defense

Obsidian City is a well-defended location. A Paladin Barrier System protects the wall of the city, as well as provides defense from attacks from above. The walls are defended by turrets armed with cannons scavenged from the same ships that make up the wall itself, which serve to defend the city from attacking starships. Additionally, domestically developed weapons serve to supplement the wall's defenses with weapons more suited to smaller targets.

OOC Notes

I Charaa created this article on 2020/03/13 22:42 by Initiative, but Jack Pine and the other Faction managers for New Dusk Conclave will likely have more say here.

A huge shoutout to Alex Hart who had been a great help, as well as Jack Pine

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