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Planet Nepleslia

Nepleslia is the capital planet of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.


System Information

A ring of roughly seven planets revolve around the core star of the Nepleslia system, simply known as Core. The fourth planet in this line-up is the only inhabitable planetary body in the Nepleslia system, dubbed “Nepleslia”. Other bodies are too far either away from the sun, or too close to the sun for colonization. However, all of them have once held extensive mining operations, and have more or less been stripped completely of all their important resources.

Following the repulse of the NMX invasion, the system was more heavily fortified with 165 Na-S/S-04a Rook Automated Defense Platform defense platforms and twelve starbases, half of which were dedicated to the defense of the system.

1st Assault Fleet and 2nd Assault Fleet are headquartered in this system, though various component units may be stationed or on duty elsewhere.

Planetary and Cultural Information

The home planet and most developed planet of the Nepleslian Star Empire, Nepleslia is perhaps the epitome of what can be considered true Nepleslian culture. Nearly 90% of the planet’s land mass is heavily colonized and industrialized, most of the natural vegetation and geography cut down, burned or terraformed to better fit the needs of the eternally growing population. Although most of the industry runs relatively clean nowadays, Nepleslia is still far from what could be called a ‘pretty’ planet.

As stated, a sprawling mass of colonized city runs along most of Nepleslia’s surface, breaking only on the oceanfront or an occasional area of special circumstance. However, every so often a much larger, thicker population of citizens and industry culminate into a large ‘mega city’. These Mega-Cities are often areas of great importance to the planet, and tower over the smaller areas of the Nepleslian surface with colossus-like skyscrapers reaching out as if to touch the stars themselves.

Although much of the planets original climate has been disrupted by the emissions of the industrial boom, Nepleslia is considered to be a multi-climate with varying weather conditions depending on the time of the year and the rotation of the planet, as well as relative position on the landmass itself.

A Map of Nepleslia's Surface

Major City: Funky City

The capital of Nepleslia, and the largest Mega-City of the Nepleslian Empire. Heavy industry, densely populated neighborhoods and an infamous amount of crime are the norms around Funky City. The city itself is a solid mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas, with not real pattern to speak of. Funky City is often described as a slick-yet-grimy, or ugly-yet-beautiful…but nearly all citizens and travelers passing through Funky City cannot deny the grandiose of the mega-city itself.

Much of the area surrounding the massive mega-city are slum-like neighborhoods. Funky City is home to many of the popular industries common among the Nepleslian Empire, such as Nepleslian Arms and Munitions Headquarters, or the central Emrys Industries skyscraper. The progressive smog covering the city allows little in the ways of natural cooling elements to pass, therefore much of the yearly temperatures are warm.

See: Funky City

Minor City: Los Apagos

One of the smaller mega-cities on planet Nepleslia, Los Apagos is made famous for the yearly Airbike racing circuits held in its lofty, winding super-highways and wide city streets. Los Apagos focuses heavily on commercial areas, due to the large popularity of the airbike racing league. However there are still plenty of residential and, to the smallest extent, industrial areas in Los Apagos.

An interesting little tidbit about Los Apagos is that the city itself dates its history to roughly the same period as Funky City, however the architecture remains in the older style of Nepleslian structures while Funky City progressed and built upon itself, leaving the old style behind. Climates for Los Apagos go from mild summers to cold winters. It is common to see snow in late winter.

Minor City: Roger Wilco

A minor mega-city when compared to the grandiose of Funky City but still large in its own right. This city is home to various pharmaceutical companies, cybernetic specialists, health spas, and other relaxation getaways. It is also home to the only 'neutral zone' that is used by factions of various kinds to discuss treaties or recuperate from injuries without worry of assassination. 2% of the remaining natural vegetation is kept here in a preserve that also doubles as a health spa. Many new cybernetic techniques and advancements are made here alongside the medical science industry.

See: Roger Wilco City

Minor City: Doshington

See: Doshington

Continent: Hanya

The mountainous continent of Hanya used to be home to a race of giant women that were later hunted to extermination by the smaller male inhabitants of planet Nepleslia. It is rumored that possible interbreeding with the giants resulted in making the Nepleslian genetic stock much larger. It is notably the location of the officer training academy, NSS Charter and Chartertown.

See: Hanya.

Island Chain: Rokin Isles

Rokin Isles refers to a chain of 4 volcanic islands located on the Southwestern ocean shelf, due west of the continent of Chusset.

See: Rokin Isles.


Planet: Nepleslia Type: Terrestrial Circumference: ~30,000 Surface Gravity: 1.2 G Length of Day: 16 hours Length of Year (estimated): 220 days

Note: There are 472.5 Nepleslian days in a Yamataian Calendar year.

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameNepleslia
Map Coordinates1438,1474
Map ImportanceLandmark
Map Marker
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)Pre-History - Before YE 01
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