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Ake is the Second planet in the Ake System.


Ake was discovered in YE 31 by Origin Industries. Unable to be settled immediately, the planet did however house favorable conditions which made it a prime subject for Terraforming, which Origin Industries started the process of nearly immediately, by bombarding the planet with hundreds of thousands of comets from the system's massive Asteroid Belt. Numerous Terraforming crews were sent to the planet, erecting equipment that allowed the climate and atmosphere to be changed, a process that ended up taking roughly a decade to complete.

The result is a relatively cool, but slowly warming, windswept planet composed of dark colored rock deserts, dotted with innumerable lakes, especially concentrated around the planet's equator. starting in YE 42, Origin Industries began building a city on the surface of the planet, to add to a large number of mining operations as well as the continued terraforming processes which intend to give Ake a climate similar to Yamatai (Planet) or Planet Nepleslia within the next decade or two.


The Planet's surface is primarily covered in rock, most of which is dark in color with concentrations of minerals near the surface showing up as streaks of their respective oxidized colors. Water was once scarce on the planet, but a concerted effort of landing comets on Ake's surface has been changing that, though the planet will likely lack anything resembling an ocean for at least a century. While the relative amount of ammonia in the atmosphere and in the soil is higher than many other planets, heavy mining and terraforming operations have been pulling it from the planet's surface to improve living conditions for humans and humanoids. There is very little flora or fauna, with the exception of ammonia-loving microbes that tend to concentrate underground.

Ake's surface shows signs of geological activity, with stunning mountain ranges, wide flat plains, and numerous volcanos (Including Magma, Geothermal, and even Cryogenic in the polar regions). There is very little evidence of a water cycle on the surface, as Ake did not have a notable amount of water until after YE 32, and so there are very few valleys, and the primary cause of erosion is from the wind. As a result of the Terraforming process, there are innumerable craters of myriad size and shape covering the surface, the majority of which have water in them, though most of the smaller ones do not. These craters are concentrated along the equator of the planet, though they range from pole to pole and no latitude or longitude is completely free of them.

Though Ake has numerous small settlements, there is only one large population center, Origin City, which is located near the equator next to a dense cluster of interconnected Comet craters forming the planet's largest lake.

Climate and Weather

Weather is primarily composed of a snowy season in the winter, and an aggressive dust and rain storm season in the summer. Rising temperatures and increasing concentrations of water on the planet's surface transformed this from only having a 3 month dust storm season in the summer. As a large amount of the water on Ake came in the form of comets breaching the atmosphere, the planet's equator tends to have an overcast, which, while dreary, contributes to a greenhouse effect that is warming up the surface of the planet.

The climate is quite cool, and the average yearly temperature still hovers at around 5 degrees Celsius around the equator, with the poles still hovering in the -30 degree Celsius range, though summers are known to increase to around 10 degrees Celsius for the equator and around -10 at the poles, with winter dropping to -5 around the equator and -45 or lower closer to the poles.


Transportation on planet is primarily taken care of by air, hover train lines, or by ground vehicles. The planet is sparsely populated but there is at least some form of regular transportation from the primary population centers to the numerous mining and terraforming operations on planet.


The vast majority of those residing on Ake are Miners and workers from Origin Industries.

RP Opportunities

Ake is a fresh slate with opportunities for mining, exploration, and social RP. please contact Kai for more information if you would like to pursue Roleplay here.

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