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500mm Gauss Impelled Positron Cannon

Origin's Gauss Impelled Positron Cannon, or GIP Cannon, is a heavy starship mounted cannon which fires heavy shells containing positron warheads,which deliver precise, long-range antimatter damage. It overcomes the weaknesses and inefficiencies of normal Positron weapons by replacing the large, energy-sapping, wasteful beams with small, precise, and efficiently delivered Positron shells. Whereas most of positron weaponry does damage by saturating the target with positrons in the hope that enough actually hits the target to do the proper damage, this delivers smaller targeted amounts that do the same damage from longer range with less waste.

This cannon is a Gauss cannon, which means it operates via a coil and rail system. Four twisted rails ensure that the projectile is stable, and gives it a slight spin for improved ballistics, which are surrounded by the coil, that gives power to the weapon, impelling shells at extremely high rates of speed, nearly up to the speed of light.

The Round is a fairly large shell, made out of a ferrous alloy, containing the antimatter 'warhead'. Upon impact with an object or shield, the force compresses the round, forcing the 'warhead' out of the front of the round, where its containment field is shut off, delivering the payload directly to its target.

Weapon Specifications

  • Purpose: Anti-Starship
  • Size: 20 meters by .55 meters
  • Shell: 500x2000mm with a contained Antimatter warhead.
  • Range: 1 AU
  • Rate of Fire : 12 rounds per minute, two-round bursts.
  • Muzzle Velocity: .95c
  • Payload 500
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Product Categoriesweapons: starship
Product NameGauss Impelled Positron Cannon
ManufacturerOrigin Industries

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